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Stamped Concrete in Pattaya - Thai Garden Design

16 Sep 2017 Thai Garden Design recently visited a new home in Huay Yai, pattaya, to discuss driveway options with the owner. The owner was interested in installing a hardwood pergola at the front of his carport, which he could use to grow creeper plants and make the front of the home more decorative. New driveway and decorative pergola for new home in Huay Yai, pattaya. He was also interested in changing the look of the existing concrete driveway, which was simply bare  【Get Price】

Creating Outdoor Covered Areas - The Lean to Pergola - Thai

2 Jan 2013 garden pergola. pergolas can be covered with polycarbonate roofing material to protect everything underneath from the elements, and which come in a range of colours, or, for an increased decorative effect, you can install creeper plants and climbers along the sides of the pergola and which, over time, will grow through the battens and rafters to colour and cover the top of the pergola. polycarbonate for pergola. pergola's are also popularly located over decking or  【Get Price】

Waterfall Pond, Filter Deck, and Hardwood Pergola at Modern

10 Apr 2015 Thai Garden Design were invited to this new home at an award-winning housing estate in South pattaya, to discuss and create a garden plan for the owners. stone garden pattaya before. The garden was basically a rock and stone display, with some basic concrete pavers. Plants and trees were at a minimum, and the customer described how they felt in very open view to the rest of the street. hardwood decking waterfall pond pattaya. Also they were interested in  【Get Price】

Build your own Perfect Thai Sala - Thai Garden Design - The Thai

A Welcome Relaxation and Recreational Area in all Thai Gardens - The Thai Sala Available in all materials, styles and to suit all budgets. 【Get Price】

Constructing a Large Riverside Pergola & Wooden Deck Walkway

27 Apr 2010 Relevant to large homes, resorts, hotels or business areas, a large riverside decking is a pleasant and welcoming aspect to any landscape. Thai Garden Design recently designed and constructed this large riverside pergola area and timber deck walkway at a large residence area in Bangkok, thailand. wooden decking thailand. The team were involved in all stages of planning, ensuring the footings were installed correctly and the overall structure was sound. 【Get Price】

Wood Decking and Pergola for Bangkok Garden - Thai Garden Design

7 Mar 2013 The deck was to be constructed over the top of the existing terrace, up to the level of the living room floor, so transitioning from the living to the garden was made especially easy. A pergola, constructed from the same wood was to be built over the terrace, following the challenging shape of the back of the house. The Thai Garden Design team includes carpentry and building specialists, who were able to advise and oversee the construction of these tricky areas. 【Get Price】

Hamish & Map's Garden - Tropical Sitting Pergola & Raised Deck

29 Feb 2012 Hamish and Map live in a part of Bangkok that was badly affected by the floods of 2011. After everything had settled, they decided to take the opportunity to improve their garden, as it had largely remained 'underused' before the floods, and they wanted to spend more time outside. thailand decking company. The main feature was to be a raised deck, making it easy to walk outside, with steps at either end leading to the garden, plus, a stand alone pergola, offering  【Get Price】

Building a Pergola in your Thai Garden - Thai Garden Design - The

pergolas are an Attractive and Versatile Feature in any Tropical Landscape. We are the experts in designing and constructing your own unique Thai pergola. 【Get Price】

Thai Garden Design - The Thai Landscaping Experts

Experts in Thai Landscaping and Garden Design, Tropical Gardens, Bangkok Landscape Design and Garden Construction in thailand. 【Get Price】

Timber Pool Deck for Pattaya Expat - Thai Garden Design

4 Feb 2013 The colour of the deck contrasts beautifully with the pool, ensuring that the space is usable again, plus the owner has the peace of mind that the wood is brand new, strong enough to take the Thai climate. landscaped gardener pattaya. The expat had also asked for a quote from the other large deck specialist in pattaya, and Thai Garden Design came in at 100,000 THB under their quote! thailand garden pergola & deck. If you are interested in enhancing your garden,  【Get Price】

House Pergola in Pattaya - Thai Garden Design

5 Mar 2010 landscape garden design in pattaya thailand. The Pornchai Garden team consists of experienced carpenters and builders, who began work constructing the pergola at the clients home. thailand pergola pattaya. 4 days later, the pergola is finished with an 'imitation wood' tiled floor, built on top of a sturdy concrete base with piling. Switches, lighting and electric fans are all included, with a polycarbon roof to keep the rains outside The pergola has added a new  【Get Price】

Oriental Pergola for Driveways - Thai Garden Design

4 Jul 2012 thailand pergola. The columns were placed on the outside of the driveway, spanning to 5m (16ft) gap across the drive. The pergola also extends out nearly 3m (10ft) from the wall, giving plenty of space for shade and walking. The team treated and painted the wood white, in order to match the bright colour scheme of the house. garden design woodwork thailand. The customer also had a similar pergola, and timber deck, around the side of the house on a garden  【Get Price】

Terraces, Driveways and Patios for your Thai Garden - Thai Garden

Traditional, Contemporary and Creative Patios and Terraces. Thai Garden Design have helped design, improve and install different types across thailand. 【Get Price】

Tropical Thai & Japanese Style Rock Garden for Pattaya Expat

1 Jul 2011 recently designed a tropical Thai and Japanese style rock garden for an established expat resident of pattaya. (For a better overal view of the new garden, view the pictures here). The existing garden was a failry bland combination of a grass lawn, large trees and mid range trees cut into circular shapes as seen in many Thai style gardens (and which the owner wasn't keen). bangkok garden design. After the garden design was approved by  【Get Price】

Balcony Deck & Garden in Bangkok - Thai Garden Design

7 May 2011 Thai Garden Design recently installed a new balcony garden design for a seventh floor apartment in the heart of Bangkok (picture below during rain). balcony garden and wooden timber decking thailand bangkok. Beforehand, the balcony was an empty canvas, with just a plain concrete floor and drains. urban balcony garden. Because the (previous) decking wasn't installed correctly, the old wood quickly deteriorated and had to be removed. The team ensured the  【Get Price】

Modern Water Wall, Raised Teak Deck & Family Garden - Thai

18 Sep 2013 teak deck thailand. The space is completely functional, and practical for use of a young family; all elements have children in mind, from crossing over from the patio doors of the home into the garden (onto the raised deck, no tripping or falling hazards), and with protective shade offered up by the pergola. modern water features bangkok. The basin of the waterwall feature is low depth, and the uplights have guards on the lights themselves to stop small fingers from  【Get Price】