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11 Oct 2017 1 EXCEPTION - Detached decks and platforms that are not more than 30 inches above adjacent grade that do not provide access into the dwelling do not require a building permit but do require zoning review and approval. 2 Homeowners can perform work on their own properties without hiring a contractor. If a contractor is hired, the contractor must have a state contractor's license. 【Get Price】


29 Jan 2015 BUILDING permitS are required for decks and platforms. EXCEPTION: decks and platforms not more than. 30 inches above grade, not attached to a structure with frost footings and not part of an accessible route do not require a building permit. Zoning regulations including setbacks must be met for decks more than 24 inches above grade even if it does not require a building permit. decks located in Historic Districts require approval from the Heritage Preservation  【Get Price】

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GENERAL INFORMATION. ? Fees are $25.00 per 100 square feet plus 10% plan review ($100 minimum fee). ADDITIONAL INFORMATION FOR YOUR REFERENCE (enclosed):. ? Site Plan Requirements. ? Building and Zoning Rules and Regulations. ? Building permit Fee Schedule. ? Wood Patio deck Plan Requirements. ? Residential Design Criteria. ? Building Plan Revisions. NOTE: Copies of the current Building Regulations are available upon request in our office or on the Kane  【Get Price】

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Building permit Requirements for a deck. On a Single Family Dwelling. A building permit for a deck is required when the deck is over 23 5/8” above grade at any point or if the deck has a roof. When applying for a building permit we require a completed. “Application for a permit to Construct or Demolish”, Schedule 1: Designer Information form and 2 copies of the following: 1. Site plan drawn to scale showing your lot, property lines and all existing structures. (house, garage, sheds  【Get Price】

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11 Jun 2017 Things to know when building a backyard deck nashville codes administration construction and permits decks planning, property & development department city o 【Get Price】

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Page 1. I:\DEVELOPMENT\ConstSvcs\FORMS\Handouts\2013 Updates\decks\1-2_Residential decks.doc. Residential decks. One and Two Family Dwellings Including Townhouses. Building permits: A permit is required if the deck is attached to the dwelling or is 30” (or more) above grade. A building permit application must be completed and submitted to Construction Services. Allow a minimum of 3 business days for review of the plans. You will be contacted when the building permit  【Get Price】

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Customer wants a small (100 sf) deck close to ground that won't be attached to house. Building code allows not pulling a permit because it's less than 120 sf. Wondering if I should recommend pulling a permit anyway so they don't have any assessment or resale issues in future? Also, to save cost, am considering recommending no frost footings. It's level well draining soil. Could do concrete blocks on 6" of crushed stone. It's going to be a nice deck though, and wonder  【Get Price】

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Originally Posted by dedratermi View Post. Lots of bad info in this thread. First of all the floating deck system does not have footings. The deck sits on special concrete-block things. And you do not need a permit to build a floating deck that is not attached to your home. 【Get Price】

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NEW CASTLE COUNTY DEPARTMENT OF LAND USE. 87 Reads Way, New Castle DE 19720 www.nccdelu.org. (302) 395-5400. FAQ. deck DESIGN. Q. I would like to build a deck. Do I need a permit? A. Yes, Homeowners are required to obtain a permit to construct a deck. Q. How large a deck can I build? A. An uncovered deck that is elevated above ground level may project half the distance of the minimum required yard setback, but no more than fifteen (15) feet. Q. How deep do  【Get Price】

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Guides to Porch & deck Design. Porch Design & Construction Guidelines-Updated May, 2011. Related Information. Porch and deck Supplemental Check Sheet. Porch & deck Supplemental Check sheets are used by inspectors to evaluate both new and existing porch or deck systems. Service Facts. Department: Buildings · Easy permit Process. People We Serve: Businesses & Professionals · Builders · Contractors · Trades · Residents · Home Owners. Programs & Initiatives:. 【Get Price】

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Attached to Building permit Application. If homeowner is not doing the construction, a licensed contractor is required. FOUNDATION PLAN (figures 1 and 2). Plan view: Standard (see figure 1), floating (see figure 2). All dimensions locating post holes must be shown. FOOTER PLAN (figures 3 and 4). Items that must be shown: Footers for decks not exceeding 72 inches in height (see figure 3). 1. Hole diameter to be 12 inches throughout. 2. Minimum depth of hole must be 32 inches. 3. 【Get Price】

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Concrete shall be minimum 15 MPa. 4. Footings shall have a minimum area of 4.3 sq.ft. (25"x25") and be a minimum of 8 1/2`` thick; apart for floating decks. (see floating deck information). 5. deck foundations/sonotubes shall be minimum 8" in diameter and shall extend not less than 5 7/8" above grade and not more than 24" above grade. 6. 3. Final inspection once the deck is complete. TO SCHEDULE: Call 613-930-2787 ext. 2310 and have your name, address & permit number. 【Get Price】

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If you are unsure whether or not your project requires a building permit, this list provides an overview of work that does not require a building permit. 【Get Price】

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All decks require a building permit. This includes decks under 108 ft2 that are attached or floating and serve a building on the property. decks serving pools also require a permit. decks that do NOT require a permit are decks that are less than 24” above grade to walking surface, less than 108 ft2 in size, do not have a roof, are not serving a structure on the lot (e.g. a free-standing 10 x 10 deck in a rear yard), and are greater than 4 ft. or 1.2 m from all other structures. 1. decks cannot be  【Get Price】

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1 Jan 2008 As a building inspector, I see a lot of decks that aren't built to code — despite the plan review process, the purpose of which is to identify any code issues before construction commences. But field changes are common, so an inspector is likely to find a different deck constructed at the site than what was detailed on the permit. Only a few provisions in the International Residential Code specifically relate to building a deck. (The International Code Council is currently  【Get Price】

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15 Sep 2016 A permit is required for ALL decks, floating or attached, except when. The deck is less than 10 m2 AND does not serve as an entry or exit to the main structure. Note: Even if a deck does not require a permit, it must still conform to the zoning setbacks for your lot. Page 2. 2. permit Application Requirements. Examples to follow. - Site Plan. All existing structures on the property. Clearly denoted property lines with the proposed decks size and its location to property lines. 【Get Price】