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cross-laminated timber is ideal for use in mid-rise construction due to the material's high strength, dimensional stability and rigidity. 【Get Price】

Cross Laminated Timber Stora Enso

Stora E?nso′s cross laminated timber, CLT, is a massive wood construction product consisting of bonded single-layer panels arranged at right angles to one another. CLT can measure up to 2.95m in width and 16.00?m in length. CLT solid wood panels are made up of several layers and are available in different panel thicknesses dep?endi?ng o?n structural requirements. The layers are bonded together using formaldehyde-free and environmentally-friendly adhesive which  【Get Price】

CLT - Cross Laminated Timber (Xlam) companies in Philippines

10 results VAST MAJORITY HOLDinGS inC. (philippines, Makati). 51-100 employees. Activities : Importer of lumber. ? 1; ?. Please note that only a selected number of our members are in the directory. To reach all our members in the most efficient way, post your offers or requests in the marketplace. 【Get Price】

Cross-Laminated Timber is the Most Advanced Building Material

26 Feb 2014 cross-laminated timber is the world's most advanced building material, and its going to remake the world's skyline. 【Get Price】

New timber technology a game-changer for Singapore News Eco

16 Sep 2014 Australian developer Lend Lease is introducing cross laminated timber technology to Singapore, which promises productivity and cost savings in addition to 【Get Price】

New Mactan-Cebu Airport terminal built of Wood - Silent Gardens

25 May 2016 The second largest airport in the philippines, the Mactan Cebu international Airport, will be expanded by 2018 and supplemented by a new terminal. This represents the Austrian timber construction specialist on Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural timber product comprising a number of layers of dimensioned timber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. The high strength and stiffness of laminated timbers  【Get Price】

Oregon CLT - Cross-laminated Timbers

D.R. Johnson Wood innovations specializes in the manufacture of CLT using the best available lamination stock and engineered to customer's needs. 【Get Price】

Nail-Laminated Timber & NLT Guide Think Wood

NLT gets its strength and durability from the nails that fasten individual dimension lumber, stacked on edge, into a single structural element. Applications for NLT include flooring, decking, roofing and walls, as well as elevator and stair shafts. Its revival is due in large part to its domestic availability. The mass timber product does not require a dedicated manufacturing facility, compared with others like cross-laminated timber (CLT). And it can be fabricated with readily available dimension  【Get Price】

CLT Stora Enso

Massive wood system. CLT is the construction material of the future. CLT is made up of at least three bonded, single-layer panels arranged at right angles to one another, and can measure up to 2.95 m in width and 16.00 m in length. more information  【Get Price】

CLT BBS - Binderholz GmbH - Holzindustrie - Fügen, Zillertal

binderholz CLT BBS is made up of multilayered, completely solid wood. The warping of the wood is reduced by bonding the longitudinal and transverse layers. This guarantees that the requirements of a modern building material are met. 【Get Price】

Glue laminated posts and beams Stora Enso

Building and Living Products and Services Glue laminated Posts and Beams. About Wood Products Division. Wood Products division provides versatile wood-based solutions for building and housing. Our product range covers all areas of urban construction including massive wood elements, wood components and pellets. We also offer a variety of sawn timber goods. Our customers are mainly construction and joinery companies, merchandisers and retailers. Wood Products operates  【Get Price】

CLTとは|一般社団法人 日本CLT協会|CLT(Cross Laminated Timber)

CLTとは。日本CLT協会は、クロス?ラミネーティッド?ティンバー(cross-laminated-timber:CLT)を使用した木造建築物を日本に導入する取り組みを行なっています。 【Get Price】

China dsitribution center Stora Enso

landed stock in the market; partnership with customers in setting up local consignment warehouses; Furniture and woodcraft products, construction and building materials, packaging, crating and pallets. ?Stora Enso is a pioneer in developing customised cut products for the local markets. The office is located in Hong Kong, and we serve customers in China, Hong Kong, india, indonesia, Macao, Maldives, Malaysia, philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 【Get Price】

Maggies Oldham American tulipwood CLT drmm architects

27 Jun 2017 Maggie's blueprint for its cancer care centres is a building that sits quietly in the landscape – a place that instils an air of tranquillity and wellbeing, where people can chat over tea around the kitchen table. Architects dRMM wanted not only to design the latest Maggie's in Oldham in wood, but use it to stretch boundaries in timber-based construction. With its core structure in American tulipwood cross laminated timber (CLT), the new building brings together client's brief  【Get Price】

Wood Expo 2016 Exhibitors – - Philippine Wood

FILTRA timber is the daily name used for the timber activities of Philippine and Scandinavian design, FILTRA inc. and work closely with its partners and main supplier CARL RONNOW with whom it has been closely linked since 1985. It aims to be . +1604 455-0709; Fax: +1604 882-7300; Email:; Nature of Business: Wood timber Products (Structural); Brief introduction: Structurlam Products LP is a manufacturer of high quality cross laminated timber,  【Get Price】

Rising above 'Yolanda' Inquirer Business

8 Dec 2013 How best to rise above Super typhoon “Yolanda's” aftermath and how to prepare for more climate change and other risks are concerns that we must address now. Seeking some answers to these questions, the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Committee of the Management Association of the philippines (MAP), together with the MAP Agri-Business and Countryside Development Foundation, Private Sector Disaster Management Network, and EARTH  【Get Price】

一般社団法人 日本CLT協会|CLT(Cross Laminated Timber)

一般社団法人 日本CLT協会は、クロス?ラミネイティド?ティンバー(cross-laminated-timber:CLT)を使用した大規模木造建築物の構法を日本に導入する取り組みを行なっています。 【Get Price】