lightweight concrete finish tongue and groove panels

Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels - T-Clear

retrofit residential, commercial, industrial and institutional applications. WallGUARD? panels protect and insulate the exposed area of foundations, slab edges, rim joists and other perimeter wall areas. The tongue & groove edges of each panel help assure a tight fit and minimize air infiltration. WallGUARD? panels consist of Styrofoam? brand extruded polystyrene insulation with a factory applied 5/16” thick brushed latex-modified concrete facing. The finished panel surface is 24”x48”  【Get Price】

Concrete Floor Ideas Be Creative with Concreate

The eco-friendly, pre-cast concrete panels are lightweight, easy to install and work in almost any interior space, without the usual barriers and difficulties of concrete floor installation. and being so versatile Concreate floor panels use a tongue and groove system, similar to wood flooring, which allows complete flexibility in how you choose to lay them. Opt for a seamless Nosing and beading is required to combine surface finishes, interrupting seamless flooring. Concreate offers a  【Get Price】

BGC Precast Concrete Hollowcore Flooring

BGC Precast concrete supplies precast products to the WA building and construction industries including Hollowcore Flooring, Wall panels, Beams and Columns and Other Products. 【Get Price】

Concreate Polished Concrete Floor & Wall Panels

Concreate floor and wall panels. An alternative to polished or poured concrete for homes and commercial interiors. Stylish, lightweight and easy to install. 【Get Price】

Plywood Design and Application Guide - PFS·TECO

Panel edges shall have approved tongue-and-groove joints or shall be supported with lumber blocking unless overlaid with a) 1/4-inch minimum thickness underlayment, b) 1-1/2 inches of approved cellular or lightweight concrete, or c) 3/. 4-inch minimum wood strip finish flooring. 4. Support spacing, unless otherwise noted, assumes a uniform live load of 100 psf and uniform dead load of 10 psf. Uniform load deflection limits are 1/240 times span for total load (i.e. live plus dead load)  【Get Price】

Pre-finished, lightweight, easy-to-install concrete - Royal Oak Floors

A completely new and innovative patented concrete floor panel system that is pre-finished, polished and is suitable for installing in new constructions or can be retro-fitted over any stable sub-floor. Concreate? floor panels feature an attractive and natural looking polished concrete finish, are honed to an exceptionally high standard whilst retaining the irregularities and character of a typical polished concrete floor, are simply glued in place using their in-built tongue and groove  【Get Price】

Engineered Wood Construction Guide

concrete with. finish Flooring on Topd. Subfloor panel with or without T&G edges installed on joists. Asphalt paper covers subfloor. lightweight concrete poured on top. APA Sturd-I-Floor 24 oc Exposure 1 T&G or APA Rated Sheathing 48/24 the sanded face. tongue-and-groove edges are recommended to be glued under thin floor coverings to assure snug joints. TABLE 14. APA RATED STURD-I-FLOORa. Span Rating. (Maximum. Joist. Spacing). (in.) Panel. Performance. 【Get Price】

Concreate |

Commercial Innovation. concrete tongue and groove Floor Planks In the mid-20th century, famous Swiss Architect Le Corbusier coined the French phrase “béton brut” meaning “raw concrete” to describe the aesthetics of external and internal walls finished in poured concrete. Concreate prefinished tongue and groove Flooring is a method of flooring installation that allows many separate panels to come together and act as one monolithic floor installation. See the image above  【Get Price】

Floor Substrates - Plycem

The tongue and groove joint provide a mechanic joint between the floor substrate panels. This helps If the floor substrate is going to be installed on concrete walls, the levels should be ensured and steel plates or angular pieces should be placed on the existing wall to mount it on the steel or wood floor substrate. Threaded In a lightweight floor substrate, the pipes are placed in the area corresponding to the support structure –between the floor substrate panel and the ceiling. 24. 【Get Price】

product range - Ubiq Low Carbon. UBIQ's INEX>BOARDS minimise harm to the planet in their production which is undertaken at room temperature. The embodied energy of our board is about 40% to that of comparable fibre cement boards. INEX>FLOOR is a high strength lightweight flooring substrate with tongue and groove (T&G) edges. It can be used for external or internal applications; as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber. INEX>FLOOR can be used  【Get Price】

Polished Concrete Flooring What is Concreate

A new type of concrete product. Precast polished concrete floors and wall panels, Concreate is lightweight and easy to install on any sub-floor or surface. Concreate floor panels are designed to be installed like a parquet floor utilising a revolutionary but brilliantly simple idea of a tongue and grooved fitting system. The floor panels are tongue and grooved on all Corner joints can be butt joined, filled with Concreate repair powder and sanded for a smooth finish. Cut with a diamond  【Get Price】

Integra Lightweight Concrete Flooring System - Resene

Integra lightweight concrete Flooring System. Resene Construction Systems provide the most advanced plaster cladding solutions made in New Zealand. Incorporating both Rockcote and Plaster Systems, these solutions comply with current building code requirements, are durable and finished in the Resene colour of your choice. 【Get Price】

INTEGRA Lightweight Concrete Flooring System - Resene Specification. INTEGRA Flooring System. Substrate: 75mm INTEGRA lightweight concrete panel is screw fixed over timber / steel joists. Components: INTEGRA LWC Floor panels. (1800 x 600 x 75mm). 14g x 100mm/150mm Galvanised INTEGRA. Screws.(100mm for fixing the Integra Floor. panels, and 150mm for perimeter of floor). Rockcote's MultiStop Bedding Compound. Resene Galvo-Prime - Brush applied waterborne galvanised iron primer or  【Get Price】

Inex Floor - Inex Boards

INEX>FLOOR is a high strength lightweight flooring substrate with tongue and groove (T&G) edges. It can be used for external or internal applications; as a substrate for most finishes such as tiles, vinyl, carpet or timber. INEX>FLOOR can be used in conjunction with floor systems to achieve up to BAL-FZ High Performance. INEX>FLOOR can be cut and worked just like comparable fibre cement sheets, but offers improved bending strength characteristics and superior finish quality. 【Get Price】