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3 Sep 2005 Before you begin detailing metal deck shop drawings, a thorough review of all project information should be completed. This review is done first so that the com- plete scope of work is understood and to find any discrepancies. all discrepancies should be resolved quickly in order to allow for proper allocation of materials required to fabricate the finished prod- uct. The following is a list of contract documents that should be reviewed: ? Metal deck specification (05300). 【Get Price】

Employers requirements / Scope of work - IIT Madras Research Park

4.0 scope of work. 4.1. Detailed scope of this design build work is as under. 1. Design. Connecting bridge between Blocks a and D the main building at 3rd floor level; Metal pergola in the corridors of 3rd and 6th floors. The following components of the bridge structure may be required to be considered by the bidder. Piling – Suitable dia and depth under reamed piles as per bidder. Pile cap / pedestal over the pile. MS support structure for the bridge deck. Bridge floor / deck  【Get Price】

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Reframe, repair and or replace existing steel where shown on the drawings. Existing steel, which is required to be removed for the installation of new steel, shall be reinstalled. Provide temporary shoring and bracing. SECTION 053100 - steel deckING. Provide and install new corrugated galvanized steel floor deck where shown on drawings. Cut deck to fit around openings and projections, including Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation and Electric work. Include reinforcing of openings  【Get Price】

Alberta Construction Trade Definitions - Thermal Insulation

each year. This document is for use during the tender process and is intended to coordinate job site activities. Section 2: Trade associations. The following is the list of trade associations that participated in the development of the trade scope definitions herein: 1. alberta Cladding and decking association. 2. alberta Coating Contractors association. 3. alberta Roofing Contractors association. 4. alberta Wall and Ceiling association. 5. architectural Woodwork Manufacturers of Canada. 【Get Price】

Standard Scope of Work - Concrete Floor Contractors Association

21 Feb 2013 standard scope of work for all slab-on-grade and slab on-metal deck concrete floor construction (for formed slabs please refer to the Ontario formwork asso- · ciation). The standard inclusions shall be: ? all work to be performed in accordance with the project plans and specifica- tions and CSa a23.1 (current edition). ? forming of pour defining bulkheads including the supply of any necessary connecting steel dowels. ? Supply and installation of perimeter and column  【Get Price】

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8 Jun 2006 Roofers is not the appropriate classification for this work. You expressed your concern and belief that contactors installing sheet metal roofs on public works are compensating workers at prevailing wage rates established for carpenters. as you point out, there is similar in both the Carpenters and Sheet. Metal workers scope of work descriptions. Both of these scope of work descriptions include the installation of metal siding and metal roof decking,. 【Get Price】

scope of work - City of Guelph

Hastings Stadium. scope of work. Structural and Maintenance Remedial work. Page 5 of 20. TE-19163-11. March 2011. 2.3. Contact Tacoma Engineers to review cleaned surfaces to identify any damaged areas not visible during previous reviews. additional reinforcing and remedial work may be required. work Item 3: Weld reinstatement. 3.1. all welding to be carried out by personnel certified under the CWB. 3.2. Most of the welds connecting the bleacher decks to the structural steel  【Get Price】

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8 Jul 2016 3.0 scope of work. 3.1. The Contractor shall be required to prepare reports, bill of materials, quality control schedules, material product data, shop drawings, and construction costs. These documents shall provide the necessary interfaces, Remove all existing metal tiles. (NOTE: Remove only as much roof area as can be covered with plywood deck and underlayment the same day.) 3. Cut exterior vent pipes below eaves; reroute piping outside of eaves to avoid. 【Get Price】

Construction -

1.1 Construction sequence; 1.2 Design factors; 1.3 Site practice. 2 steel erection. 2.1 Erection techniques. 2.1.1 Mobile cranes; 2.1.2 Tower cranes. 2.2 Typical erection rates; 2.3 Lining, levelling and plumbing; 2.4 Tolerances; 2.5 Interfaces. 2.5.1 Structural interfaces; 2.5.2 Non-structural interfaces. 2.6 Site bolting; 2.7 Site welding; 2.8 Temporary works; 2.9 Erection handover. 3 Installation of metal decking. 3.1 Edge protection; 3.2 Methods of fall arrest. 4 Quality management; 5 Health  【Get Price】

Annex A – Scope of Work - Government of Bermuda

10 Jul 2016 .6. all areas to receive new bridge deck joints and waterproofing shall be inspected by the. Engineer and repaired as necessary with an approved high strength concrete repair mortar. steel fixings for the existing joint mechanism shall be cut back to give a minimum of 50 mm cover prior to reinstatement of the concrete deck profile. .7. Changes to the deck joint bed profile to receive the new joint, if required, shall be undertaken with an approved high strength concrete  【Get Price】

Composite Steel Floor Deck - Slabs - Steel Deck Institute

The steel deck Institute acknowledges the valuable contributions of the researchers, designers, and members of the industry that have made this Standard possible. also gratefully acknowledged is the previous work of the Composite steel deck scope: a. This Standard for Composite steel Floor deck-Slabs, hereafter referred to as the. Standard, shall govern the materials, design, and erection of composite concrete slabs utilizing cold formed steel deck functioning as a permanent  【Get Price】

Scope of Work Cal Pac Sheet Metal

General & architectural Sheet Metal. General Sheet Metal Standing Steam Metal Roofing architectural Louvers architectural Metal architectural Hand Rails Perimeter Coping Systems Static air Ventilation Expansion Joints Metal Wall Cladding. Exterior Metal. access doors. Beam caps. Corbel Flashings deck Diato deck edge. Door pans. Equipment Screens Handicap Metal L-metal. Mud sill. Post Flashings Shutterblocking Sill Pan Thresholds Watertable Weep Screed Residential 【Get Price】

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Upon their arrival to site, operatives will report to client Site Manager who will co-ordinate the Site Safety Induction course which will be carried out by Client. at induction NSD will be made aware of the site first aiders, and the site emergancy plan & fire assembly point. after site induction,NSDI Ltd Site Manager will conduct site safety toolbox talk and remind all operatives of their responsibilities to work safely at all times and ensure they sign Method Statement. Should the scope of  【Get Price】

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4 Nov 2015 the scope of work as required by the contract documents and this work Package. Subcontractor is expected to fulfill all the obligations . Structural steel Framing b. Section 052100. steel Joist Framing c. Section 053100. steel decking. scope of work. 1. Provide all necessary Labor, Materials and Equipment to perform this scope of work. 2. Provide all necessary rigging and hoisting requirements to perform the work. 3. Provide all BIM modeling and coordination  【Get Price】