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raised beds. recycled plastic raised beds are the perfect solution for growing vegetables in your garden. Maintenance free, rot proof, insect proof and most importantly non-toxic to your organic vegetables. The recycled plastic (plastic Timber) won't splinter All of our raised beds are available in black or brown and can be made from a wide range of different profiles to suit your individual needs, such as tongue and groove, decking board and standard profiles of assorted dimensions. 【Get Price】

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recycled plastic raised Bed with seating around the edge, and with insect box, bird box, solitary bee box and butterfly box all in one unit and made from old CD cases and coat hangers. The plastic wood looks and feels like real wood but behaves like plastic. So no possibility of rot, no painting, does not warp, crack or splinter and is the ideal material for outdoor use. This unit was designed for the KS1/2 Mini Beastie Education Project in schools and nurseries. 【Get Price】

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Kedel Ltd specialise In producing products made exclusively from 100% recycled plastic. We have a creative inventory, with examples such as: recycled plastic Lumber, Garden Furniture, Outdoor Funiture, Compost tumblers and raised beds to name a few. It is our hope you will come to us first as the impact of our business can have a huge effect on helping in the planet in many ways. 【Get Price】

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Solway raised beds And Gardening Kits At Solway Recycling when designing our plastic raised beds we noticed gardeners regularly asking questions like of the kind "how to make a raised garden bed" and "how to build a raised garden bed" 【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Raised Bed 2600x1300x420

Our recycled plastic raised beds come in various sizes and this product is our largest sized raised bed with a height of 420mm. The raised beds are ideal for any budding gardener wanting to grow plants, flowers, herbs or even vegetables. The 100% HDPE recycled plastic material will not rot, corrode or splinter, and is maintenance free. The robust construction means that the product can withstand even the harshest of weather making it ideal to be kept outdoors all year round. 【Get Price】

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recycled Products for Homes, Gardens & Communities Solway Products Home and Garden plastic Products are made from recycled plastic they are durable ecologically sound and a greener alternative to many other more traditional alternatives. 【Get Price】

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Our recycled plastic raised Bed is ideal for any budding gardener wanting to grow plants, flowers, herbs or even vegetables. The 100% HDPE recycled plastic does not rot, corrode or splinter and is maintenance-free. The robust construction means that the product can withstand even the harshest of weather making it ideal to be kept outside all year round. As with all of our products, the recycled plastic raised Bed - Lunch Box Garden comes with a 25 year construction guarantee. 【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Planks for Raised Beds Project Filcris Ltd

Because they are close to Filcris, we could use a local dedicated delivery service to deliver the raised beds at a time which suited them. Margaret and her husband were so pleased with the quality of the material and the service that they received that they have come back three times to buy more planks and stakes, and have been busy replacing edging boards around their stunning garden in Cambridge. I recently paid them a visit to see the raised beds and path edging and I was very  【Get Price】

Recycled Plastic Raised Garden bed - 4' x 8' x 16.5"

Details. These durable raised beds are made in the USA from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, the same material used to make public picnic tables, litter bins, outdoor walkways and high-quality garden furniture. HDPE plastic withstands temperature extremes and will not leech any chemicals into your garden soil. NOTE: These beds come in 4 sizes and 2 height choices. The 11” tall beds have 2 boards per side, and the 16.5” tall beds have 3 boards per side. 【Get Price】

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raised bed kits made from tough recycled plastics to last a lifetime. Look like real wood, are rot proof and maintenance free. 【Get Price】

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They include the famous Compost Tumbler, or Compost Bin, raised beds, Garden Planters, 2 and 3 Seater Garden Benches, Sports Benches, Ground Reinforcement, eco fence products, recycled street furniture and Ground Fixings to stop things walking, or blowing away, recycled plastic (synthetic wood) and recycled plastic profiles (mixed plastic). So now you can do a bit of DIY, or any major building and construction project using recycled plastic Wood from the UK, manufactured  【Get Price】

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Our garden products and raised beds are 100% maintenance free, durable, rot proof, look natural and do not require any maintenance or treatment. 【Get Price】

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Enjoy the many benefits of raised beds. Increase your crop yield with our recycled plastic raised bed, on sale and available to buy now! 【Get Price】

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30 Oct 2017 Why choose recycled plastic for your raised beds? There are a number of materials to choose from once you've decided that raised beds are for you. Wood is readily available and easy to work with but even when treated it rots quickly and is by far the least long lasting option. Sleepers are more durable but heavy and difficult to cut. They may also have been treated with preservatives in the past which will leak into your soil making it toxic. Bricks need a building expert  【Get Price】

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Use our rot-free plastic wood for all your garden projects. plastic recycled gardening products will not rot even in the wettest soils! Ideal for. raised beds,; bed edging; and composters. Read What Our Customers Say About Our Products. Growing, Garden  【Get Price】