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hardieDeck Size and Price Estimate Calculator. This calculator will help you with an estimated "materials only" price for the hardieDeck system (excluding the deck frame, bearers and joists). Then it will build you a list containing your deck size, perimeter length and edge option for you to email yourself. Then you can take it to your hardieDeck retailer for a more detailed quote that's accurate for your location. Please submit your email address to get your hardieDeck quote. Yes, please  【Get Price】

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The hardieDeck? system is an attractive, durable and robust structural decking solution with a modern, contemporary appearance. The system combines specially machined 19mm thick fibre cement decking boards with an aluminium Fast-track fixing system which features a concealed fastening mechanism. Custom designed boards and aluminium trim complete the system by providing edging and stair solutions. 【Get Price】

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Looking for inspiration? View galleries of design ideas and case studies of the hardieDeck system in action. Choose colours, board patterns and more. hardieDeck? - The New Breed in decking. 【Get Price】

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timber decks you'll appreciate hardieDeck?. hardieDeck? is designed to be coated in durable paving paint for verandahs, paths and driveways. The advantage of using paint is that colours can be tailored to suit a wide range of homes and styles. Click here to find out more. Alternatively, hardieDeck? can be clear sealed for a look giving a modern industrial or architectural aesthetic. For more information on coatings click here. The fibre cement boards and coated aluminium  【Get Price】

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hardieDeck? decking system. Whether it's relaxing or entertaining, the Australian climate is perfect for outdoor living. On the other hand, the harsh sun can be punishing on timber decks. Regular staining and knocking nails back down can be the bane of the timber deck owner's existence. hardieDeck? was bred to minimise the hard work and maximise leisure time. James hardie. Resistant to fire; Resistant to impact; Resistant to moisture damage; Resistant to rotting; Resistant to  【Get Price】

James Hardie HardieDeck Board 3000 x 196 x 19mm Decking

And as hardieDeck decking is more durable than timber, re-painting or re-staining can be done less often. The hardieDeck system must be installed using the 3 main components; the hardieDeck board, Double Winged Base Jointer and Snap-in Top Strip. The system width is 210mm. Ideal around pools, in bush fire zones and for low to the ground decks. Stable fibre cement boards require less staining and maintenance. Save on labour costs, install in up to half the time of a timber  【Get Price】

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This guide does not contain all the information relevant for constructing a deck. Before starting see Safe Working Practices and Tools page 4. INSTALLATION NOTES. 1. Install, finish and maintain this product in accordance with applicable building . Edging board. decking board slotted in one long edge. The unslotted edge is exposed as an edging option or used as a fascia board. 3000. 196. 19. 210. 19kg. 404782. hardieDeck?. Finishing. board. Wider decking board with no slots. 【Get Price】

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5 Nov 2015 If you're looking to build an outdoor deck, this video is a nice demonstration on how to construct a hardieDeck. If you offer decks as part of your trade, co 【Get Price】

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18 Nov 2015 hardieDeck? - It's not hard to maintain or build. .au/ If you hate having to regularly stain or replace timber decks you'll appreciate H 【Get Price】

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hardieDeck can be painted just about any colour. How To Paint hardieDeck. If you decide you like the look of the boards and the subtle variations in the cement tones you can go for a clear sealer. If you take this option be mindful of the boards you select and be careful not to damage or create unwanted cosmetic marks on the boards during construction. Achieve a classic timber look with the durability of a cement composite deck by staining hardieDeck with a timber stain. 【Get Price】

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hardieDeck can be installed over an existing floor using 45mm timber battens. Ensure there is adequate drainage and the battens should run in the direction of fall to ensure they do not retain water under the deck. Note that the existing floor or substrate needs to be of suitable strength to support the hardieDeck system and any live loads. And ensure that the deck has adequate cross ventilation underneath. So don't box in all sides with fascia boards. Contact us if you need further  【Get Price】

How To Timber Stain HardieDeck HardieDeck? system

If you want to use the durability of the cement composite decking but still keep the timber look you can stain hardieDeck to look like timber with Intergrain Natrual Stain. Intergrain decking. NaturalStain delivers a wide range of timber colour options to cater for individual designs or to give cement sheet the appearance of a timber species. Two coats can be applied with a pad, paint brush or spray gun taking care to get sufficient paint on the chamfered board edges and ends. Apply a  【Get Price】

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A fibre cement decking solution that does not rot, crack, warp, is resistant to termites and fire. Attractive, and highly durable, it is low you a brand new alfresco entertainment zone. The boards won't cup from moisture like timber boards can, so you can even build it low to the ground; download our Installation guide from the Technical Details page to see how. hardieDeck can be a great alternative for use around pools and in coastal areas. Speak to one of our friendly team on 13 83  【Get Price】

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This system has three components: hardieDeck? boards - fibre cement boards machined for the fixing system; Fast-tack fixing system - comprising of a Double Winged Base Jointer and hardieDeck Snap-in Top Strp; Coating - hardieDeck can either be coated in a durable paving paint allowing colour choice or in a penetrating clear sealer. This Installation Guide covers the use of the hardieDeck? system in a residential deck application. It does not contain all information relevant for  【Get Price】

Deck Maintenance Tips James Hardie

19 Sep 2017 Next, take a commercial deck cleaner and pour it into the detergent dispenser on the power washer. Make sure the formula you choose is rated for the surface, particularly if you have a wood deck—otherwise, you could bleach or damage the material. use the spray gun to distribute the cleaning solution over the boards, working your way toward the edge of the deck. Keep the nozzle moving continuously to prevent the sprayer from gouging the wood. use a scrub  【Get Price】

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How To Paint hardieDeck. The easiest way to paint or coat hardieDeck is with a 230mm roller with a 12mm nap. Care needs to be taken to ensure paint coverage on the bevelled edges of the boards. For a smoother finish you can use a roller with a shorter nap, but you may have to brush the bevelled edges before rolling (Make sue you roll before the brushed paint dries). Make sure the deck is completely dry before painting. Sweep away the dust and debris. Some composite decking  【Get Price】

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10 Sep 2015 hardieDeckTM - It's not hard to maintain or build. If you hate having to regularly stain or replace timber decks you'll appreciate hardieDeckTM. hardieDeckTM 【Get Price】