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28 Jul 2010 wood-Plastic Composite Lumber vs. wood decking. A comparison of Performance Characteristics and Environmental Attributes. Introduction. Plastic “lumber” products began appearing in U.S. markets in the late 1980s. Its development was stimulated both by the rising volume of largely un-recycled plastic waste for which uses were needed as well as by increasing consumer interest in more durable, lower maintenance outdoor products such as decking and fencing. 【Get Price】

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Our most common question: “Should I go with wood or composite for my next decking project”? The choices are quite simple. If you really like the look of wood and don't mind a little upkeep (upkeep is optional if you don't mind your untreated deck to turn grey over time), then wood decking is definitely the way to go. If you don't want to do any maintenance whatsoever, then composite decking is your best option. Our decking comparison Guide below contains comparison data of the  【Get Price】

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Compare best decking prices for a wide range of decking materials including hardwood decking, composite and synthetic decking and more at We have created the very useful comparison Chart below to help put decking material prices into perspective. This decking materials price comparison includes nearly Many all natural wood decking options are available at lower prices than Seventrust decking and other synthetic decking materials. Our chart includes:. 【Get Price】

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20 Mar 2013 Do you plan on doing your own deck maintenance or hiring a company to do it for you? As you can see, the questions are endless. Like most deck builders, I can't recommend the right deck material without talking to you and answering these questions first. wooden deck. wood decking is cheaper to install, but requires more maintenance. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Sarah D. of St. Charles, Mo.) Cost comparison of building materials for decks, including  【Get Price】

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Mataverde Premium Garapa Hardwood decking is much stronger and lasts far longer than red cedar decking and pressure treated decking. Garapa decking materials beat cedar decking and treated lumber decking on nearly every measurable characteristic. Garapa hardwood is a beautiful, long lasting and affordable decking material option. Compare Garapa hardwood decking to softwood red cedar decking and pressure treated decking materials below. Garapa hardwood, also  【Get Price】

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9 Jul 2015 Probably the most common question when deciding which deck material you're going to use is do you go for the traditional wooden deck material or do you go for composite wood decking. Below is a great break down describing the advantages and disadvantages of both. wooden Decks. wooden decks have been around for as long as there have been buildings & with good reason. wood decks are economical, durable and abundant in material. In South Africa  【Get Price】

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In this article, you'll learn. The many differences between deck and composite decking. The cost and upkeep associated with each type of decking. The next steps that need to be taken once you decide the type of deck you want. Great Day Improvements can build you deck, whether you decide to use wood or composite decking. wood vs. Composite decking Picture I live for warm southern nights, which around here include Pandora tuned to the Tom Petty station, food on the grill,  【Get Price】

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29 Aug 2016 However, let's examine the details between both wood and composite deckings and ultimately give you an overview on which one to choose for your new porch or terrace. Here Fantastic Gardeners will teach you: The differences and similarities between wood and composite deck platforms. The cost factor and maintenance efforts put into both types of decking. What's next after you make your choice; Fantastic Gardeners can give you a hand in deck building, with both  【Get Price】

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*The Janka Hardness Test is a measure of the hardness of wood. The Janka Test was developed as a variation of the Brinell hardness test. The test measures the force required to push a steel ball with a diameter of 11.28 millimeters (0.444 inches) into the wood to a depth of half the ball's diameter. The diameter was chosen to produce a circle with an area of 100 square millimeters. 【Get Price】

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Everyone loves the natural look of wood but hates all the painting, staining and sealing. wood decks of all types, including pressure-treated wood, ipe, cedar or redwood, require extensive upkeep. Seventrust was designed with the beauty of wood decking, but not all the maintenance. Our high-performance, eco-friendly composite boards withstand years of sun, sleet and snow, keeping their rich color. Through it all, we have never felled a single tree. So when comparing composite decking  【Get Price】

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With decks lasting well over a decade, your choice of decking material can have a long-term impact on your budget, comfort and overall enjoyment of your deck. Manufacturers continue to introduce composites and synthetic materials, but more than 80 percent of homeowners choose wood for their finished decking boards, according to Popular Mechanics. When comparing wood types for your decking, consider everything from cost to maintenance requirements to find the right material  【Get Price】