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Hot Stuff Original is Satellite City's thin CA glue with a viscosity (3cps) similar to water and no surface tension. When you have parts that fit exactly together, first get them in position, then run this instant glue along the crack, and it will wick right in. If you have tight-fitting joints of non-porous material, Hot Stuff thin will give you the best results as it will not create any extra space between the pieces, and since you get the parts aligned before applying this instant glue, you can be sure they  【Get Price】 2-P10 Adhesive Kit: Home Improvement

Product Description. With 2P-10 you can easily glue the hardest joints in cabinetry without clamping! Jel: Will not run, all purpose application, excellent for vertical surfaces. Thick: for use on porous surfaces such as particle board. Medium: for use on smooth surfaces such as melamine and laminate, excellent crack wicking properties. thin: Excellent micro crack filling and precision mending, zero glue line. Kit includes: 1 - 2+ oz. jel, 1 - 2+ oz. thick, 1 - 2+ oz. medium, 1 - 2+ oz. thin,  【Get Price】

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I use this primarily when I need a fast-setting adhesive for my woodworking. It's especially useful for filling dings; pack a little matching sawdust into a hole or crack and then dab a little of this glue on top. It instantly wicks into the sawdust and sets quickly. With a little followup sanding, you'd never know the flaw was there. Be aware that it sets VERY quickly. TIPS: If you do much work with CA glue (e.g., for creating inlays), you'll find a bottle of CA glue accellerator very useful. Also, to  【Get Price】

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5 May 2011 Edge gluing thin boards, like these 3/16 in. thick re-sawn veneers, is basically impossible with bar clamps. So, instead of So, when I recently needed to glue up nine thin and narrow re-sawn boards (3/16 in. thick by 2 1/4 in. wide) to make a larger “panel” of shopmade veneer, I walked right over to Anissa Kapasales's desk and asked her how to do it. She went to the College Here's the crazy part: I ripped it apart to veneer a bank of bowed drawer fronts! (Yes, I went  【Get Price】

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thin panel glue-up jig. The boards being joined are a tightish fit even with that thin slat underneath the central joint, slide that out and press the two boards down flat and they are squeezed together very tightly. The two boards are held flat and prevented from tenting back up by placing a heavy weight on top or by using clamp pressure. The jig is built around a flat board (usually MDF or ply these days) with at least one batten firmly screwed/glued into position as a  【Get Price】