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24 Mar 2017 Home owners invest thousands of dollars every year on home upgrades. A common upgrade on a US home is the addition of an outdoor deck to enjoy leisurely time with family and friends. outdoor decks are easy to build and maintain, but one commonly overlooked factor is that new decks made from plastic composite material generate static electricity that potentially becomes a nuisance through the first years unless treated with a topical anti-static solution. 【Get Price】

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Our warranty is not pro-rated; Genova does not cover less and less of our product with the passage of time, we cover 100% of our product and that is guaranteed. We've been providing a lifetime warranty on all of our building products since 1962 and see no reason to stop now. Genova deck flooring and railing will not split, splinter, flake, chalk, rot, deteriorate, or suffer structural damage from termites or fungal decay. DOWNLOAD. CARE. Genovations decking is a PVC product with no  【Get Price】

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o static electricity. 9. o Under-deck waterproofing systems. 9. o Ladder Usage Tips. 9. o Paramount PVC decking. 10. GET READY to ENJOY YEARS OF. EASY outdoor LIVING. Fiberon composite decking and railing is designed to be long This will result in a “tea” or tannin which could stain your decking. Standing water could also cause the boards to swell, resulting in cracking, warping, and cupping of the material. 3. Remove the grill, furniture, and other items from the deck. 1. 【Get Price】

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In the case of excessive static buildup on an installed PVC or HDPE capped deck, Fiberon recommends the following procedure: ? Remove loose debris from the deck surface. ? ACL Heavy Duty staticide? 2002/2005 (shown at left). ? Spray or mop the entire surface of the deck. ? Allow to air dry. Do not attempt to wipe the surface dry as wiping will reduce the effectiveness of the anti-static coating. Additional product information concerning ACL staticide? can be found at:. 【Get Price】

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15 Mar 2017 A barrier or fence that's intended to reduce outdoor noise should be placed as close to the noise source (the road) or to the receiver (the client on the deck) as possible. Placing the fence close to the road would be preferable, but setback requirements might reduce the effectiveness of a roadside barrier. Having a barrier in both locations would provide even greater noise reduction, whereas a fence placed halfway between the deck and the road would be far less  【Get Price】

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Cover the deck floor with something to stop the airflow- plywood, heavy rugs, whatever. If the noise stops you've certainly located the problem. Now remove some covering until it starts howling again; by the process of elimination you might find only one ares causes all of this. The first solution I'd try is stapling nylon screening under the deck; this should reduce or break up the airflow enough to effect at least some change. Put it directly against the deck boards if stapling it to the joist  【Get Price】

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to help keep your Composite decking products beautiful, see our care & cleaning recommendations. Storage, handling & cleaning Cleaning Guide. With proper installation and care, products will provide years of outdoor living pleasure. Care & Cleaning Guide For more difficult to remove dirt, mud, clay, or surface contamination, use an all purpose cleaner like Chomp<sup>?</sup> Pro Gutter Cleaner or Zep<sup>?</sup> Fast 505. *Note that composite deck cleaners&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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Yes, as with most other synthetic decking products, given the right conditions, Lumberock? can build up static electricity. We use static eliminators in our manufacturing process to help dissipate the built-up charge that develops during the extrusion process. however, just like with carpet, the potential remains for further build-up of static electricity. We have found that hosing down your deck with a combination of Simple Green cleaner and water will help reduce static electric build-up. 【Get Price】

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Installing ? decking. Extreme Heat Warning. Be aware of excessive heat on the surface of products from external sources, such as but not limited to, fire or reflection of sunlight from energy-efficient window products. Low-emissivity (Low-E) glass can potentially harm. products. Low-E glass is designed to prevent passive heat gain within a structure and can cause unusual heat build-up on exterior surfaces. This extreme elevation of surface&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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31 Jul 2011 I have a new outdoor deck which is constructed of plastic composite planks. The deck is on the 2nd level of the house. The plastic planks You may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. I have Seventrust, and it never generated static electricity from us If you cannot eliminate the static electricity, you may have to carry a key or something similar to touch any metal first. I have heard that spraying something, I think Downy,&nbsp; 【Get Price】

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While it may not be possible to shield your yard and home from mosquitoes completely, there are several techniques that can allow you to reduce their numbers dramatically. Also, you should fix any leaky outdoor pipes and faucets. Potted plants with stagnant water potentially become mosquito br In terms of keeping a deck or porch mosquito-free, it's quite easy," said Joseph Conlon, a technical adviser for the American Mosquito Control Association. Mosquito repellency myths. 【Get Price】

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Avoid a shock from your plastic or resin lawn furniture. Simply spray static Guard on a cloth and wipe over outdoor furniture. Great for use on children's plastic outdoor toy sets, wagons and slides -- #staticguard #shock #outdoorfurniture. 【Get Price】

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static electricity can be a real problem in winter, especially in houses with carpets and radiator heat. There are several simple ways to reduce this annoyi. 【Get Price】