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A non slip aluminum tread can be mounted at an indoor, or outdoor location that is designed to reduce and/or prevent avoidable slips and falls. 【Get Price】

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Cost Comparison of non Skid treads to non-slip tape, paint coatings. Handi-Ramp nonskid treads cost less and are more durable. 【Get Price】 Non Slip Aluminum Tread For Wood Surface

The pad measures 3.75" deep x 12" long and can be quickly mounted to any wood surface requiring greater traction. This aluminum pad is a permanant alternative solution to non slip tape and grit paint because it never needs replacing, requires very little maintenance, and does not require double sided tape to mount. The non skid pad will reduce the chances of injuries and make your stairs, ramp, or other walking surface safer. Hardware is NOT included. for mounting to wood, we  【Get Price】

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non-slip Surface That Works in Water, Ice and Snow. non-slip Step, Deck & Floor Skid Tread Plates. nonslip Step Safety Solutions – Wood Stairways – Concrete Steps – Aluminum Steps – Factory Steps – Special Vehicles & Equipment. OSHA Approved Safety Surface for Steps – 1910.24(f). Prevent accidents & injuries with Handi-Ramp? OSHA-approved, stair, deck & floor non-slip safety tread plates. They work even when wet or covered in snow! 【Get Price】

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26 Oct 2011 Wood can become very slippery when wet, causing a hazard for ambulatory as well as wheelchair use, but there are several products available to alleviate that danger. Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations prior to installation to ensure the tape is compatible with an exterior application on a wood surface. The same rubber matting that is used in gyms, playgrounds and day care centers may be used to provide an anti-slip surface on a wheelchair ramp. 【Get Price】

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However, our non slip aluminum treads have a lifetime residential warranty and a limited commercial warranty. Great for stairs, decks, walkways, and ramps and they work on wood, concrete, and masonry surfaces. Not sure which solution to choose- contact one of our product specialists 800-876-RAMP (7267) and we can answer all your questions and help you make the right choice! Handi treads non slip treads Silver. Handi treads non slip treads Black. Handi treads non slip  【Get Price】 : Handi-Treads Non Slip Aluminum Stair Tread

Our aluminum non slip tread is a superior solution vs. non slip grit tape and grip paint and is permanent and guaranteed not to rust or wear out; A single non slip safety tread can be mounted to a wood surface in under a minute with little effort using the provided color matching stainless steel wood screws and directions; Our non slip treads are designed to be mounted outdoors on wood stairs, wood decks, wood ramps, wood marina decks, and other wood walking surfaces that can  【Get Price】 : Handi-Treads Non Slip Aluminum Stair Tread, Mill

Permanent superior solution vs. non slip grit tape and grip paint; non slip treads will not rust, fade, or require replacement; A single non slip safety tread can be mounted to a wood surface in under a minute with little effort; Mounting hardware and directions are included with your purchase; Each 30" long tread has 8 (eight) mounting holes for a quick, easy installation; Can be installed outdoors on wood stairs, wood porches, wood ramps, wood marina decks, wood walking surfaces that  【Get Price】

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non slip Stair treads. Our non-slip safety treads are a cost-effective solution to your slip and fall problems. The treads are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily installed on pre-treated wood, synthetic wood, concrete, or aluminum stairs and decks. They are perfect for high traffic paths where water, ice, or snow can create a slippery surface. The five standard color choices include: plain aluminum, powder coated black, powder coated brown, powder coated safety  【Get Price】

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Increase safety by adding traction to any slippery surface with our extensive selection of non-slip stair treads. Whether you're looking to add traction to your stairs, dock, ramp, or porch, the safety treads quickly and easily install on almost any surface including wood, masonry, concrete, and metal. Available in multiple sizes and surface styles, non-slip stair treads are a low-cost alternative to non-skid tape and adhesives that need to be replace or reapplied. We invite you to browse our  【Get Price】