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NZ's Largest Sign Writing Supplies, acrylic Sheets, Perspex, ACM, Foam Board, PVC, Integral Foam PVC, Corflute, fitting mounts for signage & display. 【Get Price】

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clearvue. acrylic fencing SYSTEM. Cleaning Instructions. *Do Not use Ammonia or Abrasive Based Cleaners on acrylic*. *Never Wipe the Panels Dry*. Fixing Gate Details. Cutting Instructions. Sawing. The standard machines used for wood and metalworking are suitable for machining PLEXIGLAS?. Non-vibrating high-speed machines provide clean cut edges especially when the Irwin Marathon PVC blade is used. Circular Handsaws and Circular Table Saws: When cutting  【Get Price】

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fencing. PSP Limited. P O Box 101851. NSMC. Auckland. Tel: 09 415 2800. Fax: 09 415 2809. Web: Appraisal No.746 [2011]. Product. 1.1. clearvue Pool fencing is a pool fencing system incorporating clear acrylic sheets and aluminium posts and rails. Scope. 2.1. clearvue Pool fencing has been In the opinion of BRANZ, clearvue Pool fencing, if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the statements and conditions of this Appraisal, will  【Get Price】

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clearvue's high quality flat panel design will make the most our of natural light, without the weight or cost of glass panels. The glazing panels offer durable, fade resistant performance to ensure year in year out natural lighting - helping warm spaces in winter, or to reduce the harsh UV impact of summer sun whilst still enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. The glazing panels are easily installed, require less structural support than heavy glass alternatives, are highly cost competitive and capable  【Get Price】

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clearvue acrylic fencing. CORRUGATED SHEETING. ? Suntuf Polycarbonate. ? Tufclad Ultra Polycarbonate. ? Translucent PVC. ? Suntuf Diffused Skylighting. Design Solutions. Interior & Finishes. ? PLEXIGLAS? Satinice. ? Lustrolite. ? Luxe .. service costs. ? Shallow face-lit applications. Product Range. LEDs: BendLUX, V180, VL Plus White, PosterBOX, PosterBOX Slim, SignBOX II. Power Supplies: MODWE 60 Watt & Self Contained 20 Watt. Colours, wires & connectors also  【Get Price】

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Design Solutions. Interior & Finishes · PLEXIGLAS? Satinice · Lustrolite · Infused acrylic · Techlam · Palclad Pro · PALRUF · PLEXIGLAS? 30 Year Guarantee · Luxe · External Enclosure · clearvue Roofing · Suntuf Diffused Skylighting · ALPOLIC?/fr · Alucobuild ACM · clearvue acrylic fencing · EuroClad-Selekta  【Get Price】

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Version 2. acrylic fencing SYSTEM. Installation Process. Set up process for installing clearvue acrylic fencing. 1. Work out how many Post, Rails, Panels (1010mm centre of post to centre of post) and Gates (900mm) are required. Refer to pages 7 & 8 for dimensions. It may be that your installation will not work out to full sized panels. You need to decide where your cut panels will be located. We will address cutting the panels later in the instructions. 2. Decide where the gate is to  【Get Price】

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PSP supplies a wide range of acrylic plastic sheet products for signwriting, point of sale display, design, construction LCD displays. 【Get Price】

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Will acrylic go yellow over time? The clearvue Panels have a 30 year guarantee on light transmission and will not become opaque or go yellow. Is there a warranty on the product? The clearvue translucent roofing system is guaranteed for 15 years from the date of installation, as long as it is installed as per our guidelines. Has the product been independently tested? The clearvue Roofing System has been BRANZ appraised which means that it has been tested and approved as  【Get Price】

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PVC Sheeting. There's always clear overhead with PVC Sheeting. Translucent PVC sheeting comes in subtle light blue tone and clear to blend in with any home decor. In fact it's so versatile you can even use it in windbreaks or fences, It's the low - cost way to make the most of your indoor - outdoor living. Simple to install, you can buy sheets ready to go in a choice of four popular sizes. Or cut to size using your tin snips to fit any custom design (it really is that easy). 【Get Price】

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Solid acrylic with natural materials suspended within the sheet creating a 3D effect. Flowers, grasses, fabrics, veneers, shells and other decors are virtually frozen in time for a stunning and unique look. 【Get Price】

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The company that invented acrylic is extending its guarantee based on more than 70 years of experience with PLEXIGLAS? products, including long-term outdoor exposure, constant further development of products and the latest investigations and tests by independent institutes. These tests, carried out by the Materials Testing Institute in Darmstadt, among others, have shown that the homogenous and inherently UV-resistant material PLEXIGLAS? retains its excellent clarity even  【Get Price】

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PSP Roofing Systems has a wide range of quality polycarbonate and acrylic roofing for both commercial and residential DIY applications. 【Get Price】

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Translucent Roofing. Offers a wide range of clear, tint and translucent roofing materials suitable for Architecturally designed projects and the home handyman DIY market. Many of these products are supplied through New Zealand's major building supply companies. Our most recent additions include Pool fencing, a new “glass look” roofing system. Roofing Systems. PSP has a wide range of quality polycarbonate and acrylic roofing for both commercial and residential DIY applications. 【Get Price】

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clearvue acrylic fencing. BRANZ Appraised To NZ Pool fencing Standards. Overview. For the first time in New Zealand,. PSP can offer a high quality fencing solution that is a true alternative to glass panelled fencing. Made of high grade acrylic, PSP. clearvue acrylic fencing is a high quality, unobtrusive solution to pool fencing. Consisting of long lasting quality acrylic panels & quality powder coated aluminium poles, clearvue is a stylish, easily installed fencing system with full. 【Get Price】

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12 Nov 2012 clearvue - acrylic fencing Long lasting good looks. For the first time in New Zealand, PSP can offer a high quality fencing solution that is a true alternati 【Get Price】