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The Pros and Cons of Concrete Flooring DIY

Low cost and unique finishes make concrete floors attractive, but they have special requirements. DIY Network shares the pros and cons of concrete flooring. 【Get Price】

White Wood Floors and Other White Flooring Options & Ideas

From white wood flooring through to white tile flooring we show you your white flooring options, the pros and cons of light colored floors & where to buy. To avoid all that sanding and painting, white wood flooring can also be achieved by installing brand new engineered hardwood floors that have been pre-finished with white stain or paint. Alternatively, if you like the look of wood but don't have the budget there are a number of white-toned luxury vinyl tiles or wood-look porcelain tiles  【Get Price】

Paint or Stain: Which is Better for Old Hardwood - fantastic floor

11 Jul 2013 Hardwood floors, as sturdy as they are, inevitably sustain the wear-and-tear of everyday life. If scratches and stains are not properly dealt with, the appearance of your floors can really suffer. For many homeowners, replacing an entire hardwood floor isn't a viable option, so some turn to the next best thing: staining or painting. But which option is best for you, your home, and your budget? The following are pros and cons of both approaches that we help you make the  【Get Price】

The Good And Bad Of Painted Hardwood Floors Kristina Wolf

19 Mar 2015 Hardwood floors are beautiful – until they're not. In many older or long-neglected homes, hardwood floors, nicks, scratches, stains and years of accumulated life can make them decidedly unattractive. Then there are those times when you want a specific look for a room – and your hardwood floors don't contribute to the vision. In any case, you can paint hardwood floors anyway you like, but you'll want to be aware of a few pros and cons. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly  【Get Price】

Pros and Cons of Concrete Floors - The Spruce

10 Sep 2017 Here are the benefits and drawbacks of employing concrete flooring in various interior and exterior locations. As with all flooring materials concrete has a variety of benefits that installers and salesmen will tout when trying to promote their product. However, there are also a number of drawbacks to For already installed floors you can either acid stain the surface, use an appropriate dye or staining agent, or paint over it with a waterproof latex paint. The texture of the  【Get Price】

Painted Floors - The Flooring Lady

19 Nov 2005 Here are some quick pros of why you should look into painted floors: * Most surfaces can benefit from painting * No special tools are needed * Low-maintenance. and here are the very few cons: * Takes a few days to dry * A fair amount of work to start. Oil paints are especially good when looking into painted floors.Oil paints seem to harden readily, as well as adhere to many surfaces, opposed to water-based paints. Your floor can be wood, concrete, vinyl, or laminate  【Get Price】

Painted Wood Floors, Everything You Need To Know - Pro Floor Tips

8 Jun 2017 Both have their pros and cons and it's really your decision. When you are applying oil based wood paint, just ensure that you have plenty ventilation, wear a fume mask and let it dry sufficiently. Click For Free floor Samples. Green paint on wood floors looks great. PRO TIP #1 Try get a paint that contains polyurethane. This chemical adds strength and is great for slightly humid environments. If you can't find one, you can always apply a coat of polyurethane afterwards  【Get Price】

Cottage Talk: White or Wood Floors? - Design ManifestDesign

4 Oct 2012 Yesterday my father put a wrinkle in my universe by asking me a single question. Are you sure you want to paint the floors in the 3<sup>rd</sup> floor loft? You see from the moment I saw the cottage (like the day I saw the online listing come on the market) I knew I wanted to paint the floors up there. But then we ripped up the carpets and discovered this: I always knew the carpets were going away. I didn't care if I found plywood, or patched, beat up wood, I was painting it and&nbsp; 【Get Price】

To Paint or Not to Paint: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Painting

12 Nov 2014 To say that painting wood is a controversial topic here at Apartment Therapy might be a wee bit of an understatement. The mere mention of it is enough to send our normally placid commenters into a warlike state. But ultimately your renovation isn't about what folks on the internet think is right: it's about what you want and what's best for your home. If you're having trouble deciding between painted or stained woodwork, here are five important things to consider. 【Get Price】

Can you Paint Laminate Flooring? Ask the Home Flooring Pros

How to Paint Laminate flooring. These are the techniques that offer the most promise of success. The Works: offers a quick step-by-step laminate floor painting guide that covers all of the basics. The key is to remove the floor's wear layer, the tough plastic surface which resists paint, to get down to material that will readily accept and hold paint. The most complete process is to: Sand off the wear layer and down to bare wood material with an orbital sander for most of the&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Painted Floors & Steps - Home Flooring Pros

Have you got old wooden flooring that is in desperate need of renovation, but not enough budget to replace it? Or perhaps your linoleum floors are quite fine, but not especially inspiring? Maybe you're transforming a basement with drab gray cement floor into a kid's playroom and want to add some fun and colorful elements to the décor? Wellpainted floors could be the answer! Well, these are all great reasons for opting to paint your flooring! There are – of course – a few little things&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Painted Plywood Floor Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The truth about our painted plywood floor - I spill all the details about the good, the bad, and the ugly after living with painted floors for seven months. This did not scratch the paint, but it did dent the soft plywood of the floor. The divot it left was deep enough to show the bare wood beneath the paint. small divot in painted plywood subfloor Save. As you can see, . Times changeit is used less, so its time I want my room back! Your pros and cons,, and tips are surely going to help. 【Get Price】

How to Paint a Wood Floor Shapes, Woods and Dark - Pinterest

Though wood is beautiful in its own right, a paint finish can make floors look fantastic. Click for details on how to paint a wood floor. 【Get Price】

Dark floors vs Light floors - Pros and Cons - The Flooring Girl

27 Jul 2015 Generally, darker floors look better with lighter cabinets and lighter floors look better with darker cabinets. and, be sure not to mix and match reds as these usually do not work out right. Dark vs Light hardwood floors. What are the pros and cons If you are having challenges making this combo work consider refacing, replacing or painting cabinets (even if done later) and/or consider the more extreme colors of very dark, very light, white washed or gray hardwood floors. 【Get Price】