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Stone Grip Non Slip Wood Deck Wood decks have become increasing popular through the years. A deck is an uncovered open porch extending from a building. The most obvious places where decks are found for residential areas would be around the pool. Decks Wood decks are very slippery when wet and it is important to treat them to increase the traction and reduce slips and falls. This includes high grip loading ramps, roof top walkways for flat roofs, water parks, ramps, etc. 【Get Price】

Make Your Home Less Prone to Falls from Ice and Snow on Walkways

22 Jan 2014 Clearing walkways and treating the surfaces with salt or sand is key to preventing falls. wooden porches, decks or steps have a tendency to become especially slick in winter. Be prepared with adequate supplies of salt and sand. Sand and salt improve safety during winter Shovel and treat pathways with salt or sand immediately after storms. Prevent dangerous ice buildup by clearing sidewalks before snow is compacted by footsteps or melts and refreezes. Salt lowers  【Get Price】

Permanent Solution for Slippery Walkways - Handi-Treads

Handi-Treads are the fast and permanent way to fix all of your dangerous walkways. No matter what type of surface you need to make safer, Handi-Treads can help! They can be installed in minutes on wood, metal or cement. They can be screwed down to almost any surface regardless of the weather. No need to wait for manufactured to whatever size, shape or color you require for your specific needs. Simply call our tread experts, and they'll help you solve your slippery situation! 【Get Price】

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10 Aug 2015 Q: I have a handicapped ramp in the front of my house that is very slippery when it is wet or when it snows. I've tried the stick-on tiles for traction, but none of them last very long. is there anything I can use that will work and last longer than one season? -- via email. A: What is your ramp made of? is it pressure-treated wood or one of the synthetic wood substitute products, mostly made of recycled plastic and wood fibers? Painting pressure-treated wood is seldom  【Get Price】

Slippery Stair & Walk Surface Hazards & the Coefficient of Friction

We provide citations of recommended anti-slip or anti-skid steps or other walking surfaces, we define COF - coefficient of friction and SCOF - static coefficient of friction, and we cite recommended COF or SCOF for stairs and walkways. We provide a table that compares the slipperiness of different walking surfaces & surfaces such as dry versus wet concrete, steel or wood, and algae, snow, ice or water coated walking surfaces. We also provide some stair and walkway maintenance  【Get Price】

Safety Step: The ultimate in anti-slip technology, eliminating slippery

Safety Step walkway Strips are designed to be over laid on existing decking/board walks or jetties, and come pre-drilled, so all you will require are stainless steel self tapping screws. We also suggest using a urethane mastic which helps with our unique 10 year total replacement warranty. Safety Step Walk Way Strips can also be rebated into any wooden decking or substructure giving not only a stunning visual effect but also our unique Anti-Slip protection for your piece of mind. 【Get Price】

Inspiration: A Wood Slice Walkway Walkways, Garden paths and

This wonderful wood sliced walkway was photographed by Katy Elliott during a trip to the Portland Flower show. 【Get Price】