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11 Mar 2015 New and old deck boards There are many reasons why you would have a mix of new and old deck boards but it can be a common situation. The most frequent reason In addition to these steps for blending new and old deck boards, using a quality semi-transparent deck stain will help. Follow these prepping and .. We are trying to find a solution other than having to spend a fortune to put new beams back up to cover the discolored wood. Reply. 2 years 5 months  【Get Price】

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Install flashing tape to cover the old joists. If you don't cover the joists, water will get trapped in the nail/screw holes and rot the wood from the inside out. You can use tape designed for doors and windows or one designed for decks. Avoid buying white or shiny silver tape—it may be noticeable in between the deck boards. Flashing tape isn't cheap. We bought a product called Barricade from a local lumberyard, and it cost about $25 for a 4-in. x 75-ft. roll. If you have more time than  【Get Price】

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Following are some techniques you can use to give an old deck a new lease on life, or to help maintain the look of a new one. For this project, we enlisted George Graf, a lead Tip: If you need to rip replacement decking to match existing boards, use a tablesaw. Ease the sawn edge using a router fitted with a ?-inch Powerful deck restorers can burn leaves on contact; in that case you should cover nearby plants with plastic sheeting. For tackling tough stains, use a pressure washer  【Get Price】

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29 Jun 2016 When installing a new deck board, leave a 1/8″ gap between it and existing boards and 1/4″ gap if butting. Then using a small leaf blower or push broom, remove any loose debris from the deck surface. Finally, take some time to prep your plants. Since many deck cleaners contain powerful chemicals, you'll want to protect any plants, bushes, trees, or shrubs near your deck. Mist them with water, then cover them with clear plastic sheeting or tarp to keep chemicals off  【Get Price】

Resurface Your Weather Worn Deck with Interlocking Deck Tiles

How to resurface a weather worn wood deck by simply covering it with Archi interlocking deck tiles. Provided the deck is structurally sound and doesn't have an uneven surface due to warped planks, you can generally lay interlocking Ipe wood tiles, structural Ipe wood tiles or porcelain pavers directly over the top of the existing deck boards. This is typically a much more cost Firstly you lay down an EPDM sheet to completely cover your existing deck. You can buy EPDM in  【Get Price】

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11 Apr 2013 Olympic? RESCUE IT!? Wood deck & Concrete Resurfacer is the ultimate remedy for worn or weathered wood and concrete. With the proper preparation, this 100% a 【Get Price】

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Best Stain for an old deck Wood decks can be a beautiful addition to any property but when neglected they can also become an eyesore. When a deck goes too long without being maintained sun and water damage occur. The wood loses its . My question, does any stain product fill in the cracks and cover the splintering wood? It is at the shore and though the 1×6 pressure treated decking is solid, it s splintering in places and there are cracks in many of the boards up to 3/16″. 【Get Price】

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5 Dec 2014 In this video, This old House senior technical editor Mark Powers shows how to restore a deck. Follow the prep instructions carefully and paint on a specialt 【Get Price】

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Restoration of a 30 Year old deck; Drainage and Airflow; Removing old deck boards; Replace boards and joists; Refasten deck boards; Additional nailer joists; Check refastened boards for level; Correcting unlevel boards; Leveling off down board; Repeat process; Gapping Ultradeck?; Notching for existing railings; Gapping around rail post; boards ran straight; boards ran angled; End gapping; Square outer edge; Cut outer edge; Seal board ends; Fasten cladding; Rail post cover  【Get Price】