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16 Oct 2012 Please see for more detailed information on hanging your gates. How 【Get Price】

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20 May 2012 Ive been informed at a local diy store that to put up micro wave wall brackets i should use these hammer in fixings as that is what they would use it seems in principal a simple idea drill apropriate diameter hole put inlplug part place microwave I dont get it, what - at all - is the benefit of hammering in the screw and destroying any thread into the plasticl where you could just use a driver to screw it in and get an even firmer fixing without knackering up the head? 【Get Price】

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Preparation gateposts for light gates should be about 100mm square and 610mm longer than the gate's height. For heavier gates (over 1.2m high or wide) the posts should be thicker and at least 760mm longer than the gate height. It's always best to check the manufacturer's specifications. You'll need to treat wooden gateposts with preservative before you install them and set them in concrete as post spikes don't give enough support. Where possible, try and choose fittings that have  【Get Price】

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For advice on the correct post for the right wooden gate please see our wooden gate post recommendation guide. With posts that are set into the ground the bigger the post size the better. However, with wall fixing posts narrow posts are often preferable as the gate post (or fixing stile) is only as strong as the method of fixing it to the wall. Ideally choose a gate post that is large enough to fix your hinges to, but not too large to be able to fit securely it to the wall. Before fitting the fixing stiles  【Get Price】

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21 Oct 2011 Welcome to "wooden gate Makers", This short video will show you how to secure your timber posts to your house or walls using our special anchor bolts. 【Get Price】

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How to fix a gate post to a wall. If you need to fix your gate to a wall, it's a good idea to secure the post first using expanding masonry bolts. Their expanding section fits into a drilled hole in the masonry. You can then fit the post over the stud and tighten the nut, which makes the section expand and grip the sides of the hole. Step 1. Use three fittings for a post that is 1.2m or higher and two for anything smaller. First, use a flat wood bit to drill recesses in the post just deep enough for the  【Get Price】

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If you are fitting the hinge pins directly to brickwork or stonework, then again, you'll have to adapt this to take into account the different fixings required (we do recommend that you fit to some kind of wooden gate post, however, rather than . For a pair of driveway gates, again fit the hinges to the gate whilst the gate is leaning against a wall (or lying down – the gate not you!) and then move one gate to the opening and fix the hinges to the post and repeat the process for the second gate. 【Get Price】

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5 apr 2012 Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Connie Masters2 years ago. Will this work with chain link fence posts??. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. Robert Price Builders' Merchants Ltd · Robert Price Builders' Merchants Ltd2 years ago. nunayafb - 6 foot is about the right height for a fence using this bolt-down method?. Read more. Show less. Reply 1. nunayafb2 years ago. How tall of a fence can you have before it is at risk of the wind pulling out the bolts??. Read more. 【Get Price】

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In the video above I've used masonry bolts (a screw headed version is available but I find personally you can get the hex head/bolt version tighter, giving a better more secure fix.). another option to fix the wooden gate posts to the wall is frame fixings (a larger version of al plug and screw if you like, often used for fixing door and window frames, hence the name frame fixings). If you do use frame fixings (shown as B in the picture) then the method of fitting is much the same as what is  【Get Price】

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Fixing gate posts into the ground? How deep should you sink the gate posts, what type of gate post should you use? Part of our gate fitting guide. gate Expectations > wooden gates > How to fix gate posts into the ground to hold them up and also the taller the gates again the bigger the posts need to be- there is no 'one size' fits all! For fitting information on the posts please scroll down the page. Fitting gate posts to a wall? Go here for tips and advice How to fit gate posts to a wall  【Get Price】