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EXTRAPACK Ltd., Bulgaria - best source for plastic bags invite you at biggest event in packaging industry for year 2006: EMBALLAGE - World Packaging Exhibition in Paris-Nord Villepinte, France, 20-24 November. You are welcome on Extrapack's both No. 6 B086, where you can see our advertising bags collection. We are looking for parters from all European countries. Extrapack is biggest manufacturer of plastic & paper bags in bulgaria. Our focus is printed bags for advertising. We offer high quality, big product range and  【Get Price】

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Supplier of ready made doors and windows (PVC, Aluminium, wood) We are Rollplast, one of the European top 10 producers in our field, a company from bulgaria. We are producers of PVC, aluminum and wooden doors and windows, interior Supplier of: PVC windows windows aluminium producer wood. bulgaria - Kostinbrod. Contact this company. ARTISTICO. ARTISTICO. ARTISTICO. Furthermore, the company started manufacturing kitchens, doors and window frames  【Get Price】

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Supplier of: Thermos packaging, plastic Cans, drums, casks and barrels, plastic Casks and barrels, wood. bulgaria - Sofia. Contact this company. MIPAPLAST LTD. MIPAPLAST LTD. Mipaplast Ltd. was established in 1989 year in Blagoevgrad, bulgaria. From the establishment of Mipaplast Ltd. In 1989 year interests and intentions of founders are directed to production and trading Supplier of: manufacturer of plastic cups and package Boxes, plastic. bulgaria - Blagoevgrad. 【Get Price】

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wood-polymer composite (also wood-plastic composite or WPC) decking DARVOLEX is manufactured from unique mixture of thermoplastic polymer and wood fibers. It contains different kind of additives to Supplier of: Parquet floors decking exterior flooring. bulgaria - Plovdiv. Contact this company. BALKAN PARKET OOD. BALKAN PARKET OOD. BALKAN PARKET OOD. Balkan Parket is a parquet manufacturer and operates in 2 factories. One factory for the production of  【Get Price】


Production of wooden sealed glass package window systems from three layers of wood conglutinated together, following a technology developed by the Institute for window technology in Rosenheim – Germany. 1997 Production of interior 2005 Production of pressed items from steel sheet and plastic panels by means of high technology machines: punch presses TRUMPF TRUMATIC 2000R; laser TRUMPF TRULASER 3030; Folding cutter BOSCHERT; guillotine BOSCHERT. 【Get Price】

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12 Jan 2016 bulgaria: Geographical size 111 002 km2 Population 7 245 677 (2014) GDP (Billion euro) 39,94 billion euro (2013) 【Get Price】

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POLYSEP A D. Supplier of: Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic Panels, wood Bottles and jars, plastic. bulgaria - Popovo. Contact this company. FILBO EOOD. FILBO EOOD. FILBO EOOD. The company of FILBO EOOD – Varna is established in 1992 as a trader with main scope of activities complete equipment with water-supply and sewers materials. FILBO - a manufacturer, and importer and Supplier of: Fittings, pipe, tube and hose - plastic fittings pipes. bulgaria - Varna. 【Get Price】

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bulgaria – focus country viennacontemporary 2015. After the focus countries Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus (2012), Georgia and Poland (2013) and Azerbaijan (2014), viennacontemporary is taking a look at bulgaria in 2015 with Focus bulgaria. Upon the initiative of Vesselina Sarieva and Katrin Sarieva, founders of the Open Arts Foundation and Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv in cooperation with Iara Boubnova, curator, art critic, founding member and director  【Get Price】

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The bulgarian kaval, once made of a single piece of wood, is now constructed of three separate sections (of cornel, walnut, plum or boxwood), with a total length of 60 to 90 cm. Bone rings cover the joints, to prevent the wood from cracking. Metal decoration is also found. The finger-holes are located in the central section, while the lower (shorter) section has four additional holes called dushnitsi or dyavolski dupki ('devil's holes'); these are not covered in performance. The kaval can be  【Get Price】

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About us. 10 years Ecoinvest Ltd. is a reliable partner for the management of packaging waste companies and municipalities in bulgaria.Our company started business in 2003, mainly in the field of waste recovery of packaging paper, corrugated paper, offset and more. Development. In response to market needs, initially expanded its range by including collection of all types of packaging – plastics, five, metal packaging, wooden packaging, glass and their initial sorting, treatment and  【Get Price】

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plastic materials / Find companies in the country 'bulgaria' that specialise in the 'plastic materials' field. 【Get Price】

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bottles and jars, plastic / Find companies in the country 'bulgaria' that specialise in the 'bottles and jars, plastic' field. Terrachim 97 AD is specialized in the manufacture of PET preforms and plastic packaging (PET, Polyethilene, Polypropilene and PVC) for the food and the pharmaceutical industry. The quality of the Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic plastics - Supplier of: Bottles and jars, plastic Hoses, pipes and tubes - plastic Panels, wood. bulgaria - Popovo. Contact this  【Get Price】

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Composite wood, also known by the abbreviation WPC ( from wood plastic Composite) is a composite material made of wood based and polymer products. For mass production using recycled wood from the sawmill and wood processing factories, plastic product - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene (PP), acrylonitrile-butadiene - styrene (ABS) and other types of thermoplastics . Formulation includes various additives for stability and durability and color - UV  【Get Price】

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plastics / Find companies in the country 'bulgaria' that specialise in the 'plastics' field. 【Get Price】

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Our company KAN Uchtechsport bulgaria Ltd. with its trade marks CAN Furniture, CAN Sport and Astra Dea For Home is a family-owned company, established in 1991 as the first private company in Supplier of: Furniture, school Customized furniture mass-produced furniture manufacture metal furniture school and kindergarten furniture. bulgaria - Koukorevo. Contact this company. DARVOLEX. DARVOLEX. DARVOLEX. wood-polymer composite (also wood-plastic composite  【Get Price】