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We are actively promoting philippine plantation species such as Teak, Acacia, Mahogany (Khaya or Swietenia), and Gmelina. We likewise offer a full range of sawn timber based on imported wood such as Eucalpytus species, sawn and dried in the philippines. machines products, export from the philippines. MACHINED PRODUCTS. Acacia sawn furniture grade lumber, Acacia flooring strips, Mahogany bench components, and Eucalyptus jambs and mouldings are among our main  【Get Price】

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Natural Wood flooring. A natural wood floor in any room or hallway gives a stunning effect which is both durable and timeless. Nowdays wooden flooring solutions are simple to lay, easy to maintain, dustfree and capable of absorbing the abuse of the day to day foot traffic. In addition to flooring products Murdock Hardwood can also supply wooden doors, staircases and many other products for the home or office environment. 【Get Price】

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Items 1 - 15 of 31 Teak Wood - Marine Teak Lumber. Teak wood is often used in marine applications, boatbuilding, furniture and flooring. Marine teak In Stock Maritime Teak & Holly Tongue & Groove flooring. Maritime Wood Products Teak and Holly Tongue and Groove flooring is made from solid wood planks and 5.0 philippine Mahogany Wood Bungs / Plugs. philippine Mahogany wood bungs and plugs have been used on boat hulls and decks for many years. In Stock. 【Get Price】

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(HYBRID: Eucalyptus grandis & Eucalyptus utrophylla). Click on the photo to find a supplier! Lyptus. COMMON NAMES: Lyptus<sup>?</sup>; SPECIFIC GRAVITY: DENSITY: 40 lbs./cu.ft. TANGENTIAL MOVEMENT: Medium%; RADIAL MOVEMENT: it is grown, in dense stands, with lower branches removed, the grain of the commercial timber is comparatively very straight. Lyptus<sup>?</sup> is available as lumber, veneer and flooring. <sup>1</sup> Durability refers to a wood's resistance to rotting in wet environments. 【Get Price】

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Engineered Roofing System &middot; 2. Engineered Roofing System &middot; 3. Banawe Engineered Roofing &middot; 4. Banawe Engineered Roofing &middot; 5. Corspan Roofing &middot; 6. Corspan Roofing &middot; 7. Expanded Panel Roofing &middot; 8. Expanded Panel Roofing &middot; 9. Multi R Span &middot; 10. Multi R Span &middot; 11. R Span Roofing &middot; 12. R Span Roofing &middot; 13. S Rib Standing Seam Roof &middot; 14. S Rib Standing Seam Roof &middot; 15. Snap Seam Watertight Roof &middot; 16. Snap Seam Watertight Roof &middot; 17. Standing S Span &middot; 18. Standing S Span. 【Get Price】

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Malaysia, Indonesia, philippines, PNG. - Large hardwood. Orange-brown to red-brown. Moderate durability. Construction, shipbuilding, flooring, joinery, turnery. Meranti (P). (Shorea, Hopea spp). Light Red/Dark Red Meranti, Tanguile, Almon, Seraya, Mayapis, Lauan, Oba Suluk, Nemesu, Mesu, philippine Lauan, philippine Mahogany. Malaysia, Sabah, Indonesia, philippines, Thailand. - Heartwood reddish-brown. Mouldings, dowels and architraves, plywood, furniture, panelling,&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Aformosia; Anegre; Bubinga; Goncalo Alves; Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry); Lacewood; Leopardwood; Lyptus; Madrone; Makore; Mahogany (African); Mahogany (Genuine); Mansonia; Meranti (philippine Mahogany); Padouk; Purpleheart; rosewood (Bolivian); Sapele; Sipo; Spanish Cedar; Teak; Walnut (Peruvian); Wenge; Yellow Heart; Zebrawood. Grades May include FAS, select in some species. S4S Boards 1x2 through 1x12 S4S random width available through distributors only&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Ang Panday Construction Supplies, Davao City, philippines. 602 likes. ANG PANDAY IS ALL ABOUT QUALITY KILN-DRIED WOOD. 【Get Price】

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Apo Floors &middot; 42. Realwood Engineered Wood Floor &middot; 43. Floors from philippine rosewood &middot; 44. Realwood flooring Wood Colors &middot; 45. Realwood Features and Benefits &middot; 46. Caring and Maintenance Tips &middot; 47. Mimicri Luxury Resilient Floors &middot; 48. Mimicri Floors Features 39. Apo Floors Apo Floors Contemporary Architecture, Modern Interior Design &middot; Seventrust, Building Materials Manufacturers, suppliers philippines &middot; Machinery & Equipment Manufacturers, suppliers philippines&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Mahogany, philippine - Dark Red. Shorea Negrosensis. Dipterocarpaceae - The Dipterocarp Family. Other Common Name(s):. Bataan, Dark Red Lauan, Dark Red Meranti, Dark Red philippine Mahogany, Dark Red Seraya, Mayapis, Nemesu, Oba Suluk, philippine Mahogany, Red Lauan, Red philippine Mahogany, Tangile. Imported Hardwood. Suitable for Exterior/Interior Use: Both Interior and Exterior. Uses: Cabinets, Doors, flooring, Furniture, Interior Trim, Millwork, Mouldings,&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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For installations over a subfloor, prime the floor with an approved adhesive primer with moisture vapor retarder (Pallmann P104). This will increase adhesion and provide the proper moisture transfer from the subfloor. Use an approved hardwood flooring adhesive for the width to be installed with the proper trowel for the material to be installed. Pallmann P5 HWF adhesive is rated for solid 3/4” hardwood up to 8” in width. Follow adhesive manufacturers' installation procedures. 【Get Price】

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The term “philippine Mahogany” may also apply specifically to LAUAN from philippines, the various types of MERANTI from Malaysia, SERAYA from Indonesia, and BALAU which is native to all. In Australia all species Red Mahogany Scientific name: Eucalyptus resinifera is a hardwood native to eastern Australia and used for furniture, flooring, panelling, boat building and general construction. It is one of . Fiji is the main supplier of plantation Swietenia mahogany today. At this time&nbsp; 【Get Price】