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Harlequin Floors: Floors for Dance, Theater, Stage and Entertainment

Harlequin floors offer an array of floors for dance, ballet, classical and modern dance, stage, theater, home studios, TV, events and display. 【Get Price】

Stage floor construction and technical solutions - Harlequin Floors

and expertize in developing floors for dance was vital in ensuring a good user experience whilst uniquely integrating with the revolve. This 2000 square foot stage project was built as a variation of our Harlequin WoodSpring, which itself is a modern update of the traditional 'basket weave' construction that originated in the 19th Century, but with 21st. Century advancements. 'Woven' using a triple construction of custom machined timber laid at right angles, all wood was specially treated  【Get Price】

Solomons Flooring - Carpets, Timber Flooring, Laminate Flooring

Solomons flooring carpet stores specialise in carpet, timber flooring, vinyl flooring and laminate flooring. Visit your local Solomons flooring store today! 【Get Price】

Timber-concrete composite floors in urban buildings: Options for a

Transport. W aste processing. D isposal. R euse-R ecovery-R ecycling- potential. Use. M aintenance. R epair. R eplacem ent. R efurbishm ent. O perational energy use. Product stage Assembly stage. Use stage. End of life stage. Beyond the system boundaries. R Construction 1: Cross-laminated timber (CLT). 11. Screed. 26 %. PE, footfall sound insulation, wood floor, structural wood. 10 %. CLT. 17 %. Glulam beam. 11 %. Mineral wool. 9 %. Gypsum board. 4 %. Mineral wool. 23 %  【Get Price】

What To Expect When A Solid Timber Floor Is Installed

Unless the floor is clean it will not accept the moisture barrier/primer and adhesive properly. This is an essential stage of the process. Rushing to install the floor without doing appropriate site preparation can result in serious problems. Only after determining that the concrete slab is clean, dry & sound and therefore ready to accept the moisture barrier/primer should a timber floor be installed.If anything needs attention there may be additional costs, especially if grinding is required in  【Get Price】

sprung timber floors - Weitzer Parkett

produce in excess of 3 million m2 of flooring annually. This, alongside stringent quality control procedures means Weitzer Parkett supply the highest quality wooden floors for all installations, from hotels, restaurants, offices, banks, museums, leisure and visitor centres, schools, drama studios, shops, sports halls (over 750 in. 'Austria alone totalling over 300,000 m2), gymnasiums and aerobic/dance studios to housing developments, property refurbishments and domestic floors. Weitzer  【Get Price】

Floor sanding - Wikipedia

floor sanding is the process of removing the top surfaces of a wooden floor by sanding with abrasive materials. A variety of floor materials can be sanded, including timber, cork, particleboard, and sometimes parquet. Some floors are laid and designed for sanding. Many old floors are sanded after the previous coverings are removed and suitable wood is found hidden beneath. floor sanding usually involves three stages: Preparation, sanding, and coating with a protective sealant. 【Get Price】

Create high-end commercial spaces with Timber Godfrey Hirst New

Warm and welcoming, a timber floor unifies open-plan designs. Depending on the timber and tone you choose, your timber floor can take centre stage or create a neutral foundation to let the walls, artwork or key pieces be the feature. Floods of natural light bring the tones, knots and grains in this natural timber to life. timber flooring is a timeless material that never goes out of style, especially in high-end interiors for commercial spaces. Just like marble, leather, wool or silk, timber  【Get Price】

5. Installation

SANDING. The timber floor should be sanded before applying the finishing coat to give a smooth and level surface. The number of sanding operations depends on the type of timber flooring and the level of unevenness of the floor. Manufacturer's advice should be consulted on the number of sanding operations required. Normally, 3 to 4 sanding operations are required. The. 1st sanding should produce a level and completely sanded surface. Subsequent sanding operations would. 【Get Price】

Solid Timber Flooring Sydney - Floating & Engineered Timber Floors

Welcome to HeartWood floors. Few things can ever compare to the durability and warmth that beautifully laid flooring brings. Choosing HeartWood floors will allow you to benefit from the delights that timber flooring offers. timber floors require little in the way of maintenance and can quickly add a lasting touch of real quality to any home. A Natural Sustainable Resource. Most other floor coverings take a toll on nature. However timber flooring comes from a naturally sustainable source. 【Get Price】

Safe dance floors ? Ausdance Australia's professional dance

Portable stages are available for dance, but their effectiveness is influenced by the underlying structure. If you are hiring portable floor, and the floor will lay directly on the ground, you will need a perfectly flat area. Consider the following: What height stage do you need? Can dancers enter and exit safely? Will you need tarquette over the surface? Are the panels secure and completely smooth across the joints? 【Get Price】

Hong Seng Sports Timber Flooring

Sports floor Surfaces - timber flooring. ProAction Thrust LP. Overview; This floor system utilizes our ProAction Natural Rubber pads with two layers of plywood for dimensional stability and high shock absorption. The high-performance ProAction Thrust LP floor System is EN & FIBA certified and is an excellent choice for Aerobics, Middle School and Elementary School applications. Details; Features dual-stage ProAction pads; Superior shock absorption; Double layer of plywood for  【Get Price】

Perth Solid Timber Floors

?VCS carries over 1000 solid timber flooring products for every stage of the project. Whether you're building a new home or renovating your property, we have a complete range of flooring options to suit you. With access to leading hardwood and solid timber flooring, as well as engineered flooring, laminate and more, we can supply you with any flooring option you need. ?We assist professionals and DIY and are happy to tailor our service to your needs. Bring your plans and your  【Get Price】