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22 Jan 2015 If you need to actually use a true mulch kit, then really look at the JD. The 7 Iron's rounded upper corners do not hold the crap like the square corners on most welded decks do. It just seems to slip off a lot better under the 7 Iron, though any deck with a full on kit cutting in the wet is going to build up to one degree or another. The V+ deck is a great wet weather deck for discharging, but not really any better than any other welded deck with a mulch kit in wet conditions. 【Get Price】

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Are you one of those kiwis who loves the sheer enjoyment of outdoor living on the deck area summer or winter, close to where the action is for BBQ's and social gatherings? Well, that enjoyment can be cut short if your deck suffers from algae, lichen, moss or, mould. All of these stains are ugly and even worse - some can cause even more problems: Algae creates a slippery surface that can lead to falls. Moss can damage the surface of your deck. All of these deck problems can keep  【Get Price】

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2 grade and wet service conditions. 2 Maximum allowable overhang cannot exceed L/4 or ? of actual main span. Assumes cantilever length/180 deflection with 100 kg point load. 3 Joist length prescriptively limited to 5.49 metres for footing design. 1 Assumes 1.915 kN/m2 live load, 0.479 kN/m2 dead load, L/360 simple span beam deflection limit, L/180 cantilever deflection limit, No. 2 stress grade and wet service conditions. deck beam spans (LB) can extend past the post centre line  【Get Price】

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14 Nov 2013 A basic understanding of wood is key to a quality installation (see Understanding Wood, page 23). for instance, in order to gap wood decking properly—to allow for drainage and prevent debris from collecting between boards—you need to know about its moisture content. Sun exposure will dry wet decking, which will cause it to shrink; a moist environment may cause very dry decking to swell. How much the decking will shrink or swell after installation—and therefore,  【Get Price】

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The concrete slur ry is restrained within the metal profile, eliminating the need for control joints in the slab. Structural expansion joints are cut through all components or formed with pour stops to allow for building movement. During the casting and curing process of the slab, conditions may occur that will allow for the retention of water. Voids, such as rock pockets, can form reservoirs at the deck interface. These voids can be recharged with additional water percolating through the slab. 【Get Price】

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2 Jul 2013 Finally, wipe down the top of the mower to remove wet clippings, and fill its gas tank to remove air. 2. Mow More Often. If your typical mowing interval is every seven days, reduce that to five days or even less. This prevents the grass from getting long and shaggy. Tall grass is difficult to cut, and tall, wet grass is even worse. 3. Raise the Mower deck. Most grasses in the particularly damp areas of the country are cool-season types. These grasses grow best with a long  【Get Price】 Water in deck footing holes

Big Foot form tubes can also be installed to keep the water out of your concrete pour. The bell shape of the footing form will help keep the footing in place and prevent it from floating up to the surface. Once the footing is poured you may want to back fill some gravel around the footing to promote drainage. Concrete poured in wet conditions will actually have more strength. The slower that the concrete cures, the stronger it will set. Previous Article: How many footings do I need for a deck  【Get Price】

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1 May 2008 Always in the front of my mind is that as deck builders we are responsible for keeping people safe during evening cookouts, family gatherings, and even wild college parties that exceed design loads. In addition to the obvious joist, beam, and footing sizing, we need to make sure our decks are fastened and flashed to the house to withstand the extra demands of a northern coastal climate, and we need to use fasteners that will hold up not only to wet conditions but to  【Get Price】

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28 Mar 2017 main repairing deck. Man replacing boards of wood deck. Jessica Gwozdz/Getty Images. Wood needs to be maintained often, which includes cleaning, sanding, polishing, or painting. Here's how to inspect: Look for evidence of rot. Using a knife or other sharp object, lightly poke or dig into areas that look soft and spongy, repair or replace the wood asap. Check the wood for splinters or Sitting moisture is the main cause of wet or dry rot. wet Rot. Telltale signs of wet. 【Get Price】

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18 Aug 2015 I often find deck or balcony posts with one end buried in the soil, as shown in the photo above. The tile probe in the photo is 45 inches from its tip to the handle and the tip has been inserted down to the top of the footing, about 2 feet down. Wood that is below the soil level can be chronically exposed to wet conditions that can cause rot. Areas under decks are one place where you likely can find wet dirt because the dirt is not exposed to the drying effects of sun and wind  【Get Price】

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details, plus beam assembly details for multiple 2x members. 1. Assumes 40 psf live load, 10 psf dead load, L/360 simple span beam deflection limit, L/180 cantilever deflection limit, No. 2 stress grade, and wet service conditions. deck beam spans (LB) can extend past the post centerline up to LB/4. 2. Beam depth must be equal to or greater than the joist depth if joist hangers are used. Southern Pine decks and Porches. Southern forest Products Association 【Get Price】

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Nothing is cooler. From 1962, Kool deck is the premier heat reducing surface available for barefoot areas. No other polymer cement overlay, paver, or stone comes close. Reason #2, Durability. Modern Look. By stamping Kool deck, any type of modern travertine, slate, stone, granite or other low-relief pattern textures are possible. Make it look the way you want! Iconic Awarded Design. Durable. As a pure cementitious overlay, Kool deck endures freeze-thaw, blistering sun and wet  【Get Price】

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CURING TIMES: If applied at 13°C/55°F to 23°C/73°F - Let cure for at least 72 hours prior to wet weather conditions, with only light traffic or deck furniture on surface. If applied at 24°C/75°F to 30°C/85°F - Let cure for at least 48 hours prior to wet weather conditions, light traffic or deck furniture on surface. 【Get Price】

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10 Mar 2016 The process of staining your wood surface is no longer dependent on perfect weather conditions. Olympic MAXIMUM<sup>?</sup> Weather-Ready Application gives you greater opportunities for staining when it may rain or if the weather is too hot or cold. Now you can stain your deck when you want, not when the weather allows it. Let's look at 5 reasons staining your deck with Weather-Ready Application makes sense for your next staining project. 【Get Price】