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Building a low profile frame is necessary. You will need to use a flush beam which is set at the same level as the joists as opposed to a cantilever beam. If the bottom of your deck frame is less than 6" above the ground or partially buried you should use pressure treated wood that is rated for ground contact. The higher level of preservative will prevent the wood from rotting and decaying better than standard pressure treated wood. You should never bury hardware in the ground because  【Get Price】

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8 Feb 2015 60sq foot (18sq met) & about 8" (20cm) off the ground, low wood deck & boardwalk. Bearers only on posts without joists for a low profile using natural Merbau (Asian Hardwood). It's about planning, draw it up, think through all the steps for a week particularly make sure everything is square. DON'T USE NAILS THEY WILL POPUP, PRE-DRILL & COUNTER SINK STAINLESS SCREWS. 【Get Price】

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I would like to build a wooden deck on top of an existing concrete patio. The top of the deck will only be 8.5 inches above the concrete. How do I proceed? How to hide concrete piers on a ground-level deck and more. I am building a ground-level deck using 2x8 joists. The deck height will be determined by a concrete stoop near the door. I plan to place 2x4 sleepers VP building a free standing deck in Toronto I'm "stuck" - can someone provide some feedback. I am planning on  【Get Price】

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24 Nov 2013 It starts with removing a concrete pad and continues with digging the foundation holes, framing, decking boards, stairs and more. We hope you find this I was only 14 I did not know a 2x4 from a box of nails, so they gave them funny little names to keep me going. I had so much fun that day they Although I will never understand why people can use such a beautiful natural material as wood, and then cover up all that beauty with synthetic paint. I know oiling is a pain,  【Get Price】

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of the overhangs, LO. Use Table 2 to determine allowable joist span, LJ, based on lumber size and joist spacing. Joist span, L, must be less than or equal to allowable joist span, LJ. Overhang length is the lesser of allowable overhang, LO, or .. PRESCRIPTIVE RESIDENTIAL wood deck CONSTRUCTION GUIDE. American wood Council. Figure 13A. wood I-Joist profile. Figure 13B. Metal Plate Connected (MPC) wood. Floor Trusses with a 2x4 Lumber “Ribbon” at the Ends of the  【Get Price】

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26 Jul 2009 I want to build a low profile deck at the back of my house but I don't have enough room from the door sill to the ground to use 2X6 joists. Would 2x4. 【Get Price】

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24 Apr 2010 Discsussion about building a low profile and being close to the ground and footings questions. low profile deck Questions. I would like to place a deck over a concrete slab. The slab is only 6" below the outside door. Can I use 4x4 beams supported 1" above the slab with 2x4 as the joists? Here is my first question:For sleepers my thought is to use 2X 4 or 2 X 6 PT wood on edge as joist secured to the slab. Most important Question: I have been unable to find  【Get Price】

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23 Mar 2012 These instructions show how to assemble the framing on the beams and install the decking. Visit lowes.ca for printable instructions: and place the beams on top of the posts? What a poor example of framing, you would never get away with that anywhere else. You also wouldn't get away with your posts contacting the ground with our code they must be set atop a structure such as a steel or concrete pile/footing to prevent wicking moisture, treated wood or not.?. 【Get Price】

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9 Aug 2016 Our customer's requirements were simple: Build an interesting deck and patio off the back of the house. The deck would be low enough to make rails unnecessary. We recommended curves, and the customer liked our simple, elegant design. The finished deck rests on a hidden, buried treated-wood beam with helical piers, and is decked and trimmed with synthetic lumber. Below: the rough framing exposed during construction. See slideshows below for step-by-step  【Get Price】

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Ground-contact use (.40). Typically used for posts, beams, joists and, again, decking. Below-grade (.60). Typically used for support posts that are partially buried below grade and for permanent wood foundations and planters. Your decking . deck board profiles. Some deck boards are thicker or wider and some have rounded edges. All perform a bit differently. Width: Six-inch wide boards are ideal in most cases. Four inch wide material takes longer to install, creates more gaps and  【Get Price】

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Built with composite decking and hidden fasteners, this maintenance-free backyard ground level deck is designed to fit in anywhere in the yard. We used a premium grade of low-maintenance composite decking with hidden fasteners, which brought the total cost to over $2,000, but using standard treated decking and screws would cut the cost by more than half. You may need to Instead of toenailing, which often splits the wood, use metal angles to hold down the joists. This also  【Get Price】

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29 Apr 2011 The backdoor opens onto a 8'x12' covered concrete patio which I'd like to extend 8' out and 12' over with a wooden deck, without removing the current concrete patio - so 1/4 of the deck would be that concrete portion. Total posts: around 96 for an 8x12 deck. 2. 2x4's joists/beams, connected to the posts with simpson connectors. Total 2x4x12: about 10. It would be better to double them. 3. 2x6x12 deck planks. 4. Your finished height: 1" post + 3.5" joist/beam + 1.5"  【Get Price】

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You can avoid the cost and mess of tearing it out by just screwing down wood sleepers and decking over it. If an area is badly cracked and sinks noticeably year after year, any decking you put over it will also sink and develop a low spot. . Add shims to raise low spots. Screwing down sleepers with concrete screws (Photo 2) is simple, but there are some things to keep in mind: Screws should penetrate the concrete by at least 1 in., so 3-1/4-in. screws are perfect. In low spots, where  【Get Price】

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Safety: ? Wear hearing and eye protection when using power tools. ? Wear eye protection when using striking tools. ? Wear a dust mask when cutting lumber and mixing concrete. ? Wear gloves and work boots when handling lumber and concrete. (Do not wear gloves when operating power saws.) ? Use GFCI-protected power cords when operating power tools outdoors. ? Use manufacturer-approved hardware and fasteners for all wood products. Check with the manufacturer or your  【Get Price】