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26 Oct 2017 FLH Standard Drawings. FLH Standard Drawings are intended to cover various design elements and be applicable nationwide. Each standard drawing is available in both Metric and US Customary units and conforms with the Standard Specifications (FP). See the Acrobat Icon Revision Log (Acrobat, 111 KB) for description of most recent approved changes. If you have any questions or comments concerning these standard drawings please contact the Project  【Get Price】

Maintenance of Drainage Features for Safety - Safety Federal

15 Mar 2012 Additionally, the drainage systems used on the roadway should not be hazardous or reduce the crashworthiness of other systems, such as breakaway signs and guardrail. Also included as part of this objective is the safe design and maintenance of drainage features, such as travel way and shoulder surfaces, side slopes, drop inlets, pipe ends, ditches, headwalls, safety grates, culverts, gutters, roadside and median barriers and other features that restrict the flow of  【Get Price】

Medical Equipment Supplier - Safety & Quality Nexxspan

risk while cutting costs to the facility. Using the latest available technology to continually improve and develop our products, Nexxspan? has expanded its product portfolio to not only offer equipment rails with an extensive array of storage and equipment management accessories but has also developed innovative patient transport products and environment-centered headwalls. The results are increased productivity and safety, and a higher level of patient and family centered care. 【Get Price】

Medical Equipment Rails Amico

Amico Rail Adapters make use of your medical rails and increase work flow productivity. Amico offers rail adapters compatible with any rail system. Our rail adapters can Path: /rail-adapters. Go to top. Amico Logo. s. English · Fran?ais · Products · Architectural headwalls/Casework · Beds, Stretchers and Support Surfaces · Diagnostic Equipment · Equipment Mounting Solutions · ICU Booms/Pendants · Lighting Solutions · Medical Air Compressors & Vacuum Systems  【Get Price】

Barriers, Terminals, Transitions, Attenuators, and Bridge Railings

31 Aug 2017 They are the considered opinions of engineers in the FHWA Office of safety Design and the FHWA Resource Center with helpful input from members of the American Traffic safety Services Association's Guardrail Committee. .. Finally, it's important to note that median bridge piers, culvert headwalls, non-traversable ditches, trees, and other fixed-object hazards in medians are to be removed, redesigned, or shielded with barrier just like hazardous elements on any  【Get Price】

Bridge Standards (English) - TxDOT

These are included in our issued set of Concrete Slab& Girder standards. See MISCELLANEOUS STANDARDS section in the list for all additional standard drawings required. Culvert standards are available for cast-in-place and precast boxes (both single box and multi-box). Standards for wingwalls and safety-end-treatments are included for these boxes. Standards for headwalls and safety-end treatment are also available for corrugated metal pipes and reinforced concrete pipes. 【Get Price】

Weak-Post, W-Beam Guardrail Attachment to Culvert Headwalls

without prior written permission of the Transportation Research Board. Weak-Post, W-Beam Guardrail Attachment to. Culvert headwalls by. Scott K. Rosenbaugh, M.S.C.E., E.I.T.. Midwest Roadside safety Facility. University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 130 Whittier Building. 2200 Vine Street. Lincoln, NE 68583-0853. Phone: (402) 472-9324. Fax: (402) 472-2022. Email: (Corresponding Author). Karla A. Lechtenberg, M.S.M.E., E.I.T.. Midwest Roadside safety Facility. 【Get Price】

Conduit Outlet Structures - SEMSWA

these outlet types. Outlets into forebay sedimentation traps of water quality basins are discussed in Chapter 14, Stormwater Quality. 10.0.1 Design Considerations. Conduit outlet structures are necessary to dissipate energy at culvert and storm sewer outlets and to provide a transition from the conduit to an open channel. A conduit outlet structure is comprised of an end section or headwall and wingwalls, safety rails (if required), and a riprap or concrete structure to dissipate flow energy  【Get Price】

Standard Drawings Index (Department of Transport and Main Roads)

31 Oct 2017 SD1301 - Sign - Roadworks sign details and assembly of crossbars and supports - WITHDRAWN refer to Amendment Register; SD1303 - R C box culverts & slab link box culverts - Construction of headwalls and wingwalls - Height connection - WITHDRAWN refer to Amendment Register; SD1510 - Bridge barriers - Steel bridge traffic rail end post - three beam connection - WITHDRAWN refer to Amendment Register; SD1511 - Bridge barriers - Bridge safety rail  【Get Price】

Precast Concrete Headwalls Althon

We also offer a large range of concrete headwalls for all sizes of concrete culverts. Drainage pipes discharging into open watercourses should be fitted with an appropriate concrete headwall. Althon headwall units can be pre-fitted with a range of accessories such as flap valves, penstocks, kee klamp handrails and a selection of gratings dependant on application. We cast openings into the back wall of our concrete headwalls to suit the pipe material and diameter being used for ease  【Get Price】

Headwalls & Safety End Treatments - ParkUSA

The SET equipped with rails saves lives. Typically, the county or the state will determine the specifications for SET structures. Optional features for SETs include multiple pipes configurations, transverse or parallel safety rails, trash screens, and flap valves. ParkUSA offers headwalls to meet the needs of any project requirements. Components of an effective stormwater drainage network can include; catch basins, junction boxes, curb inlets, manholes, drainage pipe, headwalls, safety  【Get Price】

OPSD 0804.0300 - Standards

OPSD 0801.0400 Culvert and Sewer safety Slope End Treatment Notes and Tables. OPSD 0801.0410 Culvert and Sewer safety OPSD 0804.0400 Concrete Headwall for Sewer or Culvert Pipe. OPSD 0804.0500 Grating for Concrete Endwall Association. Other Standards. Ontario Provincial Standards > Drawings (Vol 3, 4) > Division 800 - Culverts and Drains > OPSD 0804.0300 - Concrete Headwall for Pipe Less Than 900mm Diameter (Poured-In-Place). OPSD 0804.0300  【Get Price】

Road Safety Guardrails ? Kee Safety, UK

With maintenance teams accessing electrical boxes on the side of the road, pedestrians walking along bridges and contractors improving road networks, systems that provide safety in these situations are essential. KEE KLAMP guardrailing structures have been installed on concrete capping beams running along the top of sheet pole retaining walls and on concrete headwalls for drainage outlets into balancing ponds. These structures ensure protection for road maintenance teams  【Get Price】

Precast Concrete Solution Headwalls System - CPM Group

Off-site precast concrete solution headwall system designed to connect pipe work discharging into open water courses. 【Get Price】