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The 6x6 and the double 2x12 are sufficient in themselves for your swing. But the 2x12s may not be attached securely enough to the 6x6 posts, and/or the pergola may not be attached securely enough to the house. Also, once the temporary diagonal cross braces on the 6x6 shown in the photo are removed, there may not be enough lateral stability. If you were to convert the pergola into a roof, and sheathed the roof with plywood, then there would be enough lateral  【Get Price】

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26 Jul 2013 The ultimate how to guide for properly mounting pergolas to any surface, including decks, paving stones, poured concrete, and more. 6” depth of pour. With that in place, anchoring is a simple matter of hammer drilling the holes for the fasteners, hammering the fasteners into place, and bolting down the mounting brackets for the pergola posts. However, your contractor can screw these piles right into the ground with an auger type attachment on their backhoe. 【Get Price】

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Right off the bat there I would advise you to consult an engineer with your structure plans to determine if this is feasible and safe. This is completely disregarding the fact that your deck is only as strong as its weakest point. If your house is brick and your ledger board is attached with carriage bolts then even if the joists were on 12" centers then you are still likely putting entirely too much stress on the ledger board. You also could have a lot of problems if any part of your  【Get Price】

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13 Jul 2011 At that site, they are adamant about not recommending attaching a pergola to the floating deck. They recommend poured footings for the pergola and build the floating deck around it - keeping them separate. This late realized bit of advice spoils the simplicity of my whole plan. Searching for alternate advice has lead me to this site. The Titan post Anchor seems to be a confident bracket to use. Here are my questions: Is it sufficient to attach the Titan post Anchor to deck  【Get Price】

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With The titan post anchor? enjoy beautiful wood posts on any surface, faster, easier than ever before that are longer lasting and Residential Whether it's new a deck being constructed or replacing rotted posts or decking, notching deck boards is something you will get familiar with pretty quickly. . If you have a composite railing system, you can now use the Titan post Anchor? and affordably attach posts to concrete and masonry surfaces and then slide over the sleeve and skirt. 【Get Price】

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deck render. I can't figure out how to make this work though. If you were to notch the 6x6 you'll have a much weaker post for the pergola above. Looking at the plans just confuses me more because it appears to notch the post for the rim joist as well. You'd be left with a pretty weak point Front. post side elevation Side. If the pergola and deck posts are actually supposed to be two separate 6x6 pieces what would be the best way to attach the pergola post to the deck? 【Get Price】

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23 Sep 2013 Notched posts. A common method of addressing beam rotation is to notch a 6x6 post to accept a two-ply beam while leaving a 2 1/2-inch-thick attachment leg to bolt the beam to. Once the beam is fastened to the post with a pair of 1/2-inch bolts, the assembly will prevent beam rotation, and the integral post leg will also provide uplift-load-path continuity. One advantage of this configuration is that it doesn't require any additional metal connectors; another is that it's  【Get Price】

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It if often practical to use a common post and footing to support two or more beams in a deck design. This usually happens in multilevel decks where a lower deck intersects with an upper deck along a line of posts and footings. Stair landings that wrap around the frame of a deck often take advantage of sharing a corner post. Although this can be a great technique for reducing your quantity of footings for your project you must be careful to consider the types of compound forces you will  【Get Price】

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24 Jun 2016 Mike Lovewell explains how to efficiently install the pergola beam to the post. This video included tips and tricks on drilling out the 4-hole pattern on bot 【Get Price】

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23 Jun 2014 I am building a pergola. My question is can I use Titan anchors to attach 6x6 cedar posts (4 pergola posts) to the top of stone columns? I would plan. The use of the 6x6 post anchor for pergola posts whether they be secured to the deck or patio surface or on top of capped columns is a very common use. And the post anchor excels at that. Here is a great case study of a beautiful pergola with the posts secured to the caps of some 36" masonry columns built by Macek  【Get Price】

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22 May 2015 A new series, brought to you by Cottage Life, Jason Lake shows you common mistakes, and easy fixes for building a deck. Jason is a contractor, host of decks, 【Get Price】

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Includes: (4) 3/8"X5" lag screws,. (8) #14x3 wood screws, (1) post anchor. H O T Z I N C / P O W D E R C O A T E D. TIPR6612. Sold in any quantity. 12 per case. Railings, pergolas and Support. Columns are easy work for the. 6x6 Titan post “This product was perfect. attachment of the post anchor a breeze. Once installed, the post was as solid as anything else. I've ever tried in attaching posts for a deck. Will definitely use again and recommend to all.” Al Stevens - Batesburg, SC. 【Get Price】

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This technique is the same as attaching a rail post. pergolas are top heavy and can sway in the wind without lateral bracing and can act experience strong uplift forces as the pergola acts as a sail. Attaching sections of rail in between pergola posts will strengthen the pergola. Installing 45 degree bracing in between the post and header beam will also increase stability. Using 6x6's for support posts will further strengthen the structure. deck Lok brackets are an option for extremely windy  【Get Price】

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24 Jun 2016 Mike Lovewell shows how to install the beam attachment brackets - this includes fastening them in and how to pre-measure for a clean and efficient install. 【Get Price】

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What is the best way to attach a 2 board 2x10 beam to a post for best support AND the same post supporting another 2 x 2x10 beam at 90 degrees? I'm using 6x6 We usually notch the 6x6 3" for the main double 2x beam run and attach secondary beams with simpson double hangers. We do a lot . I will then be building a pergola on top of the deck connecting my clear cedar 6x6 posts directly above the treated 6x6 posts with Simpson ties with the proper hardware. 【Get Price】

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The 6x6 column is supported by a poured concrete footing. The deck is about 2 feet off the So, how do I attach the beam to this column to support the deck, while at the same time retaining structural integrity for the pergola? Everyone, including building Editor's Comments. Your instincts are right in the sense that if you remove 50% of the width of a post and then impose a moment load against the top of the post the post will be much weaker in the zone where the post is narrower. 【Get Price】