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27 Nov 2017 We offer basic custom sizing using your bust, waist, hip, height, and hollow-to-floor measurements to help reduce your potential alteration costs. While we will make your order according to the measurements provided, your dress may require additional alterations at your expense and may not appear exactly as it does online. Custom dresses are made specifically to the measurements you provide during checkout, meaning no one else will be able to wear that dress  【Get Price】

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The hollow to hem measurement is one of the measurements taken when determing wedding dress sizing, and measures the length of the body, starting at the hollow of the neck (the indentation between the collar bones, located at the base of the neck), down to the hem of the dress. The hollow to hem measurement can be thought of as the overall length of the dress, excluding the train, and high neckline, if applicable. In the picture below, the "Standard Overall Length" shows the area  【Get Price】

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Hypocaust definition, a hollow space or system of channels in the floor or walls of some ancient Roman buildings that provided a central heating system by receiving and distributing the heat from a furnace. See more. 【Get Price】

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That said, the house (which is located on a steep site in the middle of a golf course) is designed so it can enjoy ocean views, but does so in the context of a 'black box' steel structure clad in cement sheet, with a concrete ground slab and suspended floor. Double bass: this coastal retreat on the Bass Strait poetically responds to climate and views. The sodden shop floor turned out to be a suspended floor - over a once hollow gap of two feet now filled with water - workmen went off for  【Get Price】

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16 Apr 2014 Get a simple answer to what hollow to Hem means when you're shopping for a plus size dress. Learn tips for taking that measurement. 【Get Price】

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define caved. caved synonyms, caved pronunciation, caved translation, English dictionary definition of caved. n. 1. A hollow or to dig or hollow out. 2. to cause to collapse or fall in. Often used with in: The impact caved in the roof of the car. v.intr. 1. to fall in; collapse. Often used with in: The walls caved in during the earthquake. 2. to give up all opposition; yield. Often used with in: . floor - the lower inside surface of any hollow structure; "the floor of the pelvis"; "the floor of the cave". 【Get Price】

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Looking for hollow tile? Find out information about hollow tile. A hollow building block of concrete or burnt clay used for making partitions, exterior walls, or suspended floors or roofs. Also known as hollow block. Explanation of hollow tile. 【Get Price】

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Many translated example sentences containing "hollow to floor" – Portuguese-English dictionary and search engine for Portuguese translations. 【Get Price】

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Looking for pot floor? Find out information about pot floor. structural clay tile units A hollow masonry building unit composed of burnt clay, shale, fireclay, or mixtures thereof, having parallel cells or cores Explanation of pot floor. 【Get Price】

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27 Nov 2012 How to Measure Your Bust, Waist and Hips for Dressmaking - Duration: 5:35. Sew Over It 21,162 views · 5:35 · How to Get Your Body Measurements - A Measuring Guide From Cbazaar - Duration: 7:59. Cbazaar 2,517 views · 7:59. How to: Under Bust Measurements - Duration: 2:11. Nemesis Gear/Steampunked Out 9,749 views · 2:11 · How to Measure: Part 3 I-Hip to M- Waist to Hem - Duration: 2:23. HistoryUnstitched 3,282 views · 2:23. Loading more suggestions. 【Get Price】

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transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying (Reinforced hollow-core slabs). Available in Gauteng and surrounding areas. Echo floors provide a complete service: design, manufacture, installation and grouting of reinforced precast hollow-core concrete floor slabs. “Echo floors” slabs are suitable for short span applications (up to 7.0m between . stressing means that hollow-core slabs can achieve considerably larger spans than insitu  【Get Price】

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Slabs in prestressed concrete are usually produced in lengths of up to 200 meters. The process involves extruding wet concrete along with the prestressed steel wire rope from a moving mold. The continuous slab is then cut by a big diamond circular saw, according to the lengths (and width) required on blueprint. Factory production provides the obvious advantages of reduced time, labor and training. Another fabrication system produces hollow-core floor slabs in Reinforced Concrete  【Get Price】

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define floor: the level base of a room; the lower inside surface of a hollow structure (such as a cave or bodily part) — floor in a sentence. 【Get Price】

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Looking for hollow block? Find out information about hollow block. hollow tile hollow masonry units A masonry unit whose net cross-sectional area in any plane parallel to the bearing surface is less than 75% of its gross Explanation of hollow block. 【Get Price】

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I am 5'0 and the dress I am getting is Allure 9215 - it is a mermaid/fit and flare. From my bridal store they said that a HTH is just shortening the d. 【Get Price】

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3. a level, supporting surface in any structure: the elevator floor. Explore · 20 Words That Will Show Your Age · The Saddest Words in English · The Oldest Words in English · Only 90s Kids Will Get These Words. 4. one of two or more layers of material composing a floor: rough floor; finish floor. 5. a platform or prepared level area for a particular use: a threshing floor. 6. the bottom of any more or less hollow place: the floor of a tunnel. 7. a more or less flat extent of surface:. 【Get Price】

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"hole, cavity," Old English pytt "water hole, well; pit, grave," from West Germanic *puttjaz "pool, puddle" (cf. Old Frisian pet, Old Saxon putti, Old Norse pyttr, Middle Dutch putte, Dutch put, Old High German pfuzza, German Pfütze "pool, puddle"), early borrowing from Latin puteus "well, pit, shaft." Meaning "abode of evil spirits, hell" is attested from early 13c. Pit of the stomach (1650s) is from the slight depression there between the ribs. 【Get Price】