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Concrete casting, Raft, Column And decking With Steel Shutters. Providing services: other services, services in Lekki, Lagos, nigeria. Concrete casting, Raft, Column And decking With Steel Shutters Other services Providing services. Share on. Concrete casting, Raft, Column And decking With Steel Shutters. Price in Naira: NGN 150,000. Location: Lekki, Lagos Last update: 2016-09-26. 0 comments 1 user likes this listing  【Get Price】

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14 Sep 2016 oga you how much will it cost to purchase the following alone..blocks,chipping stones, cement for casting of foundation trenches,dpc slab,first floor slab,laying of blocks ,plastering, suckaway and tailing job.rood,wood for .. cost,they do this mainly by over estimating the materials quoted for the job.outside the decking and foundation, a duplex is just a normal structure. the extra cost of decking and foundation wont be more than 3-4m. dont be deceived. 【Get Price】

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11 Jul 2014 bluecard: Now I get where you got your name from.You are indeed a spider spinning its web,this looks more like a spider web. You are such a genius in this your work, and from all indication you seem to be an honest person. I hope one day i would have enough money to seek your services. Keep-up the good work grin. Thank you for your encouraging words, makes my weekend more enjoyable. cheesy. I pray for you to get too much money soon, because I will love  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft X W38ft Building

2 Apr 2013 What is the Estimated Cost for decking of 11.12m x 17.69m about 196sqm (L58ft x W38ft with 22 pillars) Building in Sango-Ota area. What and quantity of materials will I need for the decking like Iron Rods, Cements, Sand, Gravels, Woods, Bamboo tree, people, casting Cost and Bricklayer Labour cost. etc. It will appreciated if you can elaborate and list every materials and quantity that will be needed. Thank you. Hajji Mufutau. Re: What Is The Estimated Cost for  【Get Price】

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Bros that amount (N5m) won't get you even to the decking not to talk of finishing the project. Am building exactly the same thing though in Lagos but still N5m even without land cost will not go above decking. Estimate on decking materials and labour will cost you nothing less than N2m Naira Estimate on digging, casting, foundation, filling, German floor will cost you another N1m Estimate on block work (let's say 4,000 blocks from foundation to 2 blocks after lintel N120 cheapest is  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

30 tonnes of granite 145,000. Labour for casting 95,000. formwork and carpenter labour 300,000 miscellaneous 50,000. Builder's fee 100,000. Plumber & electrician 95,000. Total 1,542,000. The initial amount of 1.9m was with error, the total amount is 1.5m though wood for frame was not new, but from another decking, that help to drop the cost of wood used in the casting. Re: What Is The Estimated Cost for decking 2 Bedroom Duplex by LazyWasterners: 5:25am On Jun 10, 2016. 【Get Price】

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please how much is a good labour fee for casting of 40 pilars and linted round,labour for capenter,iron bender and builder/supervision,even labour for casting decking will be appreciated. Can someone give me the rough idea pls I feel am paying too much. I paid 200k for german floor and 200k for block setting of 4 flats room and palour,kitchen and bathroom in lagos ikotun about to cast pillars and lintel,any advice will be appreciated. I think you're paying too much especially  【Get Price】

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23 Dec 2015 Two (2up)/two (2down) and I believe it is too much for just the decking. I have done the lintel already. Advice is 16 casting of slabs & beams - - 250, 000 17 Bundles of 20mm PVC electrical pipes 15 2, 500 . 2 projects this year and I didn't spend that much. On my first decking I spent just over 3m excluding beam and I learn a lot of lesson since I was not base in nigeria. however on my second project I was able to save almost 1m yes 1m just by following simple trick 【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost for DECKING 2 Bedroom Duplex

7 Jun 2016 More reason you have not received some response. I did a decking recently for and area of 12m x 17m and with about three standard bedrooms ensuite and a Livingroom and Kitchen.. the total bedrooms for up and down is 7 bedrooms ensuite, it cost me around N2.6m and another 300k for Omo-Oniles. So just take it from there. I know yours will not be that much of a cost o. But it will be around N1.xm if not close to two. The materials has gone up too.. so factor that into  【Get Price】

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I want to find out the cost of decking a storey building. the ground and top floor are 3 bedroom. Iv got a carpenter quoting NGN well i can say, that the price is high but with the given price, it's reasonable considering the location, transportation, labour of which he need the services of other people.still price it for two hundred. thanks. Re: Cost of decking A Storey Are u also asking of cost of rods, Qty of cement, Chips and sand, Labour for casting of the slab. Make ur request more  【Get Price】

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I will be glad if anyone out there can please give me rough idea of how much will it cost to DECK a 3 bed rooms flat of 2 in Ikorodu and Ajah. Please let me know if you have done yours recently or have quotation given already for same in Ikorodu or 10km radius. Just want to compare with the quotations given; who knows, I could be having a good deal or yours could be a good bargain. much appreciation. Compliment of the season to you all. Re: Cost of decking by Nobody: 5:09pm  【Get Price】

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3 Jul 2014 tosin1570: I really need help from the forum, I'm about to deck a house in Ikorodu area but i'm not sure how much it's going to cost me. I do know there's a lot of experience builders and home owners on board can you please advise cheers. you can make a budget of about 1.3-1.5million naira. I can supervise it for you as i am familiar with ikorodu axis. Find my contact below +2347035596641. Cheers Samuel. Re: Cost of decking A Storey Building 2 Flats 3 Bedroom  【Get Price】

What Is The Estimated Cost For Decking Of L58ft X W38ft Building

Bearing this in mind, the following is the actual cost of the decking 1) PLANKS( 155pieces of 1by12, 60pieces of 2by3, 95pcs bamboo plus transportation) 165,000naira only. 2)nail..6500. Granite(20 tons)75,000. Sharp sound(two trips 48,000each)..96,000. Carpenter32,000. Iron bender32,000. Omo onile..49,500. casting of biscuit3000. Bricklayer supervision..4500. Electrical piping..20,000(material and labour),plumbing(only 3 toilets)..7,300(material and labour), casting  【Get Price】

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Good day, We're planning to construct the first floor of a building. So, we asked for quote that will take us from the decking to roof (decking already constructed). It is a single 4-bedroom apartment and we got the quotes below. Total number of blocks estimated: 3000. Bricklayer's labour bill for setting block up to roofing level (his exact words): N450,000. Carpenter's workmanship: N65,000. Iron bender workmanship: N75,000. Other information: 1. There are 2 staircases in the plan. 【Get Price】