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Although the ultraviolet (UV) portion of solar radiation is mainly responsible for initiating weathering effects, the visible and near-infrared portions can also contribute to the weathering processes. Colored materials are susceptible to visible radiation, and near-infrared radiation can accelerate chemical reactions by raising the material temperature. The other factors act synergistically with solar radiation to significantly influence the weathering processes. All weather factors, including the  【Get Price】

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11 Jun 2008 3 by a discussion of damage to polymeric materials (plastics, wood) and other organic materials (asphalts, pigments) initiated by the energetic ultraviolet temperature can accelerate deleterious chemical reactions, cause loss of volatile constituents, and soften some polymers. Temperature changes, either . mixed with about 30% acrylic copolymer to aid in dispersion during the coating process. Product specifications [9,10] indicate the weathering performance  【Get Price】

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favors the selection of an artificial weathering method. Artificial weathering methods are useful tools for studying the durability of unfinished and finished wood products that will be used outdoors. Such weathering tests can accelerate the effects .. decreases with the presence of compatibilizer due to better dispersion of wood flour in polymer matrix. Some investigations have studied the effects of natural and accelerated artificial weathering on the appearance and chemical changes of  【Get Price】

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9 May 2017 However, none of the standards give a required standard for the properties of the product at the end of the exposure period. Several major users derive their own criteria. An example is the weathering of plastic Pipes (Report TR18/99) by the plastic Pipe Institute, which warns of the large differences in environment for different locations in the USA. Another is for plastic lumber where the hardness of the outer skin must not have changed by more than 10% after 500 hrs  【Get Price】

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23 Aug 2013 The term ageing of polymers is usually associated with long-term changes of polymer properties under the conditions of weathering and may involve any of the above processes Strlic & Kolar (2005). A wide variety of synthetic The use of plastics in building applications is popular in the developing world because of the low cost and the ease of use of plastic components compared to the conventional metal, glass, mortar, wood and other materials. plastics are used in  【Get Price】

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Addition of reground process scrap or post-consumer recyclables can severely affect product durability, particularly physical performance. These materials' previous heat histories can deplete levels of protective antioxidant additives. The end result is then higher uv photosensitivity and decreased molecular weight, often accompanied by yellowing. Mechanical properties can also be compromised. to cite one example, a manufacturer of HDPE plastic deck lumber discovered that as  【Get Price】

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This manual is one of many steps Atlas Material Testing. Solutions has taken to support the weathering test programs. The Atlas Network of weathering is a concept that supports the strategic goals of Atlas Material Testing Solutions, as well as our. Mission and Vision statements. The Atlas Vision. Shaping the future of the materials testing world in partnership with our in the bulk of a plastic material because the thermal conductivity and heat capacity of metals are generally higher  【Get Price】

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sion between the wood flour and the PVC matrix. 289. Effects of UV-accelerated weathering and natural weathering conditions on anti-fungal efficacy of wood/PVC composites doped with propylene glycol-based HPQM. P. Srimalanon1, W. Yamsaengsung2, A. Kositchaiyong1, E. Wimolmala1, K. Isarangkura3,. N. Sombatsompop1*. 1Polymer processing and Flow (P-PRof) Research Group, Division of Materials Technology, School of Energy,. Environment and Materials, King  【Get Price】

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Another big need for makers of wood and natural-fiber composites is to expand into new markets beyond decking. The focus of the 4th WPC Conference held last October in Baltimore by Principia Partners was on new product development, especially ones made via injection molding, the newest and smallest composite process. (The 5th WPC Conference next month will have a similar emphasis.) Meanwhile, the 2nd Wood Fibre Polymer Composites Conference last March in  【Get Price】

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of Paints on Wood. This practice covers procedures to be followed for direct exposure of house and trim paints on new, previously unpainted wood materials to the environment. Four test methods to accelerate the effects of long term indoor illumination on artists' materials are described. This test method covers the resistance of transparent plastics exposed to environmental conditioning (accelerated weathering) under a biaxial stress state induced by a pressure cell/test fixture. 【Get Price】

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The QUV Accelerated weathering Tester reproduces the damage caused by sunlight, rain and dew. Call us today for more information. 【Get Price】

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various aspects, such as weathering conditions (e.g. moisture, temperature, and biological decay) [3–. 20], wood content, processing method, weathering condition, and type and content of UV absorbers and pigments [3–14]. The presence of wood has been found to accelerate the photodegradation of WPC. Works by Stark and Matuana [3, 4] showed that wood particles accelerated the oxidation reaction at the surface of wood/high density polyethylene. (WPE) composite, to a greater  【Get Price】

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wood underneath. The reasons for this will become apparent as we discuss the chemistry and degradation processes of wood weathering. We see many examples of weathering. The rough, gray appearance of old barns, wood shake roofs, and drift wood are typical examples of not necessary for weathering to occur, however the presence of water can help accelerate the process .. Lignin is a three-dimensional polymer comprised of phenyl propane units, but it has no regular. 【Get Price】

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20 Sep 2011 weathering testing in which test specimens are exposed to light, and sometimes moisture, in a laboratory. Artificial test methods typically accelerate weather- ing approximately six times faster than real-time outdoor weathering, depending on test conditions and sample characteristics, says Allen Zielnik, senior consultant of weathering science at Atlas Material. Testing Technology. A common method is to test in the lab for 2,000 hours, which is approximately equivalent  【Get Price】

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SN is proud to publish this paper on ASTM standards for recycled plastic lumber, which won first place in the World Standards Day paper competition on Standards and the Environment. ABSTRACT Considerable work has been conducted in characterizing the quantity and types of plastics in different waste streams, and in evaluating and improving collection methods, separation, and sorting, as well as technologies for processing post-consumer mixed plastics. (2-6) There are two  【Get Price】