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4 I Harlequin's Guide to dance Floors. Section two. dance floor product information. Sprung sub-floors are most commonly used in permanent installations, although Harlequin has also developed a portable panel system that is suited for touring companies or as a temporary sprung floor solution. The Harlequin range of sprung floors has been developed for use in combination with a vinyl or wood performance surface. Harlequin ActivityTM permanent sprung floor. Harlequin Activity  【Get Price】

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wood sports floors. We install wood sports hall floors, gymnasium wood floors and dance studio floors. Springbok Precisionaire wood sports floor. Springbok Precisionaire is an area elastic advanced sprung floor comprising solid hardwood strip fixed to overlapping treated joists supported at designed intervals by 10mm rubber pads which form a permanent cushion between the floor and the concrete subfloor. The rubber pads provide a calculated resilience designed to minimise  【Get Price】

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Reclaim, recycle, reuse. reclaimed wood floorboards might not have started their product life as floorboards, but those which actually were wood flooring, can be quite old. The wood flooring you purchase could be any age and we often stock pieces from the Edwardian, Georgian and Victorian eras. We supply a range of species of wood including, but not limited to oak, pine and maple. Purchasing wood floorboards online should not just be with property restoration in mind, but also  【Get Price】

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10 Feb 2012 Floors for dancing on must be sprung, semi-sprung or cushioned. Floor systems for dance are generally referred to as 'area elastic' floors—i.e. floors with a stable surface deck and an underlying cushion, spring or elastic suspension system on which the deck floats to absorb the impact of a Most regular wooden floors have adequate shock absorption (unless the boards are laying on concrete) and are still generally accepted for ballroom, folk and social dance. 【Get Price】

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McKay flooring supply, install, repair and renovate dance flooring UK Wide. Specialising in sprung wood floors for dance. A Range of dance flooring options. 【Get Price】

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Floor Systems by Robbins The most advanced professional sprung dance floor systems are designed specifically for performers with dancer input to create the world's most comfortable and highest performance surfaces. DOWNLOAD THE NEW 2017 CATALOG HERE! wood Sprung Floors. Robbins wood sprung floors have a specially profiled hardwood performance surface that is recoatable & refinishable, & custom designed to increase flexibility and resilience for dancer safety. 【Get Price】

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Hey, Let's Make a dance Floor! Only $24 plus cost of paint for this floor! Great fun for dance party, and can be saved and reused for more events, or cut/used for other repurposes listed here. 【Get Price】

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A dance floor in either Maple or Ash from Huggins Sprung Floors is ideal for the ballroom dancer. Both of these choices are finished with a ceramic urethane of the highest caliber, a durable slip resistant finish for accommodating the most technical footwork. An O'Mara Sprung Floor is easily installed with our revolutionary, patented clamp and cable system, an elegantly simple solution which requires no carpentry skills. Ourballroom dance flooring can be dismantled and moved to a  【Get Price】

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A portable dance floor is typically about <sup>1</sup>?2 to 1 inch thick (1.3 to 2.5 cm), and consists of many 3 ft × 3 ft (0.91 m × 0.91 m) panels to create the desired size. There is trim edging around the border, allowing users to enter the floor safely. The portable panels are constructed from either oak parquet, for indoor use, or honeycomb aluminum and laminate for indoor and outdoor use. Other portable dance floors are made out of a polypropylene base with&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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technology as the semi-sprung floor. With variations in materials, this product offers greater levels of dampering. Ideal for all types of dance and aerobic exercise including ballet, tap, jazz, modern, lyrical, hip hop, yoga, ballroom, and pilates. Finish thickness is two inches. ?. Basketweave dance flooring – The basketweave dance floor design draws on concepts dating back to the 19th century. It blends tradition with the technologies of today. Layers of wooden bearers lay at right angles&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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22 Jul 2011 But while they lasted, they enhanced the ballroom decorations for the evening, amused and/or charmed those who would soon dance across the surface of those ballroom floors, even as those same dancers consigned the lovely images These chalked patterns were then used to make wooden templates for the parts which would be needed in the construction of the ship. On 25 November 1823, The Royal Suspension Chain Pier in Brighton was officially opened. 【Get Price】