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29 Nov 2015 There is something spectacular about stepping out of your living hall and onto a perfectly decked balcony that brings you comfort, relaxation, attractiveness, and most importantly, value to your home. Outdoor wood decking. wood plastic composite. For the artificial turf, we'll be using putting green (PG10-SF) for the putting area and bermuda grass (BG35-NF Fresh) on the outer curve of the putting area. Absolut Outdoors proposed this combination of turf to create a  【Get Price】

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21 Mar 2011 decking comprises of 3 common categories namely wood decking, Composite decking as well as Eco Friendly wood decking. All of them are All of them are suitable for outdoor decking such as swimming pool, ship decks, garden patio decking, balcony decks etc. decking today is no In order to cut costs in production, some manufacturers do not provide full kiln drying process for the wood timber, lower the wood resistance to outdoor weather. Hence, to choose  【Get Price】

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Transform your balcony with the newest range of evodeck colours from EVORICH. With evodeck's newest exclusive colours, patterns and styles, it will surely give your home endless possibilities. evodeck by EVORICH - Nautical Teak Design EVORICH is one of the trusted indoor and outdoor flooring solution providers with the largest in-house installation team in Singapore! For more information, visit #evodeck #EVORICH #decking  【Get Price】

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9 May 2016 In Singapore, outdoor decking products are slowly gaining its popularity as new private homes and HDB flats are introducing the balcony and patio space areas for the home owners today. Therefore investing in a good outdoor decking material, whether it is a wood decking or composite decking product, is paramount. Here are the 5 types of outdoor decking products you can find here in Singapore! 【Get Price】

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Ironwood decking. Summary Merbau is almost on par with Teak for outdoor durability. The only drawback is the bleeding of tannins which will pass over time. Chengal has been one of the more popular choices of wood in Singapore. It has high durability and Janka hardness. It has decreased in popularity recently due to its aesthetics- hairline cracks (caused by high moisture content) and pin holes (caused by ambrosia beetles boring into living trees). Ironwood has very high Janka  【Get Price】

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Timber decking, wood decking, balcony Flooring prices in Singapore and the factors affecting it.Includes Teak, Merbau, Chengal. 【Get Price】

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5 Oct 2015 What is COMPOSITE wood? And Why Is It The Best Choice For Outdoor decking. Supreme Composite deck is wood plastic composite (commonly abbreviated as WPC). Environmentally friendly – 100% recycled material and 100% recyclable; Saving time and money – easy maintenance and installation; Longer usage/life cycle – resistant to rot and wood eating organisms; Stronger and more flexible than traditional wood products. It is a recyclable composite  【Get Price】

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What Are The Common decking Materials in Singapore? wood decking has recently gained its popularity among Singaporeans and developed countries in Asia; more and more people begin to decorate their balconies and patios with wooden decks. However, most consumers and commercial owners still do not have much information on the decking materials which they chosen for their homes and workplaces. Consumers need to have adequate information on the decking materials  【Get Price】

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13 Apr 2017 You have a new living area with a spacious balcony. You know you need to have a deck installed to beautify the place. Have you thought it through? Do use the checklist below to help you to decide what would be an option to make your decking one that you will be happier with. Weather Resistance. Singapore is famous for its weird weather. You tend to experience extreme hot weather on some days and you can have extreme wet days over a few days period. 【Get Price】

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25 Feb 2014 Hard scrubbing or washing may exacerbate this problem. 4. balcony Outdoor Flooring: Natural wood decking. Natural wood decking for balconies and planter box. Natural wood decking needs annual maintenance to remain safe and beautiful. This is one of the most popular outdoor flooring options. In temperate climates, there are many choices of natural wood decking like Ipe, Cedar, pine and more. Here in Singapore, we seem to be restricted to the usual chengal  【Get Price】

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Need decking? Get Quality wood Timber decking and Eco wood Composite decking With Evorich Flooring Today. Call 63487333. 【Get Price】

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17 Nov 2017 Generally, timber decking.wood decking or balcony Flooring prices in Singapore ranges from $16-$32 per square feet (PSF), depending on the type of wood chosen. 【Get Price】