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Haldeman-Homme, Inc. offers design, installation, repair, service and maintenance of wood, aluminum and plastic bleachers and seating. (888) 239-8747. Haldeman-Homme can also combine products such as DeBourgh lockers, Robbins wood and synthetic stage and athletic flooring, or athletic equipment to outfit your facility with the best products available. The renovation or installation of a new bleacher system requires detailed coordination with the owner, architect, contractor,  【Get Price】


plastic Seat Modules. Straight talk about what's wrong with today's bleachers - and how to fix the design flaws that are built into new bleachers. Read More. Our "Quick Quote" system is absolutely the fastest way possible to get a quote for repairing or replacing your bleachers. See the complete "how to" details here. Get A Quick Quote. Replacing your gym floor? Got recurring issues with bleachers? Find answers to all sorts of Bleacher-related questions in our Frequently Asked  【Get Price】

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Use steel bleachers indoors or out thanks to their simple, versatile design. Inside, floor protectors keep your gym floors fresh and free of blemishes. Outdoors, their superb design leaves them standing strong against inclement weather and heavy institutional use. Consult local and state safety laws for guard rail requirements. Steel/Aluminum Bleacher Options. Steel/Aluminum bleachers are available in 3 row and 4 lengths options. Assembly required. Truck delivery. 3 Rows. 30”H x 5'D. 【Get Price】

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Tip-N-Roll portable bleacher seating for school gyms is a solution that delivers the best of both worlds: accommodating seating and the ability to reclaim usable space. for basketball and volleyball games, simply roll the lightweight aluminum bleachers out into your gym, position them accordingly, and tip them down so they're flat on the floor. Once down, the bleachers will stay steadily in place and won't mar flooring thanks to a protective rubber padding. When the game is over, simply  【Get Price】

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All-aluminum bleachers for school gyms and outdoor fields feature anodized seats and welded-aluminum framework for maximum durability and stability. Choose from single and double footboard options, with both styles constructed to support 120 lb per linear foot. Design includes non-marring floor protectors for wood gym floors. Economical Durability. All-aluminum bleachers are a cost-effective, highly durable option for institutional use. They offer a similar stability to steel units,  【Get Price】

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Royal Stewart Ltd. We're glad you stopped by to check us out because it gives us a chance to tell you why you should stay. The truth is, there can only be so many people in this world who are as passionate about gym equipment as we are. You may not be one of those people. However, what you do care about is ensuring your project is completed to the highest standard, with the best possible equipment, by the kind of professionals who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure  【Get Price】

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Aluminum bleachers, Benches, Picnic Tables & more. Fast Shipping - Low Prices - Instant Online Freight Quotes. Best Quality & Large Selection! 【Get Price】

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Recycled plastic Benches · Metal Swing Sets · Site Amenities · Wood Benches · Merry Go Round · Trash Receptacles · Metal Benches · Playground Slides · Large Seating Plans · Fire Rings · Swimming Platforms · Playground Games · Elevated Seating · Park Grills · ADA Pool Lifts · Outdoor Fitness Equipment · Bike Storage Racks · Buyers Guide · Tennis Court Tiles · Hide-a-Bench · Bollards · Privacy Policy · Gym Floor Covers · Standard bleachers · Planters · Shipping Info · Portable  【Get Price】


1 Feb 2005 Witnesses who entered the mezzanine gym shortly after the fire was discovered saw flames shooting up from the burning stack of mats and continuing up the wall to the overhead drop ceiling. The wood curtain wall was burning, and flames were moving horizontally across the exercise mats on the floor toward the bleachers. The foam-plastic bleachers subsequently ignited and burned completely except for the metal structural portions. Thankfully, no students were  【Get Price】

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The days of bad seating are behind. We get it – you would rather play the game than watch it, but if you're going to be a benchwarmer, at least stay comfortable while doing it. Our bleachers aren't your typical cheap seats at a sports arena, but more like an operating system that will make you want to cheer while sitting down. And who knew those contoured seat modules came in 14 vibrant colors? With Royal Stewart, your options for both quality and visual appeal aren't compromised. 【Get Price】

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Bleacher repair parts for telescopic bleachers. Look through manufactures listed for in door wood bleachers parts. Replacement parts include motors, wheels, drive wheels, row locks, fasteners, bleacher movers, truck assembly's, hinges, gearboxes and pendant controllers and more are things that are available through our website and are usually in stock. We also carry southern yellow pine bleacher boards and aluminum planks which ship with in 2-3 weeks or less. for all quotes on  【Get Price】

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Fixed seating can either mount to the floor or attach to bleachers. Solid injection-molded plastic seats and backs ensure that they will not chip, peel or break. Mounting hinges are made of plastic and fiberglass and will not rust or corrode. Backs and seats fold down and up on hinges. There is no need to paint these chairs, and the plastic is resistant to fading. Portable stadium chairs are made of the same solid plastic as fixed seating. New designs allow stadiums to start out with a seat  【Get Price】

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Get the best of both worlds with telescopic or retractable bleachers, that retract into a compact storage position, maximizing the facility's floor space. Available in Southern Yellow Pine (SYP); Standard row rises of 9-5/8", 10-1/4" or 11-5/8"; Custom rises also available; Standard spacing of 22", 24" or 26"; Custom spacing also available; Electric or Manual Operation; System available as recessed, wall attached, reverse fold or portable; ADA cut-outs; vinyl end closures; Scorer's table  【Get Price】

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headache and a financial drain on schools. How did this come to be? To answer this question, let's exam- ine how the situation may have come about. (The exact details are lost in time, but perhaps the story goes something like this . . .) Telescopic bleacher seats offer versatility and flexibility for gymnasiums and multi- use facilities. When more floor space is needed, they store in a very small space and extend when needed to provide spectator seating. plastic seat modules in school. 【Get Price】