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advantages: 1. Cheap. 2. Very few labors needed. 3. Very less time consumed to construct. 4. Very light. 5. Very easy to de-erect. 6. Easy to make changes to an existing structure. Disadvantages: 1. Not very stiff. 2. Can't withstand heavy natural 【Get Price】

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Exposure to wooden furniture and fittings has real and measurable health and wellbeing benefits. It helps lower heart rate and stress responses and encourages greater interaction between people. 【Get Price】

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7 Feb 2017 Traditionally, the furniture is made of wood. Even though technology and industry already contributes alternatives in furniture, wooden furniture always makes the favorite choice for buyers. People love to have outdoor and indoor furniture made from wood. Even with all the other materials and designs that are available, a lot of people still like the usual wooden furniture that can be conventional. It is not without reasons. The advantages of wooden furniture are  【Get Price】 - Proud manufacturer of wooden chairs, seats and

Value analysis service. With the client, Nicobois uses product analysis and design methods, which allows getting the best relation between the client's needs and the product or service costs. In the end, we'll offer a fair price while meeting all the requirements. Experienced and qualified practice staff. Our versatile production team always makes every effort to offer a product that meets your expectations. Multidisciplinary team, where managers complement each other. Three key factors  【Get Price】

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12 May 2017 The tree is an excellent material for developing and creating an exclusive furniture that is lively and incredibly cozy, attractive and solid, ergonomic and practical. And even the rapid development of scientific and technological progress, as well as the appearance of new technologies and innovative materials in the market, did not make the natural tree of valuable species less popular and not demanded among admirers of natural beauty and style. advantages of  【Get Price】

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1 Apr 2017 Plastic tables and chairs are commonly seen in households, offices, commercial establishments and even in schools and academic institutions. If you are thinking about buying plastic student chairs, it would be best to determine the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the materials. Here are the points: advantages. Compared to metal or wooden materials, plastics are pretty much affordable. They are also stylish and comfortable to sit on making it ideal for  【Get Price】