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Rails sections are then mounted between the posts by screwing through the outside spindles into the posts. DO NOT toe nail rails into the posts. screws will simply pull out when rails contract in cold temperatures. 4) Substructure Our Premium Grade plastic lumber is not suited for structural purposes. We recommend using a high quality kiln dried treated wood product, or galvanized steel, for your substructure to prevent warping and bowing. We also offer Structural Grade plastic  【Get Price】

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Method 2: screws Invisible. Pre-drill holes (5/16-in diam.) into each plank. Counter sink all holes (1/2-in.diam.) at a depth of 3/8 in. Apply screw caps (available as accessories) to hide screws (flat screw caps are 1/2 in. diam). OTHER OPTIONS 1 - tongue and groove. Pre-drill 7/32" diameter holes; Countersink holes and use 2" length #8 stainless steel flat-head wood screws; Leave a space of 1/32" between each plan. 2 - Brackets. Pre-drill holes (1/8-in diam.) into each plank at a  【Get Price】

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As well as the simple slotted screw head, there are three different types of screw heads into which the screwdriver or bit fits: Phillips (PH), Pozidriv (PZ) and torx (TX). Pozidriv (PZ) is the most widely used. PZ screw heads have extra slots compared with the PH. The corresponding (PZ) screwdriver bit has straight internal edges with parallel ribs between them that fit into the slots in the screw head. The Pozidriv screwdriver or bit is recognizable by the rounded tip. This allows it to enter  【Get Price】

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lumberock? plastic lumber can be fastened to a deck frame using standard fastening systems but performs best with the use of stainless steel flat head or composite deck screws. Our composite lumber boards are available is necessary during installation. lumberock? will not mushroom or pigtail around screw heads and drilling will not distort the surface of the boards. screws are not recommended. Drill screws perpendicular to the deck surface into the wood framing underneath. 【Get Price】

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The principle of welding thermoplastics (Maxituf falls into this category) has been around for quite some time. All you need is a plastic welder and welding rod. plastic welders come in different levels of sophistication from simple "hot air guns" to fully automated "mini extruders". Welding rods can be bought commercially or can be cut from the plastic lumber. In the latter case color matching is a cinch. Bolts can be used in the same manner as with wood. screws are extensively used and  【Get Price】

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screw holes are best pre-drilled with a pilot hole using an HSS or wood drill bit and Kedel always countersink for the best finished appearance on their own products. It is possible to get away with Again, sharp tools are strongly recommended to avoid excessive build up of heat which could melt the recycled plastic and inhibit the travel of the blade. Handsaws, circular -40°C (contraction). This demonstrates the importance of taking into account the process of expansion/contraction. 【Get Price】

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As well as the simple slotted screw head, there are three different types of screw heads into which the screwdriver or bit fits: Phillips (PH), Pozidriv (PZ) and torx (TX). Pozidriv (PZ) is the most widely used. Wood screws - Head: countersunk-dome - Fitting: PZ/PH/torx - Used for: general woodworking 2. Sheet-metal screw - Head: cylindrical-oval-round - Fitting: slot - Used for: fixing thin sheet metal or plastic. These screws are self-tapping 3. Dowel screw (double-ended screw) 【Get Price】

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Recycled plastic lumber Group of Profiles Drilling. All fixing holes should be pre-drilled with an HSS or wood bit prior to screwing. plastic is subject to thermal linear expansion and contraction, hence it's importance to make allowances within the design of Kedel fencing installation. Expansion Gap - A gap should be left where the rails (expansion) and in the region -40°C (contraction). This demonstrates the importance of taking into account the process of expansion/contraction. 【Get Price】

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5 May 2011 The term PVC may bring to mind pipes and plumbing, but PVC can be found in many other products. In one common application, PVC is used to make siding for homes. When attaching 【Get Price】

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If you're ready to replace your current decking, there's a good alternative to consider — composite wood, which is actually part wood and part plastic. Composite wood is a bit more expensive than pressure-treated pine, but in the long run — because it doesn't have to be resealed or painted — the composite wood will actually be less expensive. And just because it's a composite doesn't mean it won't work just like wood. It will. You can drill holes into it, cut it, drive screws into it and  【Get Price】

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The materials may be *recycled to some extent containing postindustrial and or post-consumer and sometimes virgin plastic. This allows them to fall into a composite type product category, however what separates them from other “composite” products is that typically plastic lumber contains no wood fillers, or mineral by-products and as a result it carries a much longer warranty, up to 50 YEARS. Further, the structural plastic lumber materials can be utilized for engineered girders,  【Get Price】

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17 Mar 2011 Many plastics are more rigid and prone to cracking than wood, and you should always pre-drill a hole before driving a screw through them. If you are installing hinges or some other hardware on rigid plastic, however, you may want to avoid drilling a hole and have the end of the screw imbed in the plastic instead. There is a simple technique that Drive the screw into a scrap piece of plastic of the same thickness, then grind off the tip with a file. Remove the screw and  【Get Price】

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19 Jun 2012 I show a home with wood trim and non stainless fasteners . 【Get Price】

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In most cases drilling in wood and plastic isn't difficult, because these are usually soft materials. You can recognize the special wood drills by the pointed central tip. But it's also no problem if you use a metal drill in wood or plastic. For bigger holes you can predrill with a thin 4 mm drill. If you do that you'll prevent the wood from splitting. And if you want to screw into hardwood, you should always predrill the hole. If you don't, stainless steel screws can easily break when you tighten them. 【Get Price】