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Design Guide 9: For Structural Hollow Section Column Connections

Steel structural hollow sections, circular, square and rectangular, are some of the most effi- cient structural sections under compression loading. This design guide has been Design guide for circular hollow section (CHS) joints under predominantly static load- ing (1991). 2. Structural stability of hollow sections (1992, reprinted 1996). 3. Design . 5.10 hollow section beams to hollow section columns . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50. 5.11 Use of through-bolts to hollow section columns . 【Get Price】

Connecting Hollow Structural Section Members with Through-Bolts

Connecting hollow Structural section Members with through-Bolts by Jason McCormick. associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Michigan, ann arbor, MI, USa. Bolting steel members is often desirable because of ease of erection and the reliability of the joint. However, direct fastening to the wall of a hollow structural section (HSS) member poses a challenge due to difficulties in accessing the inside of the member resulting from its closed shape. 【Get Price】

Bolted Connections for Rectangular Hollow Sections

occur if the flange-plates lever against each other due to deformations of the plates under tensile loading. Depending on the bolt layout and flange-plate thickness, these prying forces can differ very significantly. additionally, the formation of a complete yield line mechanism can also result in the collapse of connections with flexible flange-plates and strong bolts. Within the framework of the presented work, an experimental investigation with square and rectangular hollow sections has  【Get Price】