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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Veranda Deck

Therefore, moisture exposure especially during winter has to be reduced. When building a veranda deck, allow a 12mm gap allowance from another building structure, such as retaining wall or house. This is to allow water to drain and prevent capillary action. The deck boards must not be in contact with another surface or the ground, with the substructure as an exception. If the decks is on membrane or very close to the ground, ventilation grates can be used to promote air flow. 【Get Price】

How to Paint Cast Iron Foundation Vent Grates Today's Homeowner

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Avoid common mistakes - OUTDURE

ECO-deckING is very resistant to moisture, however prolonged exposure to moisture will effect the substructure, decking boards and promote mould growth on your deck. decking boards require a 12mm gap from another structure such as the house, retaining wall, pool coping etc, to avoid capillary action and for water to drain away. decking boards must never be in contact with the ground or another surface except for the substructure. Use ventilation grates if necessary to allow  【Get Price】

OUTDURE QWICKBUILD? deck jacks, floating deck

When constructing a floating deck over concreate or a waterproof membrane, screwjack pedestals provide the ultimate solution. They allow the decking boards, ventilation or access grates to be easily removed easily for access to services, to clean gutters or check the health of your waterproof membrane. Being height adjustable, they also allow the decking boards to be raised up to the level of the living space or to a specific floor level to create the desired indoor/outdoor flow. 【Get Price】

Ventilation - Rules and standards - DNV GL

All spaces used for cargo, cargo oil tanks, tanks for other liquid cargo and trunks to such spaces. C.7. Closed ro-ro cargo spaces. All ro-ro cargo spaces which are neither open ro-ro cargo spaces nor weather decks. C.8. Control stations. Those spaces in which the ship's radio or main navigating equipment or the emergency source of power is located or where the fire recording or fire control equipment is centralized. C.9. Fire closures. Closing appliances of ventilation inlets and outlets  【Get Price】

Outdoor Exhaust Vent Hood Buying Guide : BBQ Guys

The first thing that you'll need to decide is where you'll be mounting your vent hood. For outdoor applications, there are generally only two options: wall mount and island mount. A wall mount vent hood is the most popular variety, and what you'll find in most outdoor kitchens. This type of hood is attached directly to the wall and extends out over your grill. An island mount vent hood attaches to the roof and is generally only used when your outdoor kitchen is not near a wall. 【Get Price】

Subfloor ventilation - BRANZ Build

Figure 3: One option for retrospective installation of ventilation into a concrete block foundation wall. Core through concrete block with masonry drill or use a concrete saw. Install surface-mounted proprietary grill (hot-dip galvanised steel or aluminium). 1. 3. 2. Chip out remaining block with cold chisel and hammer. ventilation should be located as near as possible to the underside of the timber floor structure (plates and bearers) and should be spread evenly around the entire building  【Get Price】

Building a Deck Above an AC Compressor - Professional Deck Builder

22 Sep 2014 Q: A client wants to enlarge her existing deck, but a whole-house air-conditioning unit is located directly beneath the proposed addition. There seems to be plenty of clearance, so is it okay to build the deck above it? A: Glenn Mathewson, a building plans analyst in Westminster, Colo., responds: An air-conditioning unit contains both a compressor—a hefty motor that draws a lot of amps—and a condenser, which cools the refrigerant and exhausts warm air. So there are  【Get Price】

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C3 Corvette Rear Deck Vent Grills (1968-1982)

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Poor Enclosed Deck Ventilation And Moisture Problem Prevention

14 Feb 2011 /ventilation/index.html Click on this link for more home ventilation and deck building tips. If you're interested in lea 【Get Price】

QwickGrates by Outdure – EBOSS

Part of the QwickBuild decking system, the QwickGrate has been designed as an attractive, smart solution to comply with council requirements. Qwickgrate allows for vital air flow underneath decks which are low to the ground, to evaporate moisture, maintaining substructure health. It also allows decks to be flush with internal floor levels. 【Get Price】


lightweight, durable aluminium modules. Prefabrication of wide-span subframes mean fewer footings, slashing costly time on-site. QwickBuild's hidden interlocking fastenings support Outdure's contemporary range of surfaces, including the premium Resortdeck series, plus in-house ranges of structural tiles and high-grade turf. QwickBuild is also compatible as a highly stable and low-profile framework for hardwood decking timbers. Accessories include ventilation grilles, deck jacks,  【Get Price】

Marine Ventilation - Jamestown Distributors

Items 1 - 15 of 127 Engine Air Intake Vents: Many power boats feature a ducted system to moves fresh air from outside the hull through louvered grills, dorade boxes, air duct hoses and then directly to engine air intakes. It is important that these systems are designed and installed to minimize the possibility of water intrusion. Passenger Area or Cabin ventilation: Cabin fans, opening portlights. and deck hatches are important elements of a well designed ventilation system. A solar  【Get Price】

Boat Vents and Ventilation Equipment - ASAP Supplies

Marine ventilation equipment, for cabin ventilation, galley ventilation, engine room ventilation and blowers, head ventilation, in fact all areas of the boat. 【Get Price】

Plastic Grates For Docks, Decks & Walkways - PlasTEAK Inc.

PlasTEAK grates are designed and engineered to be the finished decking surface for docks, decks, walkways and virtually any indoor or outdoor structure. A PlasTEAK grate is a unique non-slip polymer panel that allows water, debris and sunlight to pass through your walking surface, keeping your walking surface clean. Sunlight and water penetration in concert helps to keep vegetation alive, helping to minimize the effect of your walking surface on the environment. The 360° non-slip  【Get Price】