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Explore all the features of Timberline Cool Series Shingles that help protect your most valuable assset - your home! Plus they're energy efficient! 【Get Price】

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sri. Solar Reflectance Index. sri combines reflectivity and emittance to measure a roof's overall ability to reject solar heat. The calculation of this index is defined by ASTM E 1980-01 and is based on a mathematical formula that includes values for solar absorptance, solar flux, thermal emissivity, and various other coefficients. Title 24 provides sri alternatives to the solar reflectance and thermal emittance requirements. Steep Slope. Slopes greater than 2:12. Thermal Emittance. 【Get Price】

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COOL roof Colors Collection. Meet Prescriptive Cool roof Requirements in. California Title 24 and Other Compliance Programs. Owens Corning? shingle products listed above are also found on the CRRC Rated Product directory: Owens Corning? COOL roof Shingles. Meets. ENERGY STAR?. Requirements. CRRC. Product ID. Warranty. Length. Solar. Reflectance. Thermal. Emittance. Solar. Reflectance. Index (sri). Duration? Premium COOL  【Get Price】

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Index (sri). LEED?. Credits. Cool Antique Slate. 0.27. 0.92. 29. YES. Cool Barkwood. 0.27. 0.92. 29. YES. Cool Weathered wood. 0.26. 0.92. 29. YES. * Savings depend on various factors including, but not limited to, climate zone, utility rates, location, and HVAC equipment efficiency. ** See GAF Shingle & Accessory Ltd. Warranty for complete coverage and restrictions. The word “Lifetime” means as long as the original individual owner(s) of a single-family detached residence [or the  【Get Price】

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27 Aug 2014 The sri alternative is useful when a particular product exceeds the. Building Energy Efficiency Standards requirement for either the aged solar reflectance or the thermal emittance, but does not meet both requirements. In this case the combination of the aged solar reflectance and the thermal emittance for the product may be sufficient to comply with the sri requirement. sri values range from 0 to 100. The higher the sri, the better the roofing material's ability to  【Get Price】

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30 Jun 2015 C A L I F O R N I A E N E R G Y C O M M I S S I O N. ? For both, the higher the number, the better. ? Yes, they can calculate & submit a solar reflectance index instead of TE & SR, but sri must be calculated as “aged”. ? “Cool roof” is not a type of product per se. It is a concept for saving energy. roofing must meet TE & SR values for a given CZ and roof slope to be called “cool roof”. Cool roofs. Definitions: ? Thermal emittance: Ratio of heat given. 【Get Price】

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Our Cool-roof? pavers utilize a high reflective value and low emissivity rate resulting in a high Solar Reflectance Index (sri) value; Tile Tech Cool-roof? pavers have a minimum sri value of 78. IPE wood Deck Tiles. IPE Deck Tiles are specifically designed for installation on our pedestal supports, enabling decks with a perfectly horizontal surface to be built over sloping or irregular surfaces. Tile Tech's IPE wood Tiles are constructed from kiln dried 1×3 IPE wood face slats  【Get Price】

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standard. Can roof coatings be used to meet the emissivity and reflectivity standards? Yes, look for the label with the tested values. How will customers know if a roof meets these standards? Every roofing product must have a product label that lists the. 3-year aged reflectivity, emissivity and sri testing results for the product. Are there any exempt roofing products? Exceptions to Prescriptive Requirements for low-sloped, nonresidential: ? wood-framed roof assemblies in climate zones  【Get Price】

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To help reduce the heat island affect created by the dark densely place urban roofs which, contributes to global warming, Tile Tech has developed the Cool-roof? series roof pavers. Solar reflective Cool-roof? Pavers are ideal for creating functional and attractive rooftop, terraces, balconies and plazas. Our Cool-roof? pavers utilize a high reflective value and low emissivity rate resulting in a high Solar Reflectance Index (sri) value; Tile Tech Cool-roof? pavers have a minimum  【Get Price】

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meeting aged solar reflectance and thermal emittance requirements for cool roofs. The sri value is calculated based on: ? The aged solar reflectance and the thermal emittance of the roofing material. ? The roof slope and the product weight of the . wood-framed roofs in climate zones 3, 5. The roof assembly has a U-factor of 0.039 or lower. Nonres Low-sloped. Metal building roofs in climate zones 3, 5. The roof assembly has a U-factor of 0.048 or lower. Table continued on next page. 【Get Price】

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Whilst Solar Reflectance Index data is not currently available for all pavers in our range, the following data for the Kronos range of porcelain pavers will give an indication of sri values that can be expected across the complete color range of pavers, ranging from lightest to darkest colors. Paver Color, Solar Reflectance, Thermal Emittance, sri. Maple, 0.71, 0.91, 87. Rovere / Oak, 0.51, 0.90, 60. Greige / Faggio, 0.45, 0.90, 52. Grigio Basic / Alta / Kauri, 0.32, 0.90, 34. Ebano / Nut /  【Get Price】

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Concrete provides reflective surfaces with good solar reflective index (sri) that helps in urban heat island reduction. urban heat island effect. Urban heat islands are primarily attributed to horizontal surfaces such as roofs and pavements that absorb solar radiation. However, most opaque non-metallic materials encountered in the built environment (such as concrete, masonry, and wood) have an emittance between 0.85 and 0.95, and a value of 0.90 is usually assumed(6). Further  【Get Price】

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Statement: Tile Tech Pavers is a leading manufacturer of Concrete Pavers, roof Pavers, Porcelain Pavers, IPE wood Deck Tiles & Adjustable Pedestal Systems. Our complete product lines transforms any roof deck, pool decks, rooftop terraces, plazas, green roofs, walkways, driveways, courtyards or patios into beautiful usable spaces in both high-traffic commercial and high-end residential applications. They can be sand set, mortar set or installed on pedestals over waterproof roofs or  【Get Price】


If new plywood roof sheathing is installed, a tear off inspection is not required; however, a plywood nailing At roof to wall or chimney junction, when exterior walls are wood siding, the flashing must be installed behind . The sri provides an alternative to meeting solar reflectance and thermal emittance requirements for cool roofs. The sri allows for tradeoffs between the minimum solar reflectance and thermal emittance values that would otherwise be used for compliance under the  【Get Price】