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Teak Deck Replacement - Berthon Boat Co. - YouTube

27 Feb 2015 Berthon boat Company - Replacing two Teak Decks. Two X-Yachts having their teak deck replaced by Berthon boat Company, Lymington, showing the process that is 【Get Price】

Boat Flooring Boat Floor And Stringer Replacement - YouTube

22 Jul 2015 boat flooring alternatives, boat flooring australia, boat floor access panels, boat floor and stringer replacement, boat floor anchors, boat floor aluminum, 【Get Price】

Repairing Fibreglass Boat Floor - YouTube

30 Nov 2016 Phone: +61 2 9533 5470 Email: Bote Cote Marine Epoxy System is based on modern Technology and is much safer to use than most other 【Get Price】

How I Put a New Floor in My Boat - Pine View Farm

14 Feb 2017 3. I bought 3/4 inch pressure treated exterior plywood and cut it to fit the boat. I ended up having to do jigsaw pieces in order to allow an access panel for the fuel tank, which sits under the deck in the center of the boat: One piece from behind the fuel tank to the stern; three pieces along the fuel tank--one on each side and the access panel; and one piece from in front of the fuel tank to the prow. I also cut to fit wood for the stringers that had to be replaced or reinforced. 4. 【Get Price】

boat floor repair replacement 1965 fiberglass crestliner - YouTube

27 Jun 2013 replacing boat floor 16 foot fiberglass 1965 Crestliner. 【Get Price】

Boat deck & floor restoration Tutorial, how to fix, mend and replace

25 Mar 2016 WWW.FORDSMARINE.COM like to show you how we do things so you can have a go yourself latest project: Complete refit on a 95' Thompson Calea. This restorati 【Get Price】

How to: Remove a Boat Floor - YouTube

1 Aug 2015 Lets rip up the floor in this old McKee Craft. Tools Used: Ryobi Drill Set: Hole Saw Set: Ryobi Circular Saw: h 【Get Price】

Bayliner boat deck removal - YouTube

25 Nov 2011 How to: Remove a boat Floor - Duration: 8:39. Captain House 109,954 views · 8:39 · 10.1 Removing the Cap to continue teardown for stringer replacement part 1. - Duration: 9:33. Barry 15,452 views · 9:33. 1988 bayliner Capri floor replacement - Duration: 1:42. Arce 2336 20,503 views · 1:42 · 93 Bayliner 1800 restorationthe beginning. - Duration: 5:21. sawyersecurity 13,012 views · 5:21. boat deck & floor restoration Tutorial, how to fix, mend and replace rotten  【Get Price】

How to: Deck Repair with Plywood and Epoxy Resin - Sail Magazine

25 Aug 2016 Stanchion bases and chainplates often leak as a boat ages, and often holes are drilled in the deck for new hardware, anchoring systems or dinghy tie downs, and not properly sealed by coating the exposed core with epoxy resin. Over time Because the replacement core was thicker than the space between laminates, he marked off the distance of the overhanging lip of fiberglass and used a router to remove the extra thickness around the side edge of each board. 【Get Price】

How to replace a boat deck - making a template to install, measure

25 Aug 2009 Your stringers are in, now you have to somehow find a way to cut your plywood to match perfectly with the sides of your oddly angles and very curvy hull. You can try cardboard, but that is flimsy and cuts are difficult to keep accurate. A great alternative is pink insulating foam. You can buy it in the same thickness as your plywood for perfect match deck template. Here's the how to and how not to of making a deck template.. Bonus: what to do is you mess it up! 【Get Price】

1988 Bayliner floor replacement - YouTube

26 Sep 2015 Bought this Bayliner as my first boat. My family had a great time on it this season. I decided to go ahead and do a floor replacement. I have no idea what I am doing but I decided that I am handy enough to handle this kind of job. I have read tons of "how to replace floors" on So here is my First YouTube video project. Thanks and hope it may help others. There will be updated videos to follow! :)  【Get Price】

replace that rotten floor in your boat DIY part 1 - YouTube

13 Oct 2013 Reasons why you should replace that rotten floor in your boat . intro to how to replace that rotten floor in your boat DIY part 1. 【Get Price】

How To Repair or Replace Teak Wood Decking On A Boat - YouTube

22 Feb 2012 In this video I will replace the teak wood decking on the sailboat "Camelot". The old fake teak veneer has began to deteriorate. See photos of the work here: 【Get Price】

Fiberglassing The Deck - YouTube

9 Feb 2011 Some video of fiberglassing the deck on our 1967 AstroMarine Runabout. Also shows us mixing the poly resin. 【Get Price】