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Cost to Install Rail Fence - 2017 Cost Calculator (Customizable)

The cost to Install a Rail fence starts at $19.47 - $32.27 per linear foot, but varies significantly with common options. Get real costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements here. Rail Fencing cost Non-discounted retail pricing for: Split cedar rails. Posts with rail holes. 10' spacing. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 27 linear feet, $262.71, $375.54. Rail Fencing Labor, Basic Basic labor to install rail fence with favorable site conditions. Layout  【Get Price】

Chain Link Fence & Pipe Railing Fencing - City of Lincoln

Chain link fence fabric shall be No. 9 gauge wire woven in a 2” mesh. Fabric shall be the height indicated on the plans with both edges selvaged, twisted and barbed and shall be zinc-coated by the hot-dip process after fabrication. End, corner, pull posts and intermediate posts shall be round tubular steel having a nominal outside diameter of 2 3/8” and weight of 3.65 pounds per foot. Post braces and top rail shall be round tubular steel having a nominal outside diameter of 1 ?” and. 【Get Price】

2018 Fence Installation Costs Average Cost to Build a Fence

Utilities: You will have to verify the fence doesn't interfere with their services. It's possible the fence could strike underground pipes or wires. Call 811, which exists in every state, notes that not calling could lead to costly repairs on the part of the homeowner. Grading: There's a chance your costs could be higher for a fence installation if the land is sloped higher because it makes installation more difficult. Labor: Expect to be charged per linear foot for materials and have labor and  【Get Price】

Cost of Metal Fencing - Calculate 2018 Prices Now

Metal Fencing costs, Zip Code, lineal ft. Basic, Better, Best. Metal Fencing – Material Prices, $1925.00 - $2250.00, $2475.00 - $2595.00, $2625.00 - $3085.00. Metal Fencing – Installation cost, $550.00 - $575.00, $600.00 - $635.00, $750.00 - $750.00. Metal Fencing – Total, $2475.00 - $2825.00, $3075.00 - $3230.00, $3375.00 - $3835.00. Metal Fencing – Total Average cost per square foot, $26.50, $31.52, $36.05  【Get Price】

2018 Ranch Fencing Cost Per Foot Average Ranch Fence Prices

12 Jan 2017 The costs. Average Minimum cost of Ranch Fencing (Materials): $7 per linear foot. Average Maximum cost of Ranch Fencing (Materials): $16 per linear foot. Average Minimum cost of Ranch Fencing (Installation): $3 per linear foot. Average Maximum cost of Ranch Fencing (Installation): $9 per linear foot  【Get Price】

Horse Fence Costs - 2017 Horse Fence Prices, Options and

Get 2017 Horse fence price options and installation cost ranges. Free, online Horse fence cost calculator breaks down fair prices in your area. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Horse fence material pricing and installation cost estimates. 【Get Price】

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SURFACE AREA AND SQUARE FEET PER LINEAR foot of pipe. Size. Diameter. Square Feet per Linear foot of pipe. Inches. External. Inches. Internal. Inches. External. Internal. 1/4. 0.540. 0.364. 0.141. 0.096. 1/2. 0.840. 0.622. 0.219. 0.168. 3/4. 1.050. 0.824. 0.276. 0.216. 1. 1.315. 1.049. 0.344. 0.275. 1-1/2. 1.900. 1.610. 0.497. 0.422. 2. 2.375. 2.067. 0.622. 0.541. 2-1/2. 2.875. 2.469. 0.753. 0.647. 3. 3.500. 3.068. 0.916. 0.804. 4. 4.600. 4.026. 1.178. 1.053. 5. 5.563. 5.047. 1.456. 【Get Price】

Guide to Split Rail Fence Costs, Prices & Detail - Fence Guides

Split Rail fence Prices for Supply & Installation. In terms of cost, a wood split rail fence is quite affordable, even when high-quality cedar is used. Depending on the type of wood and the length of the rails, your installed price will be $12-$16 per linear foot from a professional or $8-$12 per foot if you install it yourself. For vinyl split rail fencing, expect to pay $15-$20 per linear foot for the material with the same $4 per linear foot for installation. The table below shows a quick cost  【Get Price】

Cost of a Chain-Link Fence - Estimates and Prices Paid

Chain-link fence prices change when the cost of steel fluctuates. Generally, materials for a typical residential chain link fence (2 mesh, 9 or 11 gauge) might cost $3-$6 a linear foot for 4' high or $8-$15 a foot for 6' high, depending on whether it's galvanized or vinyl coated. A gate can add $100-$350 A few days later, after the concrete has hardened, the top rails and post fittings are installed. (A video by S&S fence in California explains the various parts of a chain-link fence, and why  【Get Price】