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How to Square Joists for a Deck This Old House

One way This Old House general contractor tom Silva ensures that mason's strings and deck framing are square when he is building a deck is by employing the 3-4-5 rule (based on the Pythagorean theorem): First, he tacks a double joist hanger to one end of the ledger and slips a side rim joist into place. Then he marks the top of the ledger 3 feet from the corner and the top of the side rim joist 4 feet out. Finally, he extends his tape measure between the two marks and moves the rim  【Get Price】

Square up a deck or wall using the 3 4 5 Rule - YouTube

17 Sep 2016 how to square up a deck or wall. Using the 3,4,5 rule is demonstrated by Contractor John in this video. Follow Contractor John at a 【Get Price】

Out of square porch deck by prior construction company - YouTube

24 apr 2014 This video shows deck out of square by 4 inches when Patiot showed up . Mike HOmpertz details poor workmenship and is surprised to find this on this calibur 【Get Price】

Checking for Square - YouTube

10 Feb 2007 Checking for square is essential in almost every building and remodeling project. host Tim Carter demonstrates several ways to check for sq 【Get Price】

3-4-5 Method, How to get a perfect right angle when building

28 Mar 2013 If i set up the initial right square and then proceed to extend my string 100 ft, how do I know the line I just created is straight? If I start another right angle at Say you want to sq. up a deck .pool foundation what ever . If it was 20'wide and 40' L If the .72 is not your thing just put .72 in your calculator and X it by 12 this will give you the dismal in inches . .72X12=8.64" so about 8 1/2 " try it this is dead on for square of anything to the smallest of a inch.Once you learn this  【Get Price】

3-4-5 Rule for Squaring - Squaring Rule - Easily Square up a

Vince Stanley writes: For squaring up a deck, foundation, or anything else that needs to be square, use the 3-4-5 rule. The best place to start is in one corner of the layout. The corner should be a right angle with two legs. The end of the left leg is a, the corner is B, and the end of the right leg is C. Tie a string between a and B to create left leg a, and tie a string between B and C to create right leg C. B is the corner. to apply the rule, start at stake B and measure out 3 feet toward a. Mark  【Get Price】

How to Lay Deck Boards on a Deck That Isn't Square Home Guides

Building a square or rectangular wooden deck is a big job, but building a deck that is not square, whether by accident or by design, is a much more challenging task. If the deck is slightly out of square due to improper installation of the posts and joists, the deck boards can be adjusted to conceal the problem. however, if the design calls for a round or curved sections of the deck, local codes may require an engineer's involvement, particularly as it relates to deck boards being  【Get Price】

How to Set Square Deck Posts Hunker

1 apr 2010 a sagging, collapsing or crooked deck is not only unsightly but also potentially dangerous. as with all structures, a long-lasting, durable and solid deck depends on a proper foundation. The foundation of a deck that rests on posts should be properly laid out, which involves making sure the posts are square. The posts also need to be set in the ground correctly so that they are stable and will not settle over time. These are important tasks, but they can be accomplished  【Get Price】

3-4-5 to square a roof, wall, floor or deck ?

3 4 5 to square a roof floor wall or deck is pretty simple once you learn the method. Try it, you just might become a professional after all. 【Get Price】

How To Build A Deck, Part 4: Building A Deck Frame And Framing

3 Jan 2013 Framing your deck will allow you to build a solid base for your deck. assembling the frame on the beams is the next step when installing your deck. For this project you will need joists, a tape measure, pencil, a square, drill with bits, nails and screws, a hammer, joist hangers, corner brackets, hurricane ties and a saw. to begin we will lay and measure the rim joists in conjunction with building codes, which will help support the floor joists. First cut the joists to size. 【Get Price】

How to square up level & plumb the deck -

how to measure the level & plumb position of a deck, floor, post, wall or other structure. This article summarizes methods to check that a deck or other structure is level and plumb - important measures to assure that a structure and its connections are safe and properly made. Details of deck & Porch Construction, how to build a deck that won't collapse. 【Get Price】

How to Lay Deck Boards on a Deck That Isn't Square

deck framing isn't as easy as it may appear. If you're a few inches off and don't notice, it shows up when you place the deck boards. Not to worry. It happens all the time. You can place the deck, check the fit and make some minor adjustments. Nobody will know you tweaked parts to fit. Sponsored link. 1. First deck Board. If your deck frame is finished and ready for deck boards, start by placing the first board. Chances are that most of the boards will lay square until you get to the outside  【Get Price】

How to Keep Deck Boards Square Home Guides SF Gate

In a typical deck installation, the deck boards run perpendicular to the joists. to create a tidy, professional appearance for your deck, the outer frame of the deck must be square so the deck boards 【Get Price】

It's Hip to Be Square: A Deck Measuring Technique - Wood. It's Real

18 apr 2016 We're talking about laying out a deck. Whether you're doing that or tiling a floor or building a gazebo; measuring for square is an important technique. 【Get Price】

Definition of Square PokerZone

RELaTED TERMS: Hold-out artist, Mechanic, Slick, Stacked deck. Verb. to arrange a deck neatly so that no card's edge protrudes from the pile. aDDITIONaL INFORMaTION: The deck is squared both for a sense of neatness and as a means to detect certain forms of tampering. Cards that have been marked by trimming or shaving are more easily detected when the cards are squared than when they are in a messy pile. EXaMPLE: "Make sure to square the deck before dealing.". 【Get Price】