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26 Jun 2015 Let's be honest, although your fence is an important aspect of your home or property, it's not one of the most exciting, which is why fences are often neglected by their owners. So if your fence is looking less than lovely, it's time to think about treating it to a couple of coats of wood stain. Take a moment to think of the benefits that your fence provides: it offers you privacy from the outside world, it helps keep your home or business secure and, when looked after, it can add  【Get Price】

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29 Nov 2012 Cedar, in particular, does not work well with paint. Paint doesn't allow the cedar to breathe, which means you'll actually reduce the lifespan of the fence. This would be a shame, since lifespan is one of the more attractive features of using northern white cedar (the only wood we use) to build a fence. But What if I Want Color? You don't have to give up colors if you stain a fence instead of painting it. You just need to get a solid stain. You aren't limited to brown. There are  【Get Price】

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1 Jan 2011 fence painting is an important part of wood fence maintenance. It's a good thing that it only needs to be done every few years, because it's a hard task with many steps. There is a lot of preparation involved, including power washing and protecting the grass, sidewalks and anything near the fence. And then there's the often-grueling task of scraping and sanding the fence. If you have the time and patience to do the job right, then go for it! But if you worry that you may not  【Get Price】

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7 Dec 2015 Dependent on its surroundings – overhanging trees and shade from neighbouring buildings – your garden fence may need a new protective coating every 2 to 3 years. To prevent the need to completely replace the garden fencing, below we look at how to maintain and preserve external wood panelling against all elements. How-to-Paint-A-fence-4. If it's a new fence you're working with, it can be much easier to treat, prime and paint the panels before it is installed. 【Get Price】

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Wash your fence. Use a fence cleaner and a rag, spray cleaner, or a sturdy brush to wash the fence. Remove any dirt and debris from your fence, as well as substances like algae or lichen. Refer to your fence cleaner's instructions to figure out how much to use and whether or not you need to dilute the cleaner. Make sure you choose a fence cleaner that is safe for wooden fences. 5. Allow the fence to dry completely. You shouldn't paint a wet fence—not only will the paint be more  【Get Price】

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19 Nov 2012 The paint just doesn't penetrate the wood to the degree that it would need to in order to offer your fence all the protection it needs. Instead, we recommend that you use an oil-based stain to preserve the natural beauty of your wooden fence. Only stain can truly penetrate and fully protect the wood. If you are absolutely certain you want to paint your fence, we've provided some tips here to ensure the best outcome. If you are painting a newly installed cedar fence,  【Get Price】

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13 Sep 2014 How paint 156 square feet of wood fence using a spray machine, 4 minutes for painting all fence. If you need help email me, I will give you ideas like you ca 【Get Price】

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Besides its cosmetic effects, paint provides outdoor structures with protection against the elements. fences, in particular, need a protective coat of paint every 2 to 3 years. They're usually built away from other structures and trees, which could otherwise shield them from the elements. Paint helps iron and metal constructions resist rust and corrosion. It also fortifies wood against the effects of wind, rain, snow and extreme temperatures. fence-painting is a time-consuming, but important,  【Get Price】

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Help your fence last longer. Learn how to paint or stain a wood fence (4 Steps) or chain-link fence (4 Steps) using this DIY painting guide from True Value. Whether you have a wood or chain-link fence, a well-applied stain or paint job every few years will help your fence last longer and keep it looking great. Share this project To eliminate the dripping associated with rollers and brushes, you can also apply two light coats of paint with a sprayer and follow up as needed with a brush. 【Get Price】

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You need a durable exterior latex paint for a fence -- exterior oil-based paints aren't as widely available as they once were. High-quality exterior wall and trim paint contains enough pigments to provide an effective sunblock while adhering well and giving good coverage. To get the most benefit from it, you should prime the wood first with a stain-blocking primer. Not only does the primer increase the life of the paint, but it also improves the coverage, so you'll end up using less paint. 【Get Price】

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Get easy, step-by-step instructions for painting or staining a fence from HGTV Gardens. Panels for dog run to inhibit visibility The use of a rot board along the bottom of a standard wood privacy fence can prolong the life and improve the usefulness in many cases. This post construction .. 'Wild thyme' - we def need to get a good pic of your actual fence on here - it's looking so amazing with the purple slate chips, the lavender flowers and the beautiful charcoal-grey bench :) Find this  【Get Price】

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A well-maintained wooden fence will last for years and can add an attractive design element to a home's exterior. Most natural wood fences are made from cedar, and while some people like the appearance of cedar as it ages naturally and turns a grayish silver color, most people prefer the appearance of a painted or stained wood fence. painting a fence isn't difficult, but doing the job properly can be time-consuming and repetitive. The work is definitely worth it, as a proper paint job  【Get Price】

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This is an obvious first step, but I need to explain how much cleaning actually needs to happen. My good friend paints fences as a part of his job and his advice was to use a pressure washer to knock the dirt off. It doesn't have to be perfect, but you want to knock off that top layer of dirt and grime. We ended up renting a commercial grade pressure washer and it took a little more than a day to get everything cleaned. This inexpensive paint sprayer is awesome!! How to Paint a wood  【Get Price】