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Does It Hurt to Put Salt on a Wooden Deck? Hunker

7 Oct 2011 Because deicing salts come in a variety of formulations and vary in how harsh or corrosive they are, whether it hurts a wooden deck to put salt on it depends. Consider the type Because rock salt dries out the natural moisture of wood, it's never recommended as safe to use on a wooden deck. When the salt dries out the wood, it affects the Do not use a metal shovel to remove snow from a wooden deck; instead use a plastic shovel. The metal can chip the wood  【Get Price】

Salt can corrode your deck hardware - use CMA - Power Ice Melt

salt and Calcium Chloride is extremely corrosive to the metal fastners on your deck. Online Catalogue This is why you should not use salt on your wood or composite deck. Corrosion from salt. It's a well-known fact that salt is corrosive to metal. Many homeowners need to access their deck in winter and the question is asked "is ice melt or salt safe for my deck?" Little thought is given to the fasteners that hold your deck together and securely to the structure. Look around at some  【Get Price】

The Seventrust Blog - Let It Snow! Tips for Wintertime Care - Seventrust Decking

22 Dec 2014 Some parts of the country are knee-deep in snow, others have seen it come and go and are awaiting for it to come again. Still others eagerly anticipate the first flakes to fall. While Seventrust decks certainly are beautiful covered in snow, it's easy to keep them clear of the white stuff. Seventrust, decks, snow removal, care and cleaning. To remove snow from Seventrust Transcend<sup>?</sup>, Enhance<sup>?</sup> and Select<sup>?</sup> decks, a plastic shovel is preferred over metal. Calcium chloride or rock salt also&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Deck Maintenance Care for Pressure Treated Wood & Composite

You won't really damage our deck if you leave a few inches of snow on there-especially with our Mid Atlantic Winters where the snow will melt in a short time. If you have significant build up on your deck, you are wise to shovel it off, just like you would your roof. If you want to remove snow and ice from your deck, be mindful not to chip the surface with a shovel and never use an ice pick. A plastic shovel is safer than a metal one. Ice melt or rock salt are both safe to use on your deck- but&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Managing Snow and Ice MeltSnow.com

17 Apr 2011 We've also seen a lot of plastic decking in the last decade and it's a great material that is enormously popular because of its long life and lack of required maintenance with stain or paint. However With products like our treated salt, which is rock salt encapsulated with a mixture of magnesium chloride and molasses, users generally see significant performance improvement over untreated salt as the magnesium “wrapper” is the first to brine and helps salt work a lower&nbsp; 【Get Price】

4 Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls on Your Deck This Winter - DeckMax

2 Mar 2017 Even though you might get the most use out of your outdoor decking when the weather is warm, your family probably uses your steps and deck all year long. One thing that you might be concerned about is slipping and falling on your deck this winter, but following a few tips can help keep you, your family and all of your guests safe. 1. Make Repairs Before the Winter. Don't wait until it is cold and slippery to fix your deck. Problems, such as a handrail that is not fully&nbsp; 【Get Price】

Don't Use Rock Salt on a Deck AdvantageLumber Decking Blog

12 Jan 2011 However, if you ask the people who drive through those city streets in the Spring and you'll learn about the damage rock salt does to concrete (massive potholes anyone?). Instead, take the time to shovel snow off your deck with care. If you are not physically able to remove the snow, you can try a pet-safe, urea-free, and salt-free product. There are brands out there that say they're safe, but you want to be sure they won't discolor, or do other damage to your deck. 【Get Price】

Amazon.com: Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe, 8 lbs. 3 oz

Non-Toxic ice melt is guaranteed safe for pets; Concentrated pellets cover twice the area of rock salt; Timed-Release formulation helps prevent re-icing for up to three days; safe for animals, children, vegetation, and concrete brick and stone .. Also, another reviewer had mentioned how the bottle had opened in shipping, this time the lid was sealed with an outer layer of plastic to ensure it couldn't pop open or off and the product was surrounded with bubble wrap so it wouldn't get&nbsp; 【Get Price】

The Safe Way to Remove Snow and Ice from Your Deck - The Fence

17 Dec 2015 If snow is fluffy and less than four inches deep, it's easy to brush away with a simple broom rather than risking scratching your deck with a shovel. Don't try to shatter ice on your deck. As tempting as it is to eliminate it, this can hurt the deck boards–especially if you're banging with a metal shovel. Use the right ice melt product for your deck type. salt and calcium chloride are considered safe for composite decks like Timbertech and Seventrust, but with wood, you have to be&nbsp; 【Get Price】

5 Ways to Stop Your Deck from Becoming a Slip and Slide - The

12 Nov 2015 rock salt and calcium chloride are safe to use on composite decks but may damage wood 4. Use safe methods of ice removal. No matter what you've done to keep your deck slip-free, the fact is that when it snows, you're not going to be able to keep snow off your deck unless it has a roof, awning, or another type of covering over it. Snow and ice are a huge slip risk whether they're on your deck or not. You may be thinking that the obvious answer is to throw down some&nbsp; 【Get Price】