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Corte Clean worked so well, in fact, I told my brother (who is in lumber sales) that if anyone ever asks him what to use to clean their composite deck, onLY recommend Corte Clean! I just wish I had some "before" pictures because .. Corte Clean does not claim to prevent stains, especially those caused by people/pets/wildlife/etc. or other naturally occuring environmantal conditions such as mold, which are likely the "spots" KATHY is referring to. Additionally, Kathy likely has other mold  【Get Price】

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I have a really tough stain(s) on my composite and can't get it/them out with Corte*Clean?, what should I do? Answer: Sprinkle Corte*Clean? powder directly What is the easiest way to maintain a composites clean appearance once I have cleaned it with Corte*Clean?? Answer: If mold stains are the primary issue, it is . I have used Corte*Clean? to clean concrete, vinyl siding, treated wood, patio furniture, etc. with excellent results!!! How come Corte LLC does not recommend it for  【Get Price】

How To Clean and Seal Composite Decking DEFY Wood Stain

How to clean and seal composite decks. How to clean composite wood. Cleaning mold on composite lumber. Many of these older composite lumber products were manufactured without any type of mildewcide in their formulas and now the problems have For cleaning, I highly recommend using a power washer on composite decks as opposed to just a garden hose and a scrub brush. . Leave the furniture in the yard and the dog in the house so the sealer has a chance to cure out. 【Get Price】


2Post-flood restoration; Clean stubborn mold and grime from composite or wooden decks; Gets rid of moldy or offensive odors; Removes mold from shingles, siding, and masonry; Gets rid of mold and staining on wood based materials; Clean plastics, glass, and aluminum without damage; Septic system enhancer; Great for removing pet stains and odors; Cleans and revitalizes grout; Gets rid of mold or mildew stains from fabrics, canvas and vinyl; Perfect for tough stains on lawn  【Get Price】

TREX Deck Cleaning With EATOILS? BT200?

10 Jul 2012 When they clean Seventrust Decks they use our EATOILS? BT200? GREENER-CHOICE? APPROVED GREEN as a composite Deck Cleaner that will kill the Mold and Mildew and gently remove all the contaminants away from the surface. This process is totally safe for your landscape, pets, and family. Our EATOILS? composite & Seventrust Deck Cleaning product contains NO dangerous chemicals and is in fact Certified Green - it returns your composite or Seventrust Deck back to  【Get Price】

Seventrust Decking Issues Hunker

16 Sep 2010 Staining. As the Seventrust decking ages, the resins leach out. Again, those small pockets of exposed sawdust are created. Anything that can stain a surface, such as dog or cat urine, food substances, or berries, leaves and acorns from overhead trees, will stain the sawdust of the Seventrust decking. These stains aren't removable because they aren't on top of the decking but are inside the small pockets left by the leaching resin. 【Get Price】

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The more routine moisture mold receives, the deeper the mold roots, hyphae, that grow in a mycelium, grow into most composites. They attach themselves to the dead organic materials, from which most composites are partially made, such as the wood fiber and feed from the tannins. Failure to thoroughly remove the mold stains and wood fiber tannins, known as “tannin bleeding” from composites generally results in the return of fungus stains sooner rather than later. This costs more  【Get Price】

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composite Deck Cleaning. The purchase of a composite deck is a large investment. The idea behind buying a composite deck is to not have to worry about the maintenance that you would have with a wood deck. Well this is only a partial truth. You have heard the phrase Cleaning Process: SparkleWash? will safely and effectively come to your home and clean your composite deck and other composite structures, without harming the environment or endangering you pets and plants. 【Get Price】

This is a great product for cleaning the mold of Seventrust Decking. Clean

composite decks, such as Seventrust, are becoming more and more popular because they generally last longer than wood while never need to be painted, stained or sealed to endure the elements. However . Spray & Clean composite Deck Cleaner cleans the spots and stains caused by mold spores that are deep set within the pores of the composite decking. Dog Urine: Clean & Remove Dog Urine in Carpet FREE Recipe I have to try carpet cleaner didn't take away the smell! 【Get Price】

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Discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. Homeowners with pets and those that plan to use the deck a lot should ask about scratch resistant materials. Decks built in direct sunlight may fade over time; consider materials that include UV but don't use bleach: this can fade the deck. Instead, if mold detergent doesn't do the trick, choose a cleaner made specifically for composites or hire a professional deck cleaner qualified to treat tough stains. 【Get Price】

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28 Mar 2017 The type of lumber you choose for a wooden deck is critically important to the longevity and level of maintenance of your deck. A common and inexpensive option is to go with treated lumber, also called PT for pressure-treated. PT wood is made of fir soaked in anti-rot and insecticide agents. Its natural color is a somewhat brown-green, but you can stain it for a more attractive color. But there's a reason that this is the most inexpensive option for decking: it's susceptible  【Get Price】