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Choosing the Best Anchor to Fasten to Concrete CONFAST

30 Mar 2009 Concrete experts provide detailed information about how to choose the best anchors to fasten to concrete. an object placed on a wall puts the concrete fastener into a shear loading situation (the load is at a 90° angle to the anchor). The shear values are based on the diameter of the anchor and are not affected Some anchors are designed for the fixture to be removed at some future date such as a pallet rack or fence post. Other applications are designed so that  【Get Price】

Super Anchor Vertical Wall Anchor - Fall Protection Pros

The Super anchor vertical wall anchor installs discreetly on the top chord of the wall and is ideal for siding installation/painting, and window installation. 【Get Price】

Ledgers on Challenging Walls Professional Deck Builder

1 Sep 2007 by andy Engel. Readers of this magazine likely know how to safely secure a deck ledger to most houses. But what about the oddball situations? Can you attach a ledger to a concrete wall? What about to masonry veneer, stucco, EIFS, logs, SIPs, I-joists, or cantilevered floor framing? The answer is often nuanced, but sometimes it's a flat-out "No." and it's not just the mechanical attachment that makes for a safe, durable deck. "Flashing is as critical as the original design  【Get Price】

Hilti - 2011 Anchor Fastening Technical Guide - BuildSite

Hilti. Outperform. Outlast. anchor design at a click. at Hilti, we work hard to help build a better world. Hilti PROFIS anchor represents the next generation in anchor design software. PROFIS anchor performs calculations for cast-in-place anchors and Hilti post- installed anchors in accordance with the. Strength Design provisions of aCI 318 and the International Building Code. ask your. Hilti Field Engineer for details. PROFIS anchor software  【Get Price】

design of anchor bolts embedded in concrete masonry tek - NCMA

top of a column or wall or vertical gravity loads on ledgers supporting joists or trusses (see post-installed anchors achieve shear and tension (pull out) resistance by means of expansion against the masonry or sleeves or by bonding with epoxy or other adhesives. The design of post-installed anchors should be in accordance with the anchor manufacturer's litera- ture and is beyond the scope of this For other anchor bolt configurations, including post- installed anchors, design loads  【Get Price】


all post-tensioned concrete 38 story building. ? Unbonded post-tensioned flat slab. ? Bonded post-tensioned transfer girders with CCL-12 strand anchor system and multiple stressing stages. ? Bonded post-tensioned vertical walls using CCL-4 strand anchor system. Page 4. Shear walls. Line 11. Line 7. Varying. Geometry. River House Project. Floor Plan. Page 5. Shear wall Design. ? Finite element model was used. ? approx 500 load cases. 【Get Price】

Wooden Fence Post - different types of posts for errecting a garden

Fixing to a wall. Where the end of a fence abuts a wall - make sure that the wall is structurally sound. The post can be cut off at ground level and bolted to the house or garden wall using expanding bolts bedded into holes in wall. Insert the Cut the timber away around the anchor points so that the head of the fixing is below the level of the post. Hold the post Ensure that the post is vertical; pack out between the wall and the post if necessary. 【Get Price】

Erecting a Fence

a Bolt Down post Support is a metal plate that can be fastened directly onto a concrete flooring or wall. The wooden post can to the support. The Bolt Down post Support is attached to the concrete using Wedge anchors or similar and the post attached to the support by tightening bolts on the side. You may need help when doing this Once it's fully in place, Drive the new post into the box making sure that the wedges grip the post Check that the post is vertical by using a spirit level. 【Get Price】

How to Connect Wood Fencing to a Brick Wall Home Guides SF

Some architectural designs feature a combination of wood fencing and brick walls. The combination may be used to provide security at property lines or to accent landscaped areas and gardens. Wood fencing consists of vertical posts in concrete footings at spaced intervals, with horizontal rails and fencing panels between the posts. When connecting wood fencing to a brick wall, the concrete foundation of the wall presents problems with regard to installing a fencepost foundation at  【Get Price】

How To Install Mailbox Post: Farmer and Engineer Methods

15 Mar 2011 Plumb (vertically level) the mailbox post using a post level tool (to ensure post is perfectly vertical to the ground below). Tip: to free up your hands, use a rubber band around the leveling tool and mailbox post as you eyeball the level and move the post into position. Pack topsoil tightly around the mailbox post to hold it secure while the concrete sets. For best results, wait 24 hours before mounting your residential mailbox on top of the mailbox post. If the outside  【Get Price】

How to Install a Fence Post onto Concrete - YouTube

5 apr 2012 Concrete Fence post Fencing DIY The Carpenter's Daughter - Duration: 7:26. The Carpenter's Daughter 138,551 views · 7:26 · Problems With Galvanized post Base - Patio Construction Tips - Duration: 1:25. gregvancom 145,782 views · 1:25. How to Build Deck Footings with QUIKRETE? - Duration: 2:27. QUIKRETE 3,235,497 views · 2:27 · Build a horizontal fence and fence gate - Duration: 18:39. mittsdad 408,915 views · 18:39. How to anchor Bolts, Railings and  【Get Price】

2.5” advanced composite posts general installation - Eco Fencing

anchors should be spaced no more than 2ft (0.6m) apart with no less than two in total. Drill the holes in the post first and allow only a small clearance over the shank diameter of the anchor bolt. Offer the post to the wall ensuring it is level in both vertical planes and aligned correctly (using a spirit level and engineers square). If necessary use packing between the post and the wall. Bolt the post firmly into position. Installation of a EcoFencing Composite Fencing product is easy and. 【Get Price】


longitudinal, dynamic, and high wind loads. HaLFEN Brackets are designed for horizontal and vertical loads and easy adjustability. a torque wrench is the only required installation tool. Installing HaLFEN. Curtain wall Support Systems elimi- . This is why the HaLFEN Curtain wall. System is chosen more and more frequently by architects, engineers, and investors. HaLFEN anchor Channels and HCW Brackets. Edge of slab connections. HCW- ED. For post and beam fa?ades. 【Get Price】