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As mentioned above, in addition to chemical impregnation by pressure-treating that produces FRTW, there are also fire-retardant coatings that can be applied to the surface of wood products (referred to as “fire-retardant-coated wood” (FRCW)) to reduce the surface flame-spread rating to less than 75 or 25. These coatings, are generally used for architectural woodwork applications where appearance is important. These coated products can be used for interior finish in noncombustible  【Get Price】

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HOOVER TREATED wood productS, INC. TECHNICAL NOTE. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 1-800-TEC-wood (832-9663) or Limited combustible: Codes and Standards. The control of fire in structures is one of the elements of building codes and standards. As a result, codes and standards take a close look at combustibility of materials. From a codes point of view, what constitutes a noncombustible material? What is a “limited-combustible material? 【Get Price】

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Consequently, it is permitted extensively throughout noncombustible buildings as a finish. The only restriction is that it cannot exceed 25 mm in thickness when used as a finish – except when used as wood battens on a ceiling, in which case no maximum thickness applies. The FSR 75 flame limit for interior wall finishes in certain corridors does not exclude all wood products. For example, western red cedar, amabilis fir, western hemlock, western white pine and white or sitka spruce all  【Get Price】

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1Hoover Treated wood products, Thomson, Georgia, USA. It is generally recognized that there is really wood product impregnated with chemicals by a pressure process or other means during combustible–traditional wood frame. Type V (000). 4 Uses of Fire-Retardant-Treated wood. combustible building elements in noncombustible buildings are listed in Section of NFPA 5000. This list includes structural elements that are constructed of fire-retardant treated-wood. FRTW  【Get Price】

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MagraHearth; Beautiful Stone & wood Replica, non-combustible Fireplace Mantel Shelves. Features: Lightweight, Durable, High Strength, Easy Install, & Authentic Reproductions of actual Stone, Barn Beams, and boards. 【Get Price】

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New in the upcoming version of the IBC will clarify for building officials the regulations for using FRTW in Types I, II and III construction, which call for the use of non-combustible materials or FRTW. Read more about Fire-Retardant-Treated wood Must the use of Pyro-Guard? FRT lumber and plywood. A product of Hoover Treated wood products, Pyro-Guard lumber and plywood is widely used for weather protected applications in buildings of Type I, II, and III construction. 【Get Price】

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ABSTRACT: As with many products, the building code regulates the use of wood in construction. Two broad categories separate materials: combustible and noncombustible. Codes limit the application of combustible materials on the basis of fire and life safety. The question then is, ''Are there options available in the 2009. International Building Code for using wood in structural applications in lieu of noncombustible materials?'' Fire. Retardant Treated wood (FRTW) provides that  【Get Price】

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MagraHearth; Beautiful Stone & wood Replica, non-combustible Fireplace Mantel Shelves. Features: Lightweight, Durable, High Strength, Easy Install, & Authentic Reproductions of actual Stone, Barn Beams, and boards. 【Get Price】

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Permitted uses of heavy timber construction in or as an alternative to noncombustible buildings. Occupancy1. Height. Sprinklered2 non-combustible construction. The framing can be located in most types of partitions, with or without a fire-resistance rating. wood framing and sheathing is permitted in partitions, or alternatively, solid lumber partitions at least 38 mm thick are permitted, provided: certain corridors does not exclude all wood products. For example, western red cedar,  【Get Price】

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LUMBER & PLYwood FOR INTERIOR APPLICATIONS. 4. Requires no special tools, skills or work crews. PYRO-GUARD? trusses and roof decks often qualify a masonry-wall building as “non-combustible” for insurance purposes, resulting in lower lifetime insurance premiums. Can often be substituted for non-combustible materials without affecting building classification. Often allows for an increase in square footage (and lower insurance rates) over untreated load bearing walls. 【Get Price】

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wood use in Type I and II (non-combustible) Construction. Read about how the IBC recognizes FRTW for many applications where noncombustible materials are required in Type I & II Construction. wood use in Type I and II (non-combustible) Construction · Click here to view our online seminars on Fire Retardant Treated wood in the IBC. FRTW product Brochure. Open/Download PDF. UL Evaluation Report. Company. About Us · AIA CES/CEU Seminar · Distributors Map. Social. 【Get Price】

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8 Sep 2011 addition, the flame front shall not progress more than 10.5 feet beyond the centerline of the burners at any time during the test.” (NCBC Section 2303.2). 1. Fire retardant treated wood is a combustible material; even though, when first introduced, the product was marketed as “non-comb” wood. There are, however, certain circumstances under which fire retardant treated wood may be substituted for non-combustible materials. For instance, fire retardant treated wood is  【Get Price】

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Exterior Fire-X lumber and plywood offers the workability and versatility of wood as well as the fire-safety and insurance advantages of non-combustible materials. Balconies and exterior walls constructed of Exterior Fire-X may be considered non-combustible by some building codes. Exterior Fire-X siding is often accepted as an alternate for non-combustible siding, and exterior stairs constructed of Exterior Fire-X are generally accepted as non-combustible. Exterior Fire-X treated roof  【Get Price】

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Veneer Painted noncombustible Decorative Panels Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism noncombustible certification NM-1739AICA More wood noncombustible Board. To noncombustible Decorative Panel Top Page. A wide area will have a luxurious atmosphere and a uniformed finish. Nagoya Medical Association's Minato Ward Holiday Clinic Design: Chunichi Sekkei Co. Item No. PY-1536. Recommended Use. Entrance walls; Interior walls; Passageway walls  【Get Price】