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24 Nov 2016 Accordingly, the depth of your terrace will determine the type of pedestals and substructure that needs to be fitted underneath the deck. Should you have any questions, give us a ring at (0) 208 088 4888. It is recommended that you add approx. 5% to the total material required for a wastage factor. It is unlikely you will use the board lengths perfectly on your balcony. If you are attaching the boards on your balcony at an angle (diagonal to joists), you will likely generate  【Get Price】

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19 Apr 2016 on residential balconies that aren't enclosed, simply installing gapped water-resistant decking boards is an effective way to shed water, as long as the structure is adequately detailed and flashed at the exterior wall. The framing should also be sloped away from the house to maintain proper drainage. This can be done by adding tapered rips to the tops of the joists to create a 1/4-inch-per-foot slope. An alternative sloping technique used by some builders is to start with  【Get Price】

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4 Jun 2012 So I pretty much just pulled and pushed back and forth on the railing until the whole outside edge of the balcony started to twist off from the two ledger boards affixed to either side of the house (so it wasn't scratching the house, just grinding against those ledger boards flanking each side that I'd also be removing). Before long, the entire thing had flipped over and completely pulled off the house. What you see below is the underside of the balcony floor (the top of the  【Get Price】

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ELEGROdeck can be cut and drilled in the same way as timber, however care should be taken to eliminate drill/saw-slip as this can mark the surface of the product. ? It is recommended that the decking boards are cut and installed at the same temperature. ? While the decking range is non-toxic and safe, adequate PPE must be worn during installation of ELEGROdeck products. 【Get Price】

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Dura deck balcony decking is ideal for both commercial and residential projects, whether this is the first time you've installed decking or you're replacing degraded timber boards with a low maintenance composite decking solution. Its unique formula makes it long-lasting and UV stable, even in the harshest of climates. Extremely warm or cold outdoor temperatures play a significant role in the installation and performance of all decking projects, but Dura deck's unique installation  【Get Price】

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Most balconies have suitable flooring made of concrete, are relatively flat and have good drainage – an ideal surface on which to lay your artificial turf. There are always Such is the versatility of artificial grass it can be laid on concrete, paving, brick, wooden decking or just about any hard surface. If laying on We are applying marine boards than fibre glass to make water tight balcony which is also ceiling to basement room (good drainage around 4 inch slope)water will go to gutter. 【Get Price】

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10 May 2017 At Placelift, we undertake home improvement projects for home owners and landlords alike. Recently, we were replacing a timber decking on a balcony of an apartment block. We were all shocked at what we witnessed. on this balcony, the extent of the rot was blatantly evident. As our team began to remove the rotten decking it crumbled in their hands like that of a digestive biscuit. So, I hear you ask, “what protection lay between this rotten decking and the sheer drop  【Get Price】

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Tips for how to Build a deck. deck Building PlansHome Building TipsBackyard ProjectsOutdoor ProjectsBackyard IdeasHouse Projectsdeck Design Plansdeck Design toolPatio decks. Tips for how to Build a deck (Seaming the deck boards on a long/wide deck)  【Get Price】

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Here's another reason to choose for your roof/balcony decking project: our boards are far easier to install than most comparable products. If you're looking to install a floating deck on your roof or balcony, 's EasyFix shoes are designed specifically for this purpose. Available in two heights (10mm and 38mm), EasyFix shoes simply push fit onto 45-50mm wide pressure-treated softwood joists and are supplied with two 3mm packers. Click here to learn more about  【Get Price】

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Thinking of building or repairing a deck or balcony? When it comes to the sheathing, in other words, the surface you'll be walking on, your options have never been so plentiful. Here the main choices available, whether you prefer boards or panels. boards. Two choices for assembly: Spaced, interlocking; Two categories of materials: Wood: White pine, pressure-treated lumber, western red cedar; Synthetic: recycled plastic, termoplastic products, composite products. Panelled sheathing. 【Get Price】

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how to install deck boards - laying down decking or Installing deck boards. laying the decking on raised deck. deck flooring Ideas. deck floor covering. Build a Cheap backyard deck. 【Get Price】

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A balcony deck is a pleasant and inviting place to get a breath of fresh air, lounge and sip, pet the cat, read the paper, hear the birds, and enjoy the view. From your Why not be able to step out onto the balcony deck of your bedroom and stretch and yawn, and greet the daybarefoot and in your bathrobe if you like? There's nothing complicated about footings and piers, bolting or lag-screwing a ledger board to the house, attaching the joists, then laying down the deck boards. 【Get Price】