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GAF Plaza Deck Specialty Roofing System

GAF plazadeck Roofing assemblies are available for use with all traditional walkable roof surfacing materials and systems, including: Precast concrete pavers, with or without pedestals; Paving stones, brick or tile, set in sand or mortar bed; Wood decking panels; Wood decking with wood support blocking; Granulated rubber play surface pavers; Cast-in-place concrete. As an additional option, extruded polystyrene insulation board, min. 40 psi compressive strength, can be incorporated  【Get Price】

application – material data sheet - KEMPER SYSTEM

The KEMPEROL? 2K-PUR Single-Source plaza. deck/IRMA roofing assembly consists of high-quality, fully compatible materials that have been specifically selected to provide exceptional performance as an integrated system. The assembly is based upon the Kemperol. 2K-PUR roofing membrane, the industry- standard membrane for use in roofing applications where absence of odor during application is of paramount importance. This single-source assembly provides the. Building  【Get Price】

Commercial Vehicular Plaza Decks J-Drain Commercial Drainage

J?DRAIN drainage composites are engineered to be installed on the plaza deck to reduce hydrostatic pressure and to protect the waterproofing membrane while efficiently channeling the water away. The three dimensional core creates a high compressive strength and high flow capacity drainage channel and the heat fused filter fabric prevents soil intrusion into the flow channel. The use of a J?DRAIN drainage composite shortens the construction process offering a cost savings. 【Get Price】

Waterproofing for plaza decks - Construction SpecifierConstruction

9 Mar 2017 A plaza deck is a layer-cake of materials: the waterproofing membrane provides the base layer and the rest—protection layer, drainage course, insulation (or sometimes a fill layer of sand or gravel), and wearing or traffic surface—is 'overburden.' How those layers are designed depends partially on the design of the slab itself, which, in turn, depends on factors that include the loads to which it will be subjected, local construction techniques, climate, and what is located  【Get Price】

Plaza Deck - Garvin Brown Construction Products

For the reliable materials you need to build, repair and protect today's most demanding plaza deck construction, you can count on Garvin Brown. 【Get Price】

KEMPER SYSTEM - Waterproofing Membranes for Plaza / IRMA

KEMPER SYSTEM - Liquid-applied fully-reinforced Membranes for plaza waterproofing based on polyurethane, polyester or PMMA resins. offering a proven long-term solution of plaza waterproofing. Kemper System offers plaza deck and below grade waterproofing systems with single-source warranties available. as part of the plaza restoration. The same Kemperol membrane was used to flash and waterproof all design elements, eliminating the need to use dissimilar materials. 【Get Price】

Plaza Deck Design Primer Interactive Resources

10 Jun 2011 plaza deck Design Primer. plaza Design, Frank Hagel Federal Building CC BY-ND. A plaza deck is a walking surface, which sometimes can accommodate vehicles, typically waterproofed to protect the underlying structure and/or occupied spaces below. Common surface treatments include concrete, ceramic tile, stone or other paving material, usually with a bi-level drain used to accept both surface run-off and water at the waterproofing membrane level. Structural  【Get Price】

CETCO > Applications > Building Materials > Plaza Deck Restoration

plaza deck restoration can cause huge disruptions and creates potentially hazardous conditions to the occupants of a building. In addition, the longer the structure remains exposed during restoration the more likely water damage can occur to the interior of the building. COREFLEX<sup>?</sup> has unique performance and installation characteristics that help reduce these problems. By utilizing proven waterproofing technology, COREFLEX can decrease exposure, demolition, waste and related&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Exterior Plaza & Deck System Applications - LATICRETE

Learn the proper methods and materials for installation of tile, stone and other direct adhered materials onto suitable substrates for wood decks or applications over occupied space. 【Get Price】

Waterproofing Solutions and Waterproofing Membranes Sika Sarnafil

Sika has earned the reputation as the most trusted name in waterproofing solutions, waterproofing membranes. Specifiers and building owners choose Sika when absolute watertight security and longevity are required. 【Get Price】

Plaza Decks WBDG Whole Building Design Guide

10 May 2016 Other common causes of plaza deck deterioration or failure are: severe exposure (including freeze thaw), chemical applications, overload, and/or improper materials selection and application. Each of the above categories (listed features) is capable of working independently or in concert with other elements to cause premature plaza deck surface or waterproofing distress (service impairment) or subsequent damage over years of use exposure and traffic. 【Get Price】

Buried plaza deck expansion joints--Cracking Up is no laughing matter

27 Jan 2017 plaza and roof deck waterproofing involves a waterproofing membrane applied to a structural deck. These components are covered with some sort of topping. The topping is porous by design and allows water to reach the membrane on the structural slab where it is managed to drains. When expansion joints are necessary through plaza or roof decks they must be waterproofed using a method and material that accommodates movement while reducing or eliminating&nbsp; 【Get Price】

CETCO > Case Studies > Building Materials > Plaza Restoration

Mercy Hospital plaza. St. Louis, MO, USA. To minimize building exposure, poor air quality, and odors, this occupied hospital utilized COREFLEX to waterproof the plaza deck prior to installing a GreenScapes vegetated roof system, hard-scape and water features. Download Full Case Study&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Solving the Waterproofing Puzzle: Plaza Decks and Green Roofs

16 Jan 2009 Sustainable Concepts for Waterproofing. G f. Green Roofs and plaza decks. ? Design: materials selection and reference standards. (ASTM NRCA Manufacturers' Literature others). (ASTM, NRCA, Manufacturers Literature, others). ? Detailing: Improve performance and durability. ? Construction: Construction: Protection, sequencing issues, and testing of waterproofing membrane for longevity p g g. 【Get Price】

The Modern Plaza: Making More from Less - Association for

nio, Texas. At the LBJ Library plaza, the water- proofing was applied to the plaza's deck structure. Above the waterproofing was concrete fill of varying thickness that created surface slope: the high point was the library and museum tower, and the low point was the perimeter guardrail of the plaza, with a relatively consistent surface slope of about 3/32 inch per foot. Above the sloping concrete was a 2- inch-thick mortar setting bed and the paving materials, which included a field&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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materials. All materials prior to January 2014 can be found on the archive page. 05|31|16. Downtown Links Artwork Update- May 2016 &middot; Barraza Parkway Intersection Design- May 2016 &middot; Downtown Links CAC Update- May 2016 &middot; 05|11|15. Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Exhibits &middot; 02|09|15. 5th Avenue Link Vehicle Sight-Lines &middot; deck plaza 90% Design Update &middot; deck plaza Site Furnishings &middot; 6th Avenue and 7th Street Intersection Design Concept &middot; Malcovio Barraza Parkway and&nbsp; 【Get Price】