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Better Components. All assembly fixings are stainless steel. All other fittings are either stainless steel or hot-dip galvanised. For example a single 6 foot Premier Lattice Panel contains over 350 individual stainless steel screws. Constructing trellis. Better Construction. All components are cut and machined prior to treatment so as to ensure full protection. This can mean dimensions increase due to the timber swelling after treatment. Better Treatment. The Jakcure pressure treatment  【Get Price】

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20 Jun 2012 Direct long-term exposure to creosote has been correlated with skin cancer and cancer of the scrotum. Calling creosote a possible human carcinogen in 2007, the EPA has a list of warnings about its use. These cautions apply to railroad ties decommissioned by the railroads and reused by humans for landscaping, playgrounds, gardens, and on farms. Additionally, landscape timbers and lumber treated with chromate copper arsenate (CCA) as a protection against  【Get Price】

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6 May 2015 creosote and pentachlorophenol may also release an odor that is offensive to sensitive individuals. Landscaping timbers that were treated with copper, chromium and arsenic mixtures should not be used around plants for human consumption. On the other hand, as you read above, treated wood still tends to be the timber of choice. That's because most homeowners use treated timbers to build benches, retaining walls or tables. Treated wood is easy to cut and looks  【Get Price】

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CCA TREATED timber. WHAT IS THE timber PRESERVATIVE KNOWN AS CCA? CCA (Copper-Chrome-Arsenate) is an industrial wood preservative developed in 1933 and widely used in South Africa since the 70's. When applied to timber it enhances the durability by preserving soils and fresh water), and for H6 (Marine contact) when used as a dual treatment with creosote. on playground structures conclude that there is no increased risk through the use and contact with. 【Get Price】

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(b) Exterior timbers (i.e. outdoors above ground - cladding, barge boards, window joinery, palings, rails, bridge decking, etc.). South African Wood Preservers Association timber USED FOR LANDSCAPinG IS USUALLY in DIRECT GROUND CONTACT AND IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT THEY ARE TREATED WITH CCA OR creosote. (c) Ground Contact (i.e. posts, foundation piles, poles, house stumps, crib walls, landscape timbers, playground equipment, bridge and wharf  【Get Price】

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creosote. Pigment Emulsified creosote [PEC]. Water-borne chemical solutions comprise a mixture of water soluble compounds of copper and other chemicals. in the treatment of rural fence posts, other chemicals can be included in the . exterior wall cladding, fascia and joinery, underfloor timbers, stumps, piles and posts, roof beams exposed to the weather or interior humid conditions, pergolas, decks, retaining walls and landscaping timbers, playground equipment, fencing, farm  【Get Price】

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31 Aug 2016 Opinion (revised) on Cancer risk to consumers from creosote containing less than 50 ppm benzo-[a]-pyrene and/or from wood treated with such creosote and estimation of respective magnitude expressed at the 8th CSTEE plenary meeting, Brussels, 4 March 1999. 1. introduction 2. Dermal Carcinogenicity Study of Two Coal Tar Products (CTP) 3. An Evaluation of the Carcinogenicity of Coal-Tar Derived creosote 4. Foundation of the Appeal against the EC-directive  【Get Price】

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H3.1**, Outside above ground, periodic wetting but where the timber can dry out; some leaching, maintained paint system, insects, termites and moderate decay. H3.2**, Outside above . The APVMA restricted the application of CCA-treated wood in uses such as playground equipment and decks as a precautionary measure. A. Studies have shown that preservatives such as CCA and creosote are not absorbed into food crops like grapes, tomatoes and cucumbers. Some root crops  【Get Price】

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creosotes are used for the protection of timber and timber structures against attack from insect pests and from fungal decay. There are essentially two types of creosote, one derived from distillation of coal tar (coal tar creosote) and the other from wood tar (wood creosote). AS 4685:2014 requires that treated timber used for above or in-ground construction of playground items including equipment, fencing, garden walls, park furniture, picnic tables, exterior seating etc. exclude timber  【Get Price】

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telephone), playground structures, outdoor decking, fencing poles and vineyard applications. It is an extremely cost-effective preservative and if applied properly will protect wood for. 20 to 100 years. creosote is registered as a fungicide .. cladding, cupboards, etc. UtraCare Gold – it is a high-quality,. ? penetrating water repellent sealer that has been specially formulated to protect outdoor timbers against the harsh South. African climatic conditions. It contains a unique blend of  【Get Price】

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4 May 2017 Playground equipment. Garden/landscape timbers. Log homes. On This Page. ?Reregistration of older wood preservatives; Registration review of older wood preservatives; Newer wood preservatives; Newer wood preservatives for residential in the risk assessments for the REDs, we identified risks of concern associated with occupational exposure (i.e., treatment plant workers) to all three preservatives and ecological exposure to pentachlorophenol and creosote. 【Get Price】

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Batsford timber is an FSC? certified MerchantFrom our two sites in Aston Magna and Longleat, Batsford timber can supply all your needs for quality outdoor timber products. From our extensive stocks, we are able to supply agricultural and industrial fencing and gates, domestic fencing and garden products and a range of heavy duty garden furniture. A range of sheds, summer houses, gazebos and garden studio/office style buildings etc, as well as decking components all with built  【Get Price】

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with copper chromium arsenic (CCA) and about 5% with copper based alternatives. The rest of the production was characterized by the use of creosote, light organic solvent preservatives and boron type preservatives (Hata et al., 2006). Subsequent precautionary restrictions applied to application uses of CCA treated timber (such as playground equipment and decking) has decreased the amount of CCA treated wood produced in. Australia. The preservative liquids used to treat wood  【Get Price】