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15 Apr 2015 Now remember one has to take into cognizance the type of materials to be used when building a house for example materials to be used for the foundation such as the type of cement, aggregate and sand to be used, iron rods, materials to Once the entire roof is erected with all that needs to be in it from the rafters, fascia boards, gable ends, to the decking of the rafters with plywood, roofing felts etc, then the roofing sheets can be installed and this can be aluminium  【Get Price】

Building 4 Flats In Nigeria - Planning, Cost & Execution

Also for many potential home owners on this forum, the knowledge gained could be well applied in taking all necessary measures to save own self from dubious contractors, rather than using them as tools in our hands to confront our builders. Other materials (if any) Setting Block up to decking level 1. Sand 2. cement 3. Block (we are buying blocks) 4. Rods (if any) 5. Other materials (if any) Labour 1. Labour cost from German floor to decking level (suggestion here will enable me  【Get Price】

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3 Jul 2014 I do know there's a lot of experience builders and home owners on board can you please advise cheers. Re: Cost Of decking A Storey tosin1570: I really need help from the forum, I'm about to deck a house in Ikorodu area but i'm not sure how much it's going to cost me. I do know there's a lot of . People like you after the client is in it that he know surely that no going back u ask for more materials thereby increasing the estimated bills 1 Like. Re: Cost Of decking A  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

7 Jun 2016 Dear Nairalanders particularly construction professionals, please can anyone out there give a correct estimate in terms of cost and materials of a 2 bedroom decking in Ijoko Ogun State. Kindly see the rough schematic diagram of the project. My focus is just the decking only.Thanks. 2 Likes. Re: What Is The Estimated Cost for decking 2 Bedroom Duplex by mufutau55(m): 1:19am On Jun 08, 2016. With no dimensions, even Einstein can't help you. Hajji M. 30 Likes 2  【Get Price】

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25 Jan 2017 It is easier for you to dream at the beginning, as your project runs to a close it makes more sense for you to move in and complete it while there than to keep paying house rents which would further set your finances back. you always paid your house rent 2 months before it expired, you paid school fees per session not even per term, you wore Sandino Cementino long sleeves (don't worry, we made the designer up) and even the lady who normally supplies you shirts  【Get Price】

Materials Estimate For Decking A Building (12.5m X 5.8m

19 Jun 2016 I need Engineers/BQS in the house to help me with the quantity of the following materials that will be required to construct a decking slab for an area of approximitely 12.5M x 5.8M. Only the quantity of the materials; 1. Bag of cement 2. Sand 3. Granite 4. Rod - Y16 5. Rod - Y12 6. Rod - Y8 7. Wood - 1 X 12 8. Wood - 2 X 3 9. Ply wood - 4ft X 8ft. NOTE: Attached is the design plan of the structure that will be built on the slab area. Re: materials Estimate For decking A  【Get Price】

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I am planing a four flats on a plot at Ikorodu, just decking remaining for now. It is not a waterlogged land. I think the one at at Ajah is on hold for now as am yet to resolve an issue on this. I reside outside nigeria and coming home for the decking but will like to know how much money to send for materials/labour. I got a quote of 2million but think this could be too much, that is why am looking for a quote in comparison with what i was given. Once again, many thanks for your contributions  【Get Price】

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23 Dec 2015 21 Cash on site with handling of materials to site - - 100, 000 22 TOTAL 4, 454, 750. The electrical is fair enough. Though, builders in the house should be able to answer u on the other cost. Re: Estimate For decking by adebaxton(m): 9:32pm On Dec 23, 2015. That's high from my experience and perspective. tobi197: Guys, My builder gave me this estimate just for decking of a four (4) flat/three bedroom(3bdroom). Two (2up)/two (2down) and I believe it is too much for  【Get Price】

Bungalow vs Duplex: Which Is Better? ? ASK.NAIJ

I raised this topic in order to compare a Bungalow to a duplex in terms of cost, aesthetics and efficiency, in order to determine which is better and under what conditions. A bungalow is a type of single-story house that originated in india. It originated from the word Bengali and Such houses were traditionally small, only one story and thatched, and had a wide veranda. in nigeria a bungalow is referred to a one-storey house without regards for style of size. A duplex originally defined as a  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft X W38ft Building

2 Apr 2013 What is the Estimated Cost for decking of 11.12m x 17.69m about 196sqm (L58ft x W38ft with 22 pillars) Building in Sango-Ota area. What and quantity of materials will I need for the decking like Iron Rods, Cements, Sand, Gravels, Woods, Bamboo tree, people, Casting Cost and Bricklayer Labour cost. etc. It will appreciated if you can elaborate and list every materials and quantity that will be needed. Thank you. Hajji Mufutau. Re: What Is The Estimated Cost For  【Get Price】

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You will have to pay a fee for the contractor to acquire the necessary permit and the cost varies from city to city. You may also have see an increase in your homeowners insurance premium because of the new structural addition to your home. Finally, labor fees could add an additional $500 to $1,000 to your total cost depending on the contractor and extra work involved. The cost to construct a deck varies depending on the material used. Some of those prices include: Pressure-treated  【Get Price】

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28 Jun 2014 Project: Construction of a suspended slab. Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers State of nigeria ALL ABOUT THE decking SLAB in home building construction, people get confused with different technical terminologies being used by industry professionals to describe different types of the work. Among other types of decking materials, the concrete is among the most reliable, it could last for very long, even up to hundreds of years. in buildings where fire could be a risk,  【Get Price】