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Composite floor deck - Tata Steel Construction

HOLORIB <sup>?</sup> and SUPERHOLORIB <sup>?</sup> composite decking profiles are 51mm high and have a cover width (dimension between centre lines 4x150mm) of 600mm. They are available in sheet thicknesses of 0.75, 0.88, 1.00 and 1.25mm. The upper flanges of SUPERHOLORIB? composite deckings are provided with embossed stubs which ensure, like the ribs of concrete steel VI, continuous adhesion with the concrete (surface adhesion). HOLORIB? and SUPERHOLORIB? composite&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? 100 - Tata Steel Construction

Strong long span composite profile for non-composite beams. ComFlor? 100 is a strong long span profile that reduces or eliminates temporary propping irrespective of the frame design. It provides a composite floor slab and is suitable for use with concrete beams or non-composite steel beams. Long span strength. Fast laying. Suitable for use with Fast laying: As simple to install as a roof deck, the concrete can soon be poured. Efficient for export: Maximises the square meterage in&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? 51+ - Tata Steel Construction

Virtually flat soffit: For a clean aesthetic appeal. composite performance – floor slab: New embossments on ComFlor? 51+ give even better shear key. composite performance – beam: The classic re-entrant profile shape provides the most effective shear stud performance of all composite profiles. Fire performance: The low intrusion of the re-entrant profile into the concrete allows a good fire rating from a relatively slim slab. The flat soffit provides excellent fire protection to the top flange&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? with Colorcoat FD? - Tata Steel Construction

Eliminates need for post-painting with aesthetically pleasing finish. Colorcoat FD? pre-finished steel is ideal for use as part of a ComFlor? composite floor decking system when the exposed soffit is used as a feature of the building's interior. The improved appearance and durability of ComFlor? with Colorcoat FD? provides a perfect solution for multi-storey buildings, such as offices and car-parks. Colorcoat FD? 170 pre-finished steel has a tough satin embossed plastisol coating 170&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? 225 - Tata Steel Construction

High performance deep deck specifically designed for Slimdek and all other integrated steel beam systems. The use of ComFlor? 225 with a lower flange bearing beam provides a reduced overall floor height with fewer steel beams, a counter intuitive result for such a deep profile. Provides all the benefits of Slimdek? type systems. Superb span capability combined with composite performance. Easy service attachment and integration. Provides reduced overall floor height with fewer&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? Active - Tata Steel Construction

ComFlor 9 software. Design support. ComFlor? V9 Software analyses each of the ComFlor? composite floor decks in construction stage, service stage and for fire resistance, under a wide range of loading configurations. Design principles are in accordance with the appropriate parts of BS 5950 : Part 4 (1994), Part 6 (1995), Part 8 (1991) For design to the Eurocodes, the design principles are in accordance with EN 1994-1-1 and EN 1994-1-2:Eurocode 4. The design checks performed&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? 210 - Tata Steel Construction

The original deep composite profile introduced for the first Slimflor systems with a very effective cross stiffener technology. ComFlor? 210 has very effective cross stiffener technology and the deep profile shape provides a very efficient metal deck and composite slab, with a low usage of concrete. Slimflor systems have wider lower flange steel beams that allow the deck to land on the bottom flange. Efficient - low use of steel and concrete. Versatile – top or bottom flange application. 【Get Price】

ComFlor? 80 - Tata Steel Construction

Combined 80 deep round shouldered trapezoidal combined composite profile with long span capability. ComFlor? 80 is the big sister to ComFlor? 60 with the same round shoulder combined profile technology applied to an 80 deep trapezoidal shape to give big spans. The use of this profile allows a designer to reduce still further the number of secondary beams in a building. Extended span and versatile. Reduced number of secondary beams. Low concrete and steel usage. Central&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Composite Floor Decks Ltd

Welcome. composite floor decks Limited was incorporated in 2004. Over the last five years composite floor decks Limited has established itself as the market leader in the supply and installation of composite floor Decking within New Zealand. Our History &middot; Our Services&nbsp; 【Get Price】

ComFlor? with FibreFlor? - Tata Steel Construction

A unique three dimensional concrete reinforcement solution. FibreFlor? is a combination of Novocon high performance steel fibres and Fibermesh micro-synthetic fibres providing a unique three dimensional concrete reinforcement solution for composite metal decks and designed to replace traditional welded wire mesh. By combining the attributes of both types of fibre, FibreFlor? provides performance benefits over the entire life span of the concrete – from simplifying placement,&nbsp; 【Get Price】