how do i connect 10ft 2x4 to make a 20ft long board

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While lumber is commonly sold by the piece in building supply stores, wholesalers and hardwood dealers usually price their stock by the board foot. ask for a dozen two by fours eight feet long at your local sawmill, and you'll be told that what you really want is 64 board feet of lumber. it's not as confusing as it sounds as long as you remember that a board foot is a measure of volume equal to a square foot one inch thick. So a 1” by 12” a foot long and a 2” by 6” of the same length both  【Get Price】

Framing long walls - Lots of 8' sections or should I use longer

a continuous top and bottom plate are preferred, and longer 2x4 or 2x6's are available for this. if you need to breakup the wall, then make two separate walls and nail them together, to the floor, and with a staggered top plate. When possible, you want to end the wall near a corner to Now set the wall up 1 1/2 inch onto the sill plate already in place, plumb and attach to floor plate and ceiling or strapping. Compensate for your 16 o/c where wall sections join so your  【Get Price】

How to Build a Simple Wood Truss: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

2x4 inch (5cm x 10cm) nominal boards are suitable for lightweight trusses if the bracing and member connections are well designed and fabricated. Quality of the lumber. Straight grained, dense boards with few knots are preferred for this project. Try to select lumber with no obvious splitting or barked edges. Straightness of lumber. Twisted, warped, or crooked boards do not lend themselves well for building trusses. Lumber with a slight curve, or crown may be used, as long as the  【Get Price】

How to Calculate How Much Wood You Will Need to Build a Room

9 Nov 2011 Create a tally sheet. Divide it into room component sections with counts and sizes for each section. alternatively, make a long running list categorized only by the type of lumber and count. Generally, walls are at least 8 feet high; the treated sill plates required. They attach to the concrete foundation and may consist of any size from 2 by 4 to 2 by 12. a 12-by-12-foot room requires 36 board feet of sill plates, or five boards 8 feet long. add an extra board for leeway. 【Get Price】

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Square; Circular Saw; Drill; Tape Measure; Gloves; Hearing Protection; Goggles; Dust Mask; 3: 16-Ft. 2 x 12s (Rated for Outdoor Use); 10: 12-Ft. 5/4 x 6 Decking boards or Composite Deck boards; 2: 8-Ft. 2 x 4s (Rated for Outdoor Use); 2: 1/2-in. Build This Footbridge. Use the following steps to construct a 16-ft by 3-ft bridge. You may, of course, change any dimensions you wish. Just remember to scale up or down accordingly. if you decide to make the bridge wider, don't allow the  【Get Price】

Doyle Log Scale: How To Determine Board Feet In A Log

18 Oct 2011 doyle Log Scale WunderWoods pdf. Many times customers will call to discuss having a log milled and how much it will cost. The answer is often based on how many board feet (12″ x 12″ x1″) will be produced. So, the first thing i ask is, “how big is the log?” Usually the answer is, “Well, i can't get my arms around it.” and, while this may be helpful, there is a more accurate way to determine the size of a log and how many board feet will be produced. There are three  【Get Price】

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22 apr 2017 Softwoods are dimensional lumber, meaning that they are cut into uniform sizes (2x4, 1x8, etc.). in another example, a 6/4 board that is 8 inches wide and 6-feet long (72 inches) would be six board feet: (72 x 8 x 1.50)/144 = 6 For instance, a board that is ten feet in length, by six inches in width and one inch thick (measuring 5 board feet) is very different than a board that is two-and-a-half feet long but four inches wide and three inches thick (also 5 board feet). 【Get Price】

woodworking - how to carry 20ft lumbers to home - Home Improvement

do NOT stick a board out your window! The HD rental truck would be convenient, but if it has not got adequate racks (the ones i've seen don't), it will still be a job to get 20 foot lumber tied to it, and it's often no cheaper than the U-Haul. 20 feet is way too long. There's no way. You'd get maybe 8 feet inside the van, and the other 12 feet will be flopping outside. i don't even think i could do it with my E250 cargo van. The longest piece of trim i carried on my roof rack  【Get Price】

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i used about twenty of these to make three separate garden boxes. i had to sort through the stack of lumber at the store to find good quality lumber. about 1/4 of the lumber i looked at had defects, some were bent, some were cut part way through, some had lots of knots, some only had three sides finished, if you take the time to sort through the lumber you can find good quality lumber. This reviewer rated product 5 out of 5 stars. Phil. 1 year ago  【Get Price】

How Do I Determine How Much Lumber I Need?

Lumber prices are quoted by the linear (running) foot, but most people only know how many square feet they have. if you already know how many square feet you have to cover, you can easily convert that amount to linear feet. Converting Square Feet to Linear Feet: 1. Start with the amount of square feet you have to cover and multiply it by 12. 2. Next, divide that figure by the actual face width of the board you plan to use. This will give you the linear footage. Note: the actual dimensions  【Get Price】

How to Build a Wooden Ladder HowStuffWorks

You'll need to cut out 2-by-3-inch (5-by-7.6-centimeter) rectangles 1 1/8-inches (2.9-centimeters) deep. Keep the notches centered and even. Having your 2-by-4 sides lying next to each other makes this easier. Cut each 2-by-3 board into five 19-inch (48.25-centimeter) lengths for the rungs. You'll have nine rungs for your ladder plus an extra length of wood. Put some wood glue inside the notches. insert the rungs, one at a time. make sure the rungs go all the way in and that the two  【Get Price】

Estimate and Build a Deck in 7 easy steps Dengarden

5 apr 2016 The 12 foot joist boards will need some extra support (at the center) to keep them from warping. So we want to add spacer boards between the joists and stagger them for easy nailing. Since we do not have many cut offs on this job, we need to either find some pressure treated scraps about 15" long or buy some extra 2x8's or 2x6's for this. We need 12 spacer boards, each measuring about 15" equals 180 inches, divided by 12 inches, equals 12 feet of lumber. 【Get Price】

Composite Deck Board Dimensions Seventrust

Examine the finer points on all that Seventrust? has to offer. Here you'll find every detail on our products, from the width of a board to the length of a post sleeve–everything that makes Seventrust unlike anything else. . 2" Square Edge board Transcend 2x4: 1.3 in x 3.4 in x 16 ft (33 mm x 86 mm x 487 cm) Transcend 2x6: 1.3 in x 5.5 in (33 mm x 140 mm) available Lengths: Transcend 12 ft (365 cm) 16 ft (487 cm) 20 ft (609 cm) Select 2x6: 1.3 in x 5.5 in (33 mm x 140 mm) available Lengths: Select 【Get Price】