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Specification for Deck Boards Timber Decking

Offering independent advice, the Timber decking and Cladding Association provides information on specification for deck boards, if you are considering the use of wood decking for an outside decking. 【Get Price】

Porch/Deck - California Department of Housing and Community

Ignition Resistant Construction of Exterior Covering and decking. Part III A plan with elevations, sections and details for the construction of a Freestanding wood Porch or deck. Part IV A schedule of permit fees associated with the construction of Freestanding wood Porch or. deck, HCD 50, HCD 538 and classification of Fire Hazard Severity Zone form. This handout and the forms contained in it are available on line at: Definitions:. 【Get Price】

DNV Rules for the Construction and Classification of Wooden Ships

42. B. Permanent wooden Bulkheads in Cargo Holds. 42. SECTION 17. Bolting and fastening. A. General Requirements. 43. B. Bolting of Keel, Frames, Beam Clamps, Knees, etc. 43. C. Bolting of Frames to Floors. 45. ,'J. D. Bolting and nailing of Skin and deck Planking. 46. SECTION t8. Sealers. 'jO'. A. General Requirements. 47. B. Frames, Floors, and deck Beams. 47. C. Knees and Riders. fore and After Breasthooks. 48. D. Outer and Inner Skin. 48. E. Stringer and Hold Beams. 49. 【Get Price】

Wood Decks - Western Roofing Magazine

meaning a system that failed during the 135 psf pressure test would receive a 1-120 Windstorm Classifica- tion rating. FM Approvals tested the decking and finish systems together, but assigned classification ratings for the wood roof decking and to the base sheet/insulation/cover board/cap sheet combination separately. The wood panel decking system and the finish roofing system above the wood decks were assigned different. Class 1 wind-uplift ratings based on that assessment. 【Get Price】

Classifying wood for import and export - GOV.UK

3 Aug 2012 How to classify wood and wooden articles for import or export, using guidance from chapter 44 of the UK Trade Tariff. for classification purposes the term 'wood' also includes bamboo and other woody materials. .. post platforms, collar-type box platforms, side-rail platforms and end-rail platforms; pallets - these are either load boards with 2 decks that are separated by bearers or with a single deck that's designed to be handled by a fork-lift truck or pallet truck; box  【Get Price】

UL 580 Construction No. 343 Over Wood Deck - MBCI

Metal Roof deck Panels* No. 24 MSG min coated steel. Panel width 18 in. max., 10 in. min. Rib height 1-3/4 in. at female side. Panels continuous over three or more clips with no endlaps. A bead of sealant may be used at panel side joints. ? A&S Building Systems, Inc.-"LokSeam". ? AEP SPAN&No. "10 in. - Snap-Seam", "12 in. - Snap-Seam",. ? "18 in. - Snap-Seam". ? American Buildings Co. - "SeamLoc 12, 16, 18. ? Atlanta Metal Products Inc. - "Thin Seam". ? Centria - "SDP 175-12, -16,  【Get Price】

Decking boards - Resysta

decking boards. Robust und zeitlos Technical and ecological assessment of the new material Resysta: Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance. Unlike wood, Resysta is swell-, UV-resistance; weather resistance; water resistance; salt- and chlorine-water resistance; no cracking; no pest infestation or fungal decay; flammability classification B2 (with additives, B1 classification possible) Surface and  【Get Price】

types of construction - International Code Council

and solid decking without intervening airspace shall be allowed to have a flame spread index of not more than 200. 3. Foam plastics in accordance with Chapter 26. 4. Roof coverings that have an A, B or C classification. 5. Interior floor finish and interior finish, trim and mill- work such as doors, door frames, window sashes and frames. 6. Where not installed over 15 feet (4572 mm) above grade, show windows, nailing or furring strips and wooden bulkheads below show windows,  【Get Price】

Rules and Regulations for the Classification and Construction of

1 Jan 2017 classification. PART 1, CHAPTER 2. HELLENIC REGISTER OF SHIPPING. 4. ~. Displacement service craft of steel or aluminum construction with draught to depth ratio less than or equal to 0,65. ~. wooden sailing yachts up to 36m in . Head Office of H.R.S. will decide otherwise, the following plans and documents will be required for the purpose of classification: A. Hull. ~. General arrangement plan. ~. Midship section plan. ~. Profile and decks plan. ~. Rudder plan. 【Get Price】

UC3B or UC4A? Treated Lumber Classification Continues to

29 Jun 2017 Pro deck builders seem to have a good handle on the differences between above-ground (AWPA UC3B) and ground-contact (AWPA UC4A) pressure-treated lumber. But general contractors and DIYers? Not so much, according to a recent report from Spectrum Consulting. It conducted research related to the two types of pressure-treated wood in early 2017 that included four focus-group sessions with a mix of contractors and DIYers who had recently built decks. 【Get Price】

Wood Terms - Lumber Glossary of Terms - "A" - Advantage Lumber

Definitions for wood terms that start with the letter "A". Bronze-Orange heartwood; Interlocked grain; Fine texture; Lustrous; Medium crushing strength; Low bending strength; Resistance to shock loads; Very low stiffness; Moderate bending classification; Works well with hand and machine tools; Tends to split when nailed; Used for furniture, cabinets, paneling, gun stocks, domestic . Attached deck, A deck with one or more sides supported by a ledger and attached to a house. 【Get Price】

ISO Types 1-6: Construction Code Descriptions - AmRisc

Floors in multi-story buildings are wood framed/wood deck or can be concrete on wood or steel deck. wood frame roof with wood decking and typical roof If “tunnel form” construction meaning there is a concrete deck above the top floor ceiling with wood frame roof over the top concrete deck, this will react to wind forces or where the entire roof assembly is documented to have a UL wind uplift classification of 90 or equivalent. ISO 3 - Non Combustible (NC). Class NC-I, Typically  【Get Price】