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Laying a Concrete Floor - How to Lay A Perfect Concrete Floor

For the most part, hand mixed concrete would suffice for a floor area that is less than 1 cubic meter. In case you plan on pouring concrete in an area that is greater than 1 cubic meter, you can easily rent a cement mixer and do your concrete pouring in batches of 1 cubic meter per. It is easy enough to lay a concrete floor. 【Get Price】

All About Joist and Concrete Floor Structures DIY

All About Joist and Concrete Floor Structures. . To achieve a smooth surface, concrete floors are usually covered with a topcoat of screed. 【Get Price】

Precast concrete flooring for second floor levels

Precast concrete flooring for upper floors can offer various benefits to builders and homeowners, as architects start to specify more and more. 【Get Price】

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Best Answer: We use a lightweight leveling concrete on the second floor of town houses with no leakage to first floor, we sealed any penetrations and caulked wall . 【Get Price】

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My house: 1898 balloon framed house with 1st flr, 2nd flr, attic and basement Base house less single floor additions for porch and kitchen is shaped l 【Get Price】

How to Patch a Concrete Floor This Old House

How to Patch a Concrete Floor. . Simply pouring wet concrete into a hole in your driveway, . How to Repair Squeaky Wood Floors. 【Get Price】

Concrete overlay on 2nd floor Fine Homebuilding Breaktime

Adding concrete adds dead load to the structure. The floor system and beams have to be designed for the added load. Going from memory, I think 1.5" of lightweight concrete adds 12.5 PSF to a floor system. It can make a significant difference in joist and beam spans. Not a big deal, as long as it's addressed in the design stage. 【Get Price】

Concrete Slab Repair - Second Floor Bathroom -

Hello! We are remodeling a second floor bathroom. As we suspected, when we removed the floor tiles, we found a concrete subfloor that is several inches thick. We've . 【Get Price】

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Forming Concrete Floors - Dokaflex S, flexible hand set formwork system for floor slabs - Duration: 7:51. DokaNorthAmerica 160,970 views 【Get Price】

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My second flor flat has a concrete floor which is covered with a asphalt or a bitumen. Do I have to lay a damp proof course if its on the second? 【Get Price】

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The growth in homes with concrete walls is a second factor because these walls provide adequate support for the heavier concrete floor without extra measures.Many of the floor systems used are adapted from commercial construction. However, some newer systems have been developed with lighter residential construction in mind. 【Get Price】

Input On Poured Concrete Floors for the 2nd storey

We have gotten our intial floor plan back from the architect. My partner wants to have concrete floors on the 2nd storey. We plan to use ICF's. 【Get Price】

Concrete floor for Museum of the Second World War Bautech

Edifice's hall, exhibitions fitted with DST hardened concrete floors. Check photos. Order for your project. 【Get Price】

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The Drawbacks of Concrete Flooring Hardness. The strength and durability of this material can also be a liability. The surface of a concrete floor is very hard. 【Get Price】


Cement concrete flooring is one of the most common types of flooring provided in houses. This type of flooring has following advantages. Easy to construct and maintain; Economical as compared to tiles, marbles flooring; Step-by-Step Procedure for Cement Concrete Floor Construction Cement concrete floor section. First properly compact the earth in the plinth. 【Get Price】


The second concrete floor slab is complete, and left to cure. To the left of the slab, timber formwork has been set into the slab to form a rebate for the sliding glass door supplied by EcoWindows. 【Get Price】


In January, the second concrete floor slab was poured for the majority of the house footprint. Using the same construction as the first floor slab, the insitu concrete floor is poured over 'EXPOL' 100mm thick EPS polystyrene insulation which is laid on top of a continuous layer of polythene. 【Get Price】

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If you have a typical plywood second story and you are considering having concrete floors installed, there are a few things to consider. First you want to make sure . 【Get Price】

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Forming Concrete Floors - Dokaflex S, flexible hand set formwork system for floor slabs - Duration: 7:51. DokaNorthAmerica 159,523 views 【Get Price】

Can my house support concrete floors on the second story?

This will not be as much of an issue if your house is still in the planning phase, just make sure you tell the architect or designer that you plan on installing concrete floors on the second story. That way, they will be able to incorporate the necessary reinforcements into the design. Installing the Concrete Floors 【Get Price】